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  1. Do corrupt ggz files cause problems like gpx files do? The reason I ask is that I deleted all the gpx fles on the unit and only use ggz. I'm still having the problem of the unit locking up on anything past a 2-stage.
  2. I was out today and did some two stage caches. The second set of coord's loaded fine. Just to test the unit, I entered a third set twice. Both times it froze the unit like before. It either freezes the current screen or goes to a 'gray screen' and locks up. Either way, I have to pop a battery out to re-boot. I wonder if I have a defective 64s or if it's a bug. I was hoping someone here could tell me if they've encountered the same thing. I like to use the Geocaching profile and think the unit should work as intended.
  3. I regularly check a tech site called Endgadget. I noticed today that on their 'Dear Veronica' column/video, Veronica does a little explanation of Geocaching and notes that she is a cacher herself. Nothing earthshaking but a nice presentation. Just thought I'd share... http://www.engadget.com/2015/08/26/dear-veronica-geocache-hunting-and-cord-killing/
  4. I have been using the Geocaching profile almost exclusively unless I have to project a waypoint. I guess I'll have to get in the habit of switching out when I do a multi but I wish Garmin would fix this glitch instead.
  5. Yes, I'm upgraded to 4.0 but I had the same problem with earlier versions.
  6. I've been really pleased with my 64s but I think I've found a bug. In the Geocaching profile the unit has the ability to let me input the additional stages of a multi-cache but the GPS will either freeze or show a gray screen when I try to do this. It doesn't misbehave all the time but will most often do it when I am entering stages beyond the second. I hadn't done many multi's lately but today I did a 4-stage and had the unit freeze several times. It happens just as I put in the last digit of the coord's and hit okay. Then the only way to un-freeze it is to pop out the batteries. Then I have to pull up the cache and input the extra stage all over again. Has anyone else had a problem like this on their 64 series? Any solutions? And does someone know the most effective way to communicate with Garmin about problems like this?
  7. I made the choice of a 64s. The compass is the primary reason. I use it all the time when geocaching.
  8. Good point with the crashes/lock-ups. Also, I prefer my eggs over easy, so if they could include some code that does that without breaking the yolk, I'd be pleased. Altough I would welcome a version that would make an omelette's while I am on the trail, for now I would be happy if they fixed crashes and lock ups that still happen and improve battery life. The tracklog issue is pretty low on my list of problems with this unit.
  9. I wonder if there are any other improvements that they didn't specify? It would nice if they improved the accuracy to prevent 'walk-backs' when finding caches. I'm going to do the update as soon as I remember which drawer I put my 600 in (I've been using the 64s and been much happier with it). It seems they did this or a similar update to several models.
  10. I get 3m/9ft like Pacific NW but with WAAS on. This is out in the open, of course, not back in the woods.
  11. Ashely: The 64s definitely has a learning curve but once you get the basics figured out, you'll probably enjoy caching with it much more than with your phone. Have you tried the online manual? It's at http://static.garmincdn.com/pumac/GPSMAP64_OM_EN.pdf
  12. Just spit-balling here: How about approach the area and stop as soon as you get the Chirp signal, then set a waypoint. Approach from a different direction and do the same thing. Keep repeating this from different directions, then plot all the waypoints and find the center of the radius or circle. That would narrow your search area. I did a similar thing recently. I went to check my chirp and couldn't find it at first. The landscape had changed just enough in a year that it got covered, even though I attached it to a larger object. Fortunately I spotted it after a further search.
  13. <<If you still like the button interface and form factor, the 64s is a great choice. >> Agreed. There's a learning curve but I went from a 60CSx to a 64s and am very pleased. They work differently, though, so be prepared to consult the manual to get things figured out.
  14. I have no connection to this company but GPS City has the GPSMap 64s on sale this weekend for $240. http://www.gpscity.com/garmin-gpsmap-64s.html The last time I ordered a GPSr from them it was back-ordered so check stock first.
  15. I have used my 60CSx on my mountain bike with good results and have seen other cyclists post that the have used the 62/64 series while riding and like them. The Oregon 6xx has a big, beautiful screen but the touch screen can be troublesome to operate while bumping along on the bike. I have both an Oregon 600 and a GPSMap 64s. I have had too much trouble with the Oregon freezing up and also giving me so-so accuracy. I'm much happier with the 64s but have to admit I haven't used it on my bike yet.
  16. <<The chirp message gave the combination to the padlock.>> Some people may not realize that Chirps can give more than just coord's. My hide is similar to the above in that the Chirp gives not only the coord's for a stage but also a lock combination.
  17. I was driving by the location of my Chirp cache today and decided to stop and check it. I deployed it last August and it seems to be chirping just fine. This is the first I'd tried my 64s with a Chirp but it picked up the signal from about 20 feet down the trail. I was figuring that the battery would be good for about a year.
  18. I think they are neat devices but there was only one Chirp cache in this area. When I got a Chirp enabled Oregon I went in search of it to find it had a malfunctioning Chirp. The CO was moving on to other interests so I adopted the cache. Unfortunately, the Chirp was missing - I think it fell out of its tree and was lost in a thicket. So I got a new chirp and revised the cache. It's a 4-stage with the Chirp being one of the stages. The Chirp gives the coord's for the next stage plus a critical piece of information for the final. Being the only Chirp in the area I thought it would get lots of activity but it doesn't. The cache has been found five times since published last August (And this is a busy caching area). Of the five finds, it got four favorites, so those who tried it liked it. I think that being a chirp combined with being a four-stage multi keeps people from trying it. I since have gotten another Chirp but haven't quite decided what to do with it yet. I'll watch this thread for ideas! I'm glad this topic came up as it reminded me to change the Chirp battery before too long. I placed it where it's relatively easy to access, as opposed to being 5 miles up a trail.
  19. Aside from deleting caches on the unit, what is it you want to go back to on the 60CSx? I used one for years before going to an Oregon 600 and then a GPSMAP 64s (works like a 62s) and aside from the minor learning curve of managing caches, I was fine with the switch. The newer 62's and 64's are faster, have the paperless caching capabilities and can hold many more caches. Now I think the Oregon 600 is a bit harder to learn than any of the 6x's.
  20. This question could apply to the 64s and 64st, as they use the same screen setup, AFAIK. On my 64s I use the map page with the compass on top and sometimes switch to the compass page when I get close. I also keep the satellite page in the line-up to keep tabs on my accuracy.
  21. The Garmin 't' models are loaded up with topo maps but they aren't the best resolution at 1:100,000. You can buy or download free topo maps at 1:24,000 scale. So, for example, you could save some cash by going with a 64s instead of a 64st. Also, as mentioned above, the 64 series had a serious price drop recently. It has GLONASS as well as more memory and other improvements over the discontinued 62 series. Though the 62 series is great, the 64's are even better and I would recommend going that direction (I did and am happy!).
  22. Basecamp or GSAK are your friends with cache management.
  23. I find the wiki's for GPSr's to be a great resource and was disappointed when the GPSMap wiki was deactivated last fall, due to a lack of funding. I contacted Atlas Cached about this, who runs the fine wiki for the Oregon 6xx (and others). We paid a year's registration for the GPSMap wiki, so it's up and running again. Feel free to go to the site: http://garmingpsmap.wikispaces.com/ for reference, questions, discussion and to make contributions of information. I will get editing privileges so I can bring some of the pages up to date and include more information about the 64 series. The wiki is a nice supplement to the information that is on this site.
  24. <<...it allows you to quickly scroll to any screen/page, forward or backward.>> I can understand that. I'll try it again when the weather warms up. As is, the 64s is pretty fast getting from page to page without the ribbon (with the exception of the Geocache page) and also goes backward though them with the Exit key. I keep five pages up front - Geocache, Compass, Map, Main and Satellite.
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