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  1. Thats the kind of ideas I was hoping to generate and I would love to have someone l do not have a relationship with personally visit the two caches and render an additional opinion if they still felt an exception shouldn't be made I would support it fully and feel much better about the cache not being approved there are in my opinion special circumstances that came up with this cache both in distance necessary to travel between them and with safety issues if boulder dash were to be moved further into the area it was placed. I am sure it happens on occasion with others caches as well and the only way to get the best feel for the situation often times would be to actually visit the location.
  2. i read and understood guidlines that pertained to traditional cahces I am not interested in multi caches so I diddnt read the multi part
  3. honestly I dislike finding multi and therefore wont place one I would rather leave it on the other site and place another cache somewhere else we need more caches on the other site in this area anyway and I like the site
  4. Yes I did read them I also asked specifically about the situation and was told due to the circumstances leave a reviewer note on the reason for them being slightly below the guide line which I did when I posted them and I posted them within minutes of each other as well as sending another email to the reviewer after his response. The saturation guideline also is just that it is not set in stone but the reviewer didn't seem to care about that. For the record I did not come here to complain I came here to voice my opinion. I also knew that what the end result ended up being was a possibility from the beginning and I am Ok with the results. The cache is still available for others to find just not on this site meaning not as many will know about it which is disappointing on one side and somewhat gratifying on the other.
  5. If it is not possible to travel in a straight line between the caches, the reviewer may allow the caches. The guidelines are just that - guidelines. They are not cast in stone, and if you explain politely to your reviewer that it's not possible to travel that straight line, he may OK it (consider 2 caches on opposite banks of a river or sides of a chasm 300 feet wide, but no bridges for 1 mile up or down stream). here are notes from myself and reviewer copied and pasted reviewer name edited read notes from bottom up for correct order November 26 by helix149 (38 found) Archived verses moving cache the necessary 40-50 ft. Moving it further out would either create an unsafe circumstance or force the cache to be moved to another trail this defeats the purpose of this cache as it is off the end of a dead end trail. [view/edit logs/images] [upload an image for this log] November 25 by reviewer (0 found) Greetings from Geocaching.com Your new cache has been temporally disabled, because, your cache is to close to another cache !Cliff Top Bungalow by Helix149 and Shelix 149.5 (GC21DFR) “481 feet”, guideline is 528 feet. From the Guideline “Cache Saturation” The reviewers use a rule of thumb that caches placed within .10 miles (528 feet or 161 meters) of another cache may not be listed on the site. This is an arbitrary distance and is just a guideline, but the ultimate goal is to reduce the number of caches hidden in a particular area and to reduce confusion that might otherwise result when one cache is found while looking for another. On the same note, don't go cache crazy and hide a cache every 600 feet just because you can. If you want to create a series of caches, the reviewer may require you to create a multi-cache, if the waypoints are close together. After you move them re enable your cache. reviewer Geocaching.com Volunteer Cache Reviewer Reply to: reviewerr Please send the name of the cache and the GC# with your reply [view this log] November 25 by helix149 (38 found) this was placed with another nearby cache both caches were placed at the locations selected for safety reasons to move this particular one 40 or 50 feet would mean climbing over possibly unstable vehicle sized boulders or climbing steep tall loose boulder hill. Also due to cliffs and jumbles of large boulders in the area you cannot move directly between caches if you need further explanations or photos let me know I would be happy to email them to you.
  6. don't multi caches still have to have stages .1 miles apart and I prolly would have considered that had the reviewer suggested it
  7. While I agree wholeheartedly with the reasoning behind the rule I also recently saw an issue with it. I had placed two caches in a newly opened area in a near by park both were placed in the locations chosen for two specific reasons each: 1st it is an amazing area deep inside a park that is little seen and only acquired by the park system 2 years ago, prior to that it was private property for over 100 years. 2nd both had to be place within 10 feet of their locations and this was due to safety reasons pushing the first cache 10 ft either towards or further from the nearest cache created a serious danger for both the cacher and the environment. The second cache while more than 528 feet of travel due to significant ledges and boulder fields from the first cache placed was only 481 ft as the crow flies. It could not be moved any further than that due to a steep pile of loose boulders ranging from baseball to microwave in size on one side and a pile of vehicle size boulders on the other on each side of these two mounds that join in the middle are quarry cliffs that go strait up 60 ft or so on one side and 100 or more ft on the other. The only way to access this area of the park is to follow a winding trail, of which both caches are placed at opposite ends. Nature has spent 100 or so years reclaiming this abandoned quarry and this has created an area that has the feel of moss covered Mayan Ruins. While it is safe to access these two caches and may be safe for experienced hikers/cachers to further explore the area I do not feel it would be safe to ask cachers to do so for the sake of finding the caches as moving stones or climbing between the boulders could result in shifting something causing injury or death or ruining habitat for small native creatures. I tried to briefly explain this to the reviewer that originally reviewed the caches and he simply responded they were to close per the saturation guideline and that one would have to be moved or archived before either would be published. Due to moving the cache not being a reasonable option for safety reasons I chose to archive one and place it on another site. I would have rather seen an exception made since they were placed with safety in mind and for the purpose of exposing people to the beauty of the area. In my opinion reviewers should be instructed that if safety is an issue cases such and this one could be allowed in the same way that caches on opposite sides of highways can be within the 528 ft min or ones with a lake in between them can be approved if within the min distance if it forces you to travel more than the minimum distance by foot. I can email photos of the area and offered to to send them to the reviewer with no response before I decided it would be best to archive it.
  8. I found one of those coins a couple hours ago I like it to be honest and have added it to our collection of keep trinkets but thats just me
  9. Found some entertaining things we liked that some would consider junk best was prolly a new stained glass wind chime but it was in a terracache. A side note: I like to find small pocket knives in caches and don't agree with the GC guideline against them in my opinion if your child doesn't know better than to take a knife or open a knife he/she isn't supposed to have, it is your responsibility to teach them that or to go through the cache contents before the child does. Although it seems I also have a strange opinion that to many children aren't taught about responsibility these days and to many parents are quick to blame everyone/thing except themselves when their children end up in jail or into drugs. I do agree with many or most of Gc's guidelines just to note and there are things like pornographic material that don't belong but also feel that there should be a way to do some entertaining things such as have adult only caches such as a beer trade cache that would not be appropriate for children.
  10. Bluntly I would not carry openly except under rare circumstances. In my opinion it often defeats the purpose. If you are legal to do so carry concealed if you have practiced drawing from concealment if you have not then get to practicing. I carry everywhere legal to do so and have for years. For the record I luckily have never had to use my weapon and hope I never do, but if I ever need that particular tool I will not be wishing I didn't have it. Anyone that cannot handle that I am fine with. It doesn't make me mad or disappoint me we all have to make our own decisions and I will simply leave the home or the business and not return. That is the choice I have made for my family and myself and I have never regretted it nor questioned it. It is not always easy but if you truly feel that way and have researched the issue and taken the time to be proficient carrying safely around anyone at any time is an option. Many do not feel as I do and carrying concealed makes them comfortable because the aren't aware of a weapon and allows me to keep myself and my family safe. This in my opinion is the best way to make everyone reasonably happy without conversations like this one that make some uncomfortable.
  11. Mine was upgraded by another player late last week actually. I received an email within seconds of it being upgraded. It was my father who caches in another state and upgraded my account as a gift but just the same he used the option you are speaking of. A side note while myself and the other members in my household are new to caching It is nice to be able to see pm caches and use the extra features, although I am not yet sure I would pay for them myself, just my opinion.
  12. Thats all fine and dandy I wanna see it but its not showing within 50 miles of Knoxville TN unless my search was bad
  13. We recently started caching here in Tn and were surprised to find that there are over 1000 geocaches within 25 miles of home. Based on that I would recommend the Tn side of the great smokey mountains national park you could stay in the park or in Gatlinburg or Sevierville/Pigeon Forge. We live about 20 miles from the park just one exit down. Keep in mind there are no traditional caches in the park however there are tons in the area as hiking is a major hobby here. Gorgeous spring and fall nice summer and winter.
  14. Heres the thing with most of the other containers most people still cover them with camo tape or paint so by the time you buy the container and then buy the tape that most use you could have an ammo can for the same or only a dollar or two more. Also while I haven't found hundreds of caches I know some that have and they all have found what I have. Ammo cans are the only containers that without fail so far have had dry contents. I just put 3 30 cal ammo can caches together for 15 bucks including paint costs and tax and have enough paint for several more. Unless size is an issue I plan on using ammo cans exclusively less maintenance more happy cachers. By the time I buy a replacement container or drive out to replace a wet log I have already invested more into the cache than just canning it in the first place in my opinion.
  15. Where did you get your stencil or did you cut up a sticker to make it? That is exactly what I was thinking of trying to do with our 3 cans I picked up today just different colors.
  16. Yep they had it down it looked great almost looked professional. Actually after thinking about it more I am thinking it was actually a terracache but really its the same thing they use the same type of cache coding. Either way I just don't want to have my cache be a practice run for police or bomb squad and was wondering what others had done that worked well for them. I am pretty sure we are going to use stenciling and flat black paint on ours it will be clear if found but wont stick out if someone isn't looking for it, also it should survive the elements well. I figure I will prep with official geocache and place container then once cache code is issued I will add code with spray can at or near location at later date. This would allow law enforcement to research cache legitimacy as well as possibly contact me short notice if necessary.
  17. When I was in and while I was growing up when my uncle was in we could but them cheap at the post px. I would assume that is where he got all the ones I was given growing up ( that I know kick myself for not keeping ) . You may still be able to get them on post if you are still serving currently.
  18. found a cache a few weeks ago that was an ammo can and the owner had stenciled with paint on the outside of the can "Official Geocache GCXXXX". With the recent and past news reports of bomb squads and police units "archiving" our caches for us this made great sense to me as it would remove most doubt of the container being a bomb. It also would give law enforcement a tool to at least try to quickly contact the owner to verify its contents or possibly even have them report to the scene to open the container instead of having to destroy it. Thoughts?
  19. Oh yeah another thing that surprised me was he had several people call and say they wanted the less expensive cans and then none showed. To me this is rude he didn't refinish the less expensive ones because people wanted them for less money then they didn't come.
  20. Went to grab a couple ammo cans today in knoxville Tn at Cherokee army surplus and while I wasn't surprised he had them I was at the price. I got lucky he happened to have like new cans $5 for a 30 cal $10 for a 50 cal. Which isn't bad in itself with what seems to be a current shortage. What surprised me was he had larger ones for very reasonable prices and even had some "less than perfect" 30 and 50 cal cans for $3 and $5. I say less than perfect but don't be mistaken these cans need little or no touch up I got 3 30 cal cans for less than $10 out the door . One needs a sticker removed then all need a few minor touch ups to the paint. honestly nothing more than what I would have done to cover up the lettering probably anyways. But the question is are ammo cans avail in your area and what are they going for these days? It just seems like all the posts I have read say most of of prefer ammo cans to other containers when they can be used, yet it seems like there aren't as many out there as there could be are they really that much more expensive. To me a can for only 3-5 bucks even if you include a little spray paint is a far better choice than a lock n lock for 2 or 3 that doesn't stay as dry or animal proof and often needs/gets covered in camo tape (which only adds to the cost ) makes much better sense and would last much longer as long as it is placed well and doesn't get muggled. I am fairly new am I missing something?
  21. my 60 csx compass has to be calibrated if i power off the unit no biggie to me but annoying to many. I have seen several say they just shut it off. I also find that making sure the gps is being held level helps. Idno I guess for me I look at it like this, when I get close to ground zero ( being an impatient unmedicated ADHD 30 yr old) it is nice to have to stop for 15 or 20 secs to calibrate the compass as it lets the gpsr get a better location on itself if I make sure I do so with a clear or relatively clear view of the sky. This helps me slow down just a little and make sure I am where the coordinates actually are instead of trapezing all over always a few seconds ahead of my gps and chasing my own tail.
  22. we absolutely love our 60 csx and got a refurbished one with factory warranty for $270 shipped 2nd day air if you wanna know where we ordered from just shoot me an email
  23. hmmm after reading the cache listing it appears to me that it breaks the rule about commercial caches good thing it is has already been archived wonder if a rouge reviewer from cali did it
  24. I'm pretty sure that Groundspeak thinks the issue has been dealt with and is over. I'm pretty sure you will not see public accounting from Groundspeak of the issue. From my experience here, that's just "how they roll." While I am fairly new here I feel it necessary to say a few things so hopefully GS can consider them while sitting on their decision to not further explain themselves. Being new but definitely loving the game already following this thread has made me question a few things: 1 while I was leaning towards paying for a premium membership I am now on the fence as to whether I want to fund a site and staff that it seems to me is not being accountable to the paying members of this site. Nor are they being transparent. If they truly did nothing wrong why hide what transpired and for that matter if one or more of them crossed a moral line it wouldn't be a big deal as far as I am concerned so long as they admitted any fault they had and did what they could reasonably to make it right. 2 I have several cache ideas and locations in mind and while what transpired with this cache does not appear to be the norm due to it happening and GS not simply asking for more proof (which it does not appear they ever did but we dont know because they will not disclose the emails) I am strongly considering using another site for my cache listings that is more user moderated instead of moderated from behind closed doors. At least then if it becomes necessary for me to remove a cache it is because the local community didn't like it and would rather have it removed. This does not seem to be the case here as many were still actively seeking or planning on actively seeking the cash when it was archived. 3 I also don't like the idea of GS not participating in a better resolution to this issue when splinterheads is being released this weekend and may attract many more new cachers and they will see this unresolved issue that GS is refusing to even explain itself in at or near the top of the forums. How many people will skim over the posts and get turned off to the game before even getting started. It seems to be bad business to me.
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