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  1. A lot of newbies caching with phones who claim they are just as good as a hand held lol. Adventure lab caches that use a app on your phone. Geo art is on the new side for you.
  2. To me a bison tube is a micro. I would choose size other.
  3. I found 884 I think on the e.t highway in Nevada in 17 hours.
  4. My Garmin Colorado and Garmin Nuvi 500 we’re infected by this in April. Stuck in the year 1999. After I called Garmin a month later they issued a Software update for the Colorado but I’m still waiting for the Nuvi 500 update.
  5. The problem is when a reviewer looks at the map unless it’s marked she does not see it’s a private island. Do cars use the bridge? If it’s a walking bridge it’s fine.
  6. First off how much info did you tell your reviewer? Just tell them its a bison tube hide no need to tell them any more than that. No need to send them pics... It should have been published anyways.
  7. No I’m a premium member if go caching with my daughter who is not I premium member she found the cache using my gpx file she can log it but not view it.
  8. Very simple let’s say my daughter goes caching with me we log the cache found with the gps. After I log my geocache visits I sign into her non premium account and load the same geocache visits file. She can’t view the premium cache but she can log it that way.
  9. If I don’t have a pen take a pic of log book. It’s up to the cache owner to except this or not.
  10. If I don’t have a pen I take a picture of log book this is excepted by almost all cache owners. It’s up to the cache owner to accept it or not.
  11. ... just switched to iPhone loving Cachly so far.
  12. The closest thing I came to a adult cache while in Disney this year we took a drive to the Clothing optional cache. Leave your clothes at the fence and walk to the cache. My wife and daughter stayed dressed but optioned for going all Natural.
  13. I have 1 or 2 fence cap hides. When walking the dog in the park I said there’s room for a cache here let’s see if that cap is loose. Yep so came back the next day to hide.
  14. Absolutely not. It’s your cache not your pet snake. She could have fallen off a cliff it’s the finders responsiblity to be safe.
  15. If we are caching the day for numbers driving fast to cache to cache and already have the caches loaded into or gps then no most of the descriptions are not read. If we incounter a earth cache or a virtual or high difficulty rating then the discriptions are read.
  16. I agree email cache owner. Enjoy your smilys.
  17. Do you care? You got your smilies, whether you signed the logs or not. One would think that someone with over 20,000 "finds" and 80 hides that you would be experienced enough to know to contact the cache owner. How the heck are forum pundits supposed to know what's going on between the cache owner, the land owner(s) and Groundspeak? Bringing this to the forum seems more like pot-stirring. B.
  18. CCC Night out (central Connecticut cachers) have been doing a monthly event for over 10 years.
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