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  1. Have you tried sending a separate email to the reviewer who published the cache instead of a archive request?

    This cache was published before the days of reviewers. The first cache log is a "found it" log

    I am sorry, there were reviewers on geocaching.com since day one. They didnt added the published log until later.

    That would explain that!! But it wouldn't tell you who the reviewer was that published it... So that option is kind of out.

  2. I got me three turtles!!! It seemed to come and go. I had to make two seperate orders but who cares.


    I have only recieved one conformation email so far though but two paypal reciepts



  3. I know that Tsun's probably on the phone with the ISP right now, and I imagine she's pretty hot with them (I would be, too -- clearly, this is a capacity issue, and they have charged her for a site that can handle capacity and obviously can't, while feeding her a line about "propagation issues"). Chances are, knowing Tsun from her posts & actions, that this sale will be postponed (again) until the issues are truly worked out, so I encourage you all not to be terribly frustrated or (worse) concerned that you won't get coins. I know she'll be making sure that everyone gets a fair chance at them.


    No doubt someone is getting an earfull

    No doubt at this point it's not a capacity issue


    Tsun coins are so much fun to buy...........It's more like winning a lottery

  4. This is so cool I too have been roped in!!!! I'm glad mine made it to me being my address is 2428 and all it had was 428. It pays to know your mailman!!

    I was impressed with the packaging as well as the coin. I just wish there was some way for the Geo-Bandit to see each and every smile that they created along the way. I hope when the bandit reads that they will know I had a huge smile on my face and still do!! Thanks so much for turning my day around.


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