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  1. Forkeye: You da Man! I fooled around with all kinds of pages last night and knew the menu key was the way to get to secret stuff. I never tried that combination though. That worked for me and without the ribbon my page problem will probably be solved. I'm not sure what the purpose of the ribbon is unless it's just some eye candy to show the page name.
  2. Yes, I am using the ribbon menu. I'll turn it off and see what happens. Thanks! Edit: After fooling with the unit for a while, I can't figure out how to turn the ribbon menu off. Advice?
  3. Not much of a price difference anymore. Considering the 64s holds unlimited caches and has other features, I'd suggest going with the newer model. For free topo maps, try this site: http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/
  4. From the lack of response, I guess it's just me. It happened again today, though only once. Maybe its a temperature thing.
  5. <<The firmware certainly isn't mature on any of the recent handheld editions -- that's for sure! >> +1
  6. Today I was out doing some cold weather caching (~24F) and had a strange thing happen several times. I would select a new cache on the 64s's Geocache page, then hit the page button to cycle it through to the Map page. Instead of the Map, the Compass page showed up. I figured I did it wrong and cycled through to the Map page again and got the Compass page again. So I went to another page (like Geocache or Compass) stopped long enough to open it, then cycled on to the Map page and it opened properly. This happened several times this afternoon. Now that I'm home (and warm) it's behaving. Anyone run into this before?
  7. I generally use a Garmin GPS but I have experimented successfully with a Nexus 7 tablet (Android) on roadside power trails. I linked it to my iPhone via the phone's WiFi hotspot feature and used Geocaching's Android app. I could drive right up near the cache and zoom in the on the map and get a good idea of where the cache would be. Now would I want to clamber around a boulder field with the Nexus? No. And I realize that this technique wouldn't work unless there is a decent cell signal.
  8. Pup Patrol wrote: <<I'm a Luddite. I read through each cache and its logs, and decide whether we want to search for it or not. The caches I do choose, I save the gpx file to a folder on my computer. >> You're not a Luddite. If you were a Luddite you wouldn't have a GPS. You'd be using a cut nail suspended from a piece of twine for a compass and parchment maps depicting a flat earth.
  9. Geocaching generally relies on degrees, minutes and decimal minutes as shown in your first set of coordinates. Any of the popular GPSr's should be able to handle that. Some built-in car nav systems may not have that format set as default but I'm guessing that most of them can be changed to that format, too.
  10. Yogazoo said: <<I'm sure everyone here already knows this but one of the reasons for having to recalibrate from time to time on Garmin GPS units is due to replaceable batteries and the different magnetic fields they emanate.>> I did not know this! Makes sense, though.
  11. <<I had some issues a few months ago and realized that the metal clip on my Gizzmovest interferes with the compass sensor.>> Funny you should mention that. I had a smaller Swiss Army knife clipped further up on the 64s's lanyard (gotta keep a tweezers handy!) and it was whacking out the compass too. It didn't take me too long to figure that out.
  12. Went after a couple of caches today and the compass seemed more stable. It's really subjective, though, and I'd like to hear others' opinions.
  13. Good to know! I wasn't expecting another update already. Edit: Did the update and it was a quick one. I'll try it out soon. It seemed like when I got close to a geocache, the compass would get a little squirrely. Maybe this update will help.
  14. We have a Wegman's in the general area so I stopped today to check out these containers. The good is that they look well made and the flaps are on plastic hinges. As you know, L&L's have the flaps cast as part of the lid and after a lot of use they break off. The bad it that most of them are two-flap (latch) models. The plastic of the body is pretty flexible and when I would squeeze it the top of the body would separate from the seal on the lid. Nearby them on the shelf were OXO Locktop containers with green lids. They also looked promising. They had a stiffer body than the Sistemas and an interesting double lid. When you push the outer lid down the integral inner lid locks in four places. They also are gasketed and looked like they'd seal well. Here's a link: http://www.amazon.com/OXO-Grips-20-Piece-LockTop-Container/dp/B0051T92WC/ref=sr_1_10?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1423447868&sr=1-10&keywords=oxo+containers OXO also make something called a 'Pop' container with a vacuum button. I don't think they would work well for Geocaching, plus they are more expensive.
  15. What is it that the 60CSx does that the 62 won't? Aside from directly changing cache data, that is.
  16. In reflection I realize that I've been kind of hard on the 600 in my posts lately. It's still a good unit with an exceptional display and many, many features. Coming from a 60CSx, the touch screen took some getting used to as I was always accidentally touching it and changing setting. When I got into the habit of turning the screen off that got better. I still hope they do a firmware update that at least addresses the freezing issue.
  17. I did the download - Thanks for posting about it! I'll have to play around with it. I often use the ruler function on the standard version so additional measuring options should be helpful.
  18. I travel with spare zip-locks and O-rings. If that saves a CO a trip I don't mind helping. The new 'rings/bags can stop water damage before it happens. Major cache reconstruction would be another issue. I have done cache replacements a few times for people I know, though. For example, I arrived at one to see it had fallen out of its perch and had been run over by a lawnmower. I replaced it with a similar container, notified the CO and he was quite happy that I'd saved him a trip. Another time I replaced a bison that had buggered up threads and got a Thank-you for that, too.
  19. I have the 600 and the 64s. Though the 600's screen is bigger and beautiful, and it is easier to input data with its touchscreen, the 64s is what I take Geocaching. The 600 crashes far to often and lacks the 64s's accuracy. Using the 600 just got too frustrating. I'm hoping that the firmware of the 600 will finally get refined to where it resolves the issues.
  20. Is there a compelling reason to switch to Pro for Geocaching purposes?
  21. Sorry to hear about all your troubles! I don't have an answer for you regarding bird's eye. I played around with it on Base Camp but haven't tried transferring its data to my 64s. That being said, I'm surprised to hear you say that your 64st is no faster than your 60CSx. I went from a 60CSx to my 64s (by way of an Oregon 600 - but that's another story). The 64s is much faster at zooming and panning. Plus, if you are a geocacher there's no 1000 cache limit and all the cache details including recent logs are right in your hand. It's easier to punch in the additional coord's to a multi, too. I think the 64x is a big step forward from the 60CSx and am surprised to hear of your disappointment. I agree that the display isn't improved. Regarding your title statement: I think an overhand spiral technique would give you the most distance.
  22. sussamb's right, it's the SE Asia version. Some reading here: http://garminoregon6xx.wikispaces.com/share/view/70913662
  23. Another 1:11 of my life wasted.
  24. Just last night I installed an 'Armorsuit' screen protector on my 600, replacing a cheaper unit that had some digs in it (which may have saved the screen). Anyway, I like the Armorsuit protector. It installs differently than protectors I've used before. You spray a liquid (supplied in a special sprayer) on the both sides of the protector and your fingertips. You then 'float' the protector on the unit's screen until you have it centered, then use the supplied squeegee to push the liquid out. Then you let it dry overnight. Here's the instructions: http://www.armorsuit.com/screen-protector-cell-phone This morning it looks great! No bubbles or dirt and I have to look close to see that there is a screen over the screen.
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