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  1. I like Geocaching's Messaging feature and use it quite a bit.  One thing about it make me crazy: When I hit the 'Enter' key if I want to skip a space, the message sends.  This often happens right after I address who the message is to or partway through when I want to start a paragraph.  The message (or part of one) is gone without spell checking or checking grammar or whatever.  I just sent a message that the recipient got in three parts due to this. 

    Since there is a big 'Send' button at the bottom of the page, why does the message send with the 'Enter' key?  I've talked to others who are also irked by this so it's not only me.  (And, no, I don't want to relearn my keyboard skills).


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  2. Timpat: Great information about Mils! I went into setup and found that, which would have been tough without your instructions. I added the Mils information to my 'crib notes' in waypoint projection. Besides, adding a little more math to a puzzle just enhances the challenge!


    Viajera: I like your solution, too.

  3. I did a field puzzle today that required projecting from a waypoint. I keep 'crib notes' on my phone so I remember how to do this as it required changing profiles, etc., and I rarely have to do projection.


    Anyway, the bearing I was to project was 35.3 degrees. This is when I discovered that my Garmin 64s only projects whole degrees, not decimals. That is, unless I was doing something wrong. I tried entering 35 then 'shift' and a period but it wouldn't take.


    Does the 64s only let the user enter bearings as whole degrees or am I doing something wrong? I saw nothing in the manual.


    I found the cache anyway and using 35 degrees was close enough, as it wasn't a huge distance. If I was dealing with miles and not a few hundred feet, it would have been a problem.

  4. I was fiddling with my seldom used Oregon 600 today to see if I could find anything (like custom symbols) that would cause it's annoying crashes. While hooked up to my PC I realized that there was a firmware upgrade available, V 5.0, so I upgraded. While at it, I plugged in my trusty GPSMap 64s to find that it also had a firmware update available: v. 4.5.


    Both these updates are to enable the devices to use Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) which I know nothing about. Can someone explain what this is?


    My hope is that the new firmware versions have other fixes in them that will help with the 600's crashing problem. My 64s is pretty stable unless I try to load more than one additional stage of a multi into it, then it crashes, too.


    I don't know when these firmware versions became available as there were no dates shown with them on Garmin's site. I apologize if this is old news.

  5. I've had the same experiences with the 600 as the A-Team. Crashes and walk-backs. The crashes I could put up with but frequently having to walk back to the cache to find my caching buddies already found it was too much. The 600 currently resides in a drawer and I'm much much happier with the 64s that I purchased. I'm keeping the 600 in the hope that they do a firmware update that fixes the darn thing, but my hope for that is fading as time goes by.

  6. I too, started with a 60CSx. After a few years and one refurbished replacement I decided to try the new (at the time) Oregon 600. I didn't like it for a number of reasons. I bit the bullet and bought a 64s and have been happy since.


    Don't expect to fire it up and go caching without some head-scratching, though. The 64s Looks a lot like the 60CSx but it operates substantially differently. Read the manual, ask questions here and things will be good.

  7. A few days ago ran into Firefox suddenly not accepting Garmin Communicator as an plug-in in Win 10 (v. 1511). After messing with it for a while, I went to Firefox add-ons, then found 'Garmin Communicator v' on the Firefox list. It loaded fine and now I can 'write' directly to my Garmin 64s from a cache page.


    I didn't read every work of every post above, so if this was addressed before I apologize.

  8. You'll probably get lots of replies on this but you are correct in that the basemap is very, uh, basic. You can spring for additional Garmin maps, use Open Street Maps or explore other options. I have my Garmins loaded with free topo maps from GPSFileDepot, http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/ I've been very happy with their accuracy and features. Getting them from the website into your 650 will be a bit of a chore but it's not too bad.

  9. Wesi: I broke my 60CSx in a similar fashion to the way you broke yours, but not quite as bad. This was a few years ago when you could still send that model back to Garmin and get a refurb for $100, so that's what I did. Then I upgraded to an Oregon 600, didn't like it, and went to a 64s. I'm very happy with the 64s! Definitely a leaning curve as the operating interface is quite different, but it's a great caching unit and a nice upgrade over the 60CSx, which now lives in a drawer.

  10. I'll pile on the 3GS with everyone else. Mine was terrible for caching. The best accuracy I could get out of it was about 60 feet. My iPhone 4 was a big improvement and the iPhone 6 I currently own is nearly as accurate as my Garmin 64s (though, unlike the Garmin, I can't drop it in a creek).

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