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  1. Why thanks, ekitt! I finally found one of your caches (Weedlet of Monmouth Battlefield) on Thursday. I just started venturing into NJ recently.
  2. As the OP, I wasn't expecting this much response! Second, had I to do it over again. I would not have used the term "Pointless'. Maybe 'generic cache' or 'non-relevant cache', etc. The point I was making was that there was a cache near a historical area that didn't mention or completely describe the history, and at the same time blocks others from doing so. You folks came up with good ideas. Probably what I will do is find the caches in question, describe the history in the 'found' log, then maybe send the CO a polite message regarding the history and say I'd be fine with it if they wanted to copy the historical information into their cache description. Using the location as the first part of a multi-stage is a good idea, too. And hey, if you aren't interested in the history of a cache, ignore that part. To me, it enriches the game.
  3. If I would email someone suggesting an addition to their cache description, I certainly wouldn't use the term 'pointless'. That was just for the context of my post. I know if the cacher went to the trouble of setting up a cache, it wasn't pointless to them. Plus, it might be an overall great cache, just lacking some potential historical detail. I like the idea of adding the history to a 'Found' log for their cache. Though a movie mystery cache isn't my cup of tea, which is what I'd have to find in the case of Ben Franklin's kite flying location. After all this venting I feel better already!
  4. Coldgears said: <<Are you talking about the one in tyler state park that was burnt down and rebuilt? I've been there hundreds of times in my lifetime... I was just there a week ago. Wrightstown PA is right next to there. Small world eh?>> Right general area, different bridge. This one is in Benjamin Rush State Park down on Roosevelt Blvd. It's a stone arch bridge from 1805 and is falling apart, though it can still be crossed on foot. You're right, small world! Stupid question - what's an audit log?
  5. I like to hide caches in obscure historic sites. Several times I have found spots where there is interesting history but someone has a cache there that has little or nothing to do with the background of the area. A couple of examples: I know of a closed bridge that has a cache beside it called 'Nowhere Bridge' or something like that. The bridge dates back to early 1800's and at one point was an original alignment of Lincoln Highway. Another spot is the property where Ben Franklin flew his kite. Someone put a mystery cache there where you have to guess movie titles. I don't mean to denigrate the other cache hiders by calling their caches 'Pointless' but they have nothing to do with the history of the spot, no doubt because the cacher didn't know about it. Does anyone think it would be impolite for me to email the cache owners and suggest that they could add the history of the area to their cache description? Or would there be another way to deal with it? (Drugs, psychotherapy, complaining on this forum, etc.)
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