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  1. I saw that too it was an interesting article
  2. If it had log files you can delete them on the coin's page. I wouldn't though, but thats just me I like history! And no that wouldn't bother me at all. I would however make a note when ownership changed though.
  3. I activate everything I am keeping and I will buy extras for trades that I keep unactivated. As far as getting rid of activated coins it seems simple as well. I have adopted several coins that were for sale here in the forums. It didn't take as long as activating a new one. So there's my two cents worth!
  4. Oh Yeah how I got here I almost forgot that part....... I was looking up something about locating things with a GPS for filling out a federal flood elevation letter for my work and low and behold look what happened
  5. I meet all the qualifications but two I have been registered for less than 3 months This post was 39 so right there I'm done But if that didnt do it number 3 would get me ...........I think I have a few over 50 right now but I know more are in transit....... Oh well I'll introduce myself anyway I'm Craig aka seaeye
  6. The last train set pulled into the station today. They always look so much nicer in person. These are sure to get loks of looks! Thanks
  7. I got mine today but even seeing them live and in person I still can't make up my mind which color I like the best. I'm just glad I got them both!!
  8. Thats a nice one. I can see this one being a huge hit.
  9. It sounds like it's gonna be a nice one. I hope it all goes as planned
  10. I ordered 2 of each and I got an email saying they have shipped already so my wait wont be too long before I have them in my hands
  11. seaeye

    Mermaid coins

    I have to say I was waiting for the sale to begin(it started a few minutes early)....Can't wait to add these coins to the "treasure chest". I ordered two of each seeing as they were mermaids and all that sea related stuff. CAN'T WAIT!! to get them!!!
  12. What kinds of coins are you looking for?
  13. Second package arrived today and my guess is it was here yesterday but you remember the old rain, snow, sleet, and hail thing not stoppin the mail? ...... Well it seems the snow one doesn't count anymore. No mail for anyone in my neighborhood not even a foot print in the snow. But no snow today! Shiny geocoins met me at the box today! Well worth the wait......
  14. One more email sent before Wednesday gets here
  15. When I arrived home today the mailbox was bulging with geocoins I had ordered. As I was looking through I saw Karma's name on one of the return addys and went for that one first. My little family is almost complete now. Just waiting on the last one to make it's way home from the mint. Again I was highly impressed as pictures don't do these little guys justice. Glad I got these guys and I can't wait to see what the lovely and talented Karma will come up with next. Thanks!!
  16. My first order arrived today and these are sweet sweet coins Thanks Guys!!
  17. Here Here lets have a my collection feature that sounds like a fantastic!!!! idea.
  18. Reply recieved, payment sent
  19. email sent for "cachosphere"
  20. email sent for "cache marks the spot"
  21. I gotta stop....................... another email sent!!
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