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  1. While I don't carry a magnifying glass in my TOTT bag In the field I rely on younger eyes. I have two sets of those they come in really handy for that small number reading, extra hidden caches, and decoding the hints. Was that a hiccup? how did two get here??
  2. You could always come up with a shortened version for log signing. One local cacher signs CF30 for Crowesfeat30. You may want to think of something like that too? Because you got a cool nick there
  3. I have never actually traded a coin with anyone before but I have purchased activated coins from others. I kind of like having some logs on them. It adds to the history of it.
  4. I'd say that was theft and ebay would be interested in that I'm positive
  5. I got mine today and boy was I glad I didn't miss out on this one........Beautiful!!! I love it!
  6. I got mine the other day and it's a very nice coin. I love the cut edges. everyone should get one of these before they are gone.
  7. Got mine early this morning!......... was that why I couldn't sleep well?
  8. I'm in under this one. Because each option sets a hard number to be minted. It sets values by doing that I think. Oh Yeah .......Always limits! I hate seeing people making more money on ebay than the Artists/minters themselves.
  9. I can't see there being any way that could be done. It would keep changing all the time wouldn't it? Auction would tell you on a given day but thats about it.
  10. everything is here now .......TY
  11. I absolutle agree I think it is a beautiful coin
  12. Oh I really like these!! I hope the geocoin gods are smiling on me the day these beauties go on sale. I see so much more that just a turtle in the design ....It's so cool
  13. Well there ya have it for what it's worth!
  14. adoption papers sent everything is good!! TY
  15. I'm still waiting on my last order but it's to soon for it to be here yet.....I'll post here when I get it and give this a bump up
  16. I always forget how long it takes mail to cross borders ........package received Email sent
  17. Gotta love that silver one so much. Nice!
  18. sorry I missed the 5 min thing at first
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