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  1. I called GPSCity as today was when the new shipment of 64s's were to come in. They hadn't arrived. On top of that, they checked tracking and didn't know when they would be in stock so I canceled the order. I was thinking of ordering from The GPS Store, which has good ratings, but remembered that Red90 said that Garmin has free shipping. So I checked to make sure there was no sales tax (there isn't for PA but there is in several other states) and went ahead and ordered. At least from Garmin I figure I'll get a nice fresh unit. Garmin had a 10% off deal but that was on accessories and maps - not on the GPS. The 60s should show up by UPS in about a week (maybe longer - isn't Garmin way out west somewhere?).
  2. I saw that it was being 'outsourced' to Star Lite, but since the shipping is free and it's on the Amazon site, I figured it's from Amazon, even though it's technically not. When I searched for a 64s on Amazon, that's what pops up first. You are right, Amazon's pricing can be strange. A couple years ago they had a woodworking tool priced way high compared to other places I could find it. I contacted them figuring they'd do a price reduction or maybe source that item from elsewhere, but I got a reply that basically told me that their price was what it was.
  3. Amazon, in their quest of constantly changing prices, now has the 64s and the 64st back at $300 and $350 respectively. BTW, I don't have anything against REI except their nearest store is nearly an hour away. I realize that there are advantages to dealing with them but I've never made the plunge of joining. There's something that bothers me about their dividend system. I'd probably forget to spend it. Plus with the 6% sales tax subtracted from the 10% dividend, I'd be netting $12 savings (if I remembered to spend it) and it costs more than that in gas to get there.
  4. I wasn't aware that Garmin ships free. I wonder if I'd get hit for sales tax? Anyway, if GPS City doesn't come through (And I've had good luck with them in the past) that gives me an option. With REI I'd be paying sales tax for sure as they have stores in PA.
  5. I haven't gotten my 64s yet, either. I contacted GPS City today and asked why a GPS ordered on the 2nd hadn't been shipped yet by the 8th. After a while the guy comes back and says they had a 'stocking error'. I asked if this meant they were out of them and he said yes. Now it was listed as 'in stock' when I ordered and for several days afterward. Just today I saw it wasn't to be in stock until the 10th. Maybe the people who ordered expedited shipping got theirs first or maybe they just goofed. Perhaps with the price drop they had a run on them. In the meantime, Amazon has raised the price of the 64s to $393! They have the 64st with maps and more memory for $370. That would be an easy decision!
  6. Occasional freeze-ups that make me pop the batteries. Sometimes I have to pull the batteries and then wait about 5-10 minutes for the thing to start working again. Also, the accuracy is really mediocre, not as good as two friends' Etrex's or my venerable 60CSx. It often has me walk past the cache by about 30 feet, then stabilizes and has me walk back. I'm thinking it needs a good firmware upgrade to work out the bugs but this hasn't happened yet (I'm on the latest version). More information here: http://garminoregon6xx.wikispaces.com/page/messages/home Great screen and overall concept; it just needs to be refined.
  7. That's a great deal. Unfortunately I don't have a GOV X account. I had to look up what it was, for that matter!
  8. I saw that today the price of the 64s on Amazon is still at $340 but the 64st is back down to $350.
  9. I checked Amazon today and they had raised the price of the 64s to $340 (and an even bigger hike on the 64st). I thought I better get moving so I ordered a 64s from GPS City for $300 (Where I bought my Oregon 600 - free shipping and no tax). Amazon's price hike may not be a trend as their prices can be volatile, but I thought I'd grab a 64s for the $300 price just in case.
  10. Hey, if anyone sees the 64s on sale for under $300, let us know! (or the 64st for under $350)
  11. No compass on the 64, though, which is disadvantage for Geocaching (at least for me). If you just want it for tracking, I suppose it would be fine.
  12. Good idea, checking the Garmin site. I'd overlooked that. I'm going to check out Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for any further cuts and maybe I'll take the plunge.
  13. I've been watching the price of the Garmin 64 series with interest as it hasn't seemed to have come down a penny since it was introduced. I have an Oregon 600 that I'm not really pleased with and was considering a 64S if it would ever come down in price. So I got an email from GPS City about a sale and thought I'd check their site. The 64s dropped from $400 to $300. So I checked Amazon and found the same price. Also the 64st is down to $350. Thought I'd spread the holiday joy!
  14. <<The only advantage to the 62 is paperless, otherwise, I sure don't consider it an upgrade.>> Well, there is the three axis compass which is nice. And the 62 will load several thousand more caches. I use a 60CSx, too, but it has it limitations compared to some of the newer stuff. A pretty accurate unit, though. I turned 60CSx in and got a refurb (looked new actually) about a year ago. I guess I did that just in time. Incidentally, I had my old one apart to replace the keypad and unless you are really good at electronic disassembly, I wouldn't try it. It's kind of tricky.
  15. I just took the plunge and went from 4.1 to 4.3. No explosions and no smoke came out of the GPS - so far so good. Now I'll have to actually use it to find a geocache.
  16. I'm glad I didn't bother loading v4.2 - v4.3 was just released!
  17. Here's a link to a guy running 4.1 that had the opposite problem: http://garminoregon6xx.wikispaces.com/share/view/69565746 He had the unit lock up using GPS only and had to switch to GPS + GLONASS to get things working. I think I'll wait a bit before I upgrade to 4.2 until this gets sorted out.
  18. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Multiple winners, actually. <<Check the name... GSAK has a default of 'Geocaches' so if you load a second set it will overwrite the first. >> That was exactly what I was doing wrong. I was assuming GSAK was differentiating between the databases when it loaded them into the GPS but it was not. It just called them 'Geocaches' as Bear said. I changed the name to the same as what I'd named the database and had success! I'm not using a macro but you all had the right idea. THANKS!
  19. I wasn’t sure where to post this question; the GSAK forum, the Oregon 600 wiki or here, so I thought I’d try here first. I run 1000 cache PQ’s from Groundspeak and open them into GSAK. (1000 is the limit for a PQ, as I understand) I then make each PQ a separate GSAK database. For example, I have a ‘Local’ database for the 1000 closest unfound caches to home, a NJ database called ‘Rancocas’, etc. When I was using my 60CSx with a 1000 cache limit, I’d just swap the databases in and out of the GPS depending on where I was going. All was good. I can do the same thing with my Oregon 600 but since it’s supposed to take an unlimited number of caches, I figured I’d just load them all. The problem is that when I load a new database, it deletes the existing one, even though I didn’t check the box to delete it. I figure I’m doing something wrong but don’t know what. I realize I could combine all the databases into one but I don’t want to do that. With my separate databases/PQ’s I can re-run each PQ every few weeks and import it into GSAK to easily freshen things. Ideas?
  20. Has anyone tried 4.20 yet? Any difference in performance? I read elsewhere that it did help with boot time for those who use Birdseye imagery. I don't, so that would make no difference to me.
  21. FYI to you Oregon 6*0 guys: Firmware Version 4.20 just came out. It seems to be a minor one. Changes from version 4.10 to 4.20: - Improved cartography support - Improved boot time when a large amount of BirdsEye satellite imagery is present It would be nice if there were some improvements hidden in there to reduce the occasional freeze-ups and improve accuracy. We'll see.
  22. Tombmaker! said: << I just couldn't deal with the touch screen and the accidental reconfiguration of the screen settings.>> I agree that this problem is really annoying. I'm just training myself to lock the screen when the unit isn't in my hand. I use a lanyard and just having the 600 dangling from my neck, the touch screen changes all kinds of things. Locking the screen is starting to be second nature to me. The problem isn't a deal breaker for me, though, and I'm still generally pleased with the 600.
  23. As far as screen brightness, readability in sunlight, etc., the newer Oregon 6** series is about as good as it gets. It's a step above the earlier Oregons and though not as big as the Montana, is a very nice, high res display; 240 x 400 pixels on a 3" diagonal screen vs. 272 x 480 pixels on a 4" screen.
  24. Though not much of a fisherman anymore, I tied flies with my uncle when I was a kid and like the idea. Have some kind of protection for the hook and go for it. I personally don't stick my fingers in cache containers without looking what's in there first. If I had kiddies with me, that would be a big rule, too.
  25. Don't feel bad - I went through the exact same confusion with my Oregon 600. I was sure there was something goofed up with it until I found the zoom level setting. I think I have it set to 2 miles now. These new Garmins have so many settings it's hard to keep track. It's both good and bad.
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