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  1. There are other options as well. While I love this site and am considering becoming a premium member in the near future I have found another site that has less caches but when we went after a couple we found them to be in much better condition as well as being hidden better and further off the beaten path the co could always place this cache on this site. I will not say the site name here it starts with a T and was found with google. It was a pain to get going on the site but worth it and honestly we have been debating on whether to place caches here or there for several reason a few being less traffic there as well as the listings are rated by the community instead of a mile long list of rules on their acceptability as a cache meaning if its not appropriate it is weeded out by people looking or finding instead of one person or a couple making all the decisions. To make it clear I am NOT bashing this site but they both have their positives and negatives.
  2. As a geocacher a hunter and a gun toter on a daily basis ultimately in my opinion there are several problems One whether you had the right to be there or not it was hunting season and some respect should be given to that. Two as a geocacher you threatened the whole community by going back in while the hunter was still there and attempting to show him where the cache is Three you possibly turned off a new geocacher to the sport Finally to your question of whether the hunter had any extra rights. Well I say yes and no to that. While the hunter acted inappropriately and he did not have a "gun" he did have a weapon. I would assume based on your post you did not. So in my opinion he had no additional right to be there, but unfortunately for you he did have additional means to enforce his rights. Like it or not you should have recognized that, left the area and stayed out of the area for your own safety that to me is common sense.
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