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  1. There is no cheating if you sign the log its found. Im noy as smart as alot of people in this hobby and some of these puzzles are way to brainy for me. If I can ask a friend that found it for the coords in exchange for a future favor that works for me. If I wasn't allowed to do this a would quit thid hobby. Every one plays there own way dont judge.
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    Why hasnt Groundspeak spent more time on Wherigo? It is so hard to build a game... I love doing Wherigo geocaches but i want to build and make my own. But i am not having any luck with making my own.
  3. never mind todays new pocket querry fixed the issues. THNX
  4. Yesterday my Garmin nuvi 500 and garmin colorado stopped displaying puzzle caches as quistion marks on the screen. They looked like traditional caches on the screen. I reloaded the gps today and same thing. BRING MY ? BACK PLEASE.
  5. To me a cache is cache I enjoy all sizes of caches. Maybe when the geocacher placed it he only had a micro in his back pack. I only carry micro caches in my back pack so when I find a cool spot I can hide one.
  6. If it has a new gc number its a different cache go find it again and log it.
  7. If it has a new gc code its classified as a different cache.log it.
  8. The parking lot is worth visiting becoise there will be cache to find. Some of you may not like this but caching is to me about finding the cache.if it takes me to a cool place great if not I still love the hunt. If its p@g or a hike its all caching to me.
  9. Things are just fine the way there are.Some people like power trails. Leave things alone.
  10. If you don't like power trails don't do them.don't bitch about them. My best time caching was on the e.t highway caches boring the whole experience was awesome. a p&g cache is just as fun as nice hike. I like creative caches the ones the owner built them selfs. So who has the most numbers in your state? But I bet you don't know who cares who's number 367...
  11. I love Wherigo caches. I have a gamin Colorado and im able to do them.I wish they would make it easy to create a cache but its much to difficult now to create one.
  12. No you should not log your own caches as finds. But I don't know why geocaching allows it. You should have a screen saying you own this cache if you try to log it the site should block it.
  13. Caching in a cemetery after hours is your own risk. I don't think a lodging should be deleted. Cache at your own risk.
  14. I have many hides that are very similar to these. As long as they are not on anything that may hurt some one looking. A fake electrical box on the side of the building is ok as long as its not really close or on a real electrical box.
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