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  1. HI there, I'm from Ontario and planning a trip to NFLD. I have been solving the NL Who's who series and realized they are on Bell Island. Do I need to rent / hire a boat to get there? Also I'm not getting replies from Gilligan and Maryjane who put out these seriess. Although I've solved many,, some of them I'm sure they are correct but can't get them OK on the checker. I've tries contacting tje CO but they have not replied. I've tried contacting other cachers but still no reply.
  2. March 15, 2021. Still locked. I haven't seen any logs. Lots of watches, including mine Status?
  3. I'm experiencing the problem today Feb. 23, 2019. Started today. I'm using Microsoft Edge.
  4. What do these acronyms PWP and LWP stand for in geocaching?
  5. What do the acronyms PWP and LWP stand for in geocaching?
  6. Can you recommend software for a Windows user for scanning barcode. For example, GC7TF71 where the barcode is not an attachment. Thanks
  7. Where would you recommend staying in PEI if we plan on cycling the Confederation Trail? For instance, Summerside? Charlottetown? or ? Would you also recommend cycling from SW to NE or vice versa. Never geocached in PEI before.
  8. Sadly, no. Garmin and Groundspeak had a bit of a falling out a few years ago, and as far as I can tell the feud continues today. Probably for that reason, Garmin stopped supporting Wherigo caches (which are a Groundspeak invention) in their newer GPS units and there's no indication that will change any time soon. If you have a smart phone, there are Wherigo apps that you can use. I can't recommend one since I've never tried them. --Larry The Wherigo app on the iPhone works very well. I previously used my Oregon 450 and I had to save it all the time in order not to loose anything. With the iPhone, it works very well. The only issue is power. If it's a long Wherigo, I have found it to use much power.
  9. You cannot create a geocache waypoint. You can however enter next stage coordinates for a multi or puzzle cache (or any cache actually) When navigating to a cache, select the geocaching icon or press the geocaching dashboard to bring up the options page, then select coordinates from the lower left and enter the next stage. This will automatically start navigating to the coords you entered and it will show on your cache list as Next Stage. Continue as needed until you find the final and then log it. Another alternative that I find works well for me. I changed my dashboard on my map page to 'Nuvi'. The bottom of the screen shows distance to the waypoint selected and not a geocache. Hope this helps.
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    Did you look at the link in my previous post? Replies #4 and #8 in that other topic should have what you need. In short, make sure IE isn't putting the Wherigo site in compatibility view. Or you could use Firefox or Chrome. Well changing Wherigo site in compatibility view in my IE (Internet Explorer) worked for me. Thanks
  11. OREGON 650: I'm embarrassed to ask but how do I load newly purchased City Navigator 2014 maps into my new Oregon 650. The CD I purchased tells me to insert the CD and follow the instructions but I get error messaged. The software Bootstrapper.exe starts up, recognizes my GPS but then stops when I tries to load the maps. I can't how to load them onto Basecamp although I do have the product key. I need some pretty 'newby' type of instructions. Help.
  12. Hey there, I havent' loaded maps into my GPS in ages. I'm travelling to Nevada and need those maps. How do I do that. If you would like to correspond privately, it might be easier. Thanks Suzanne (sakidoo.consulting@rogers.com)
  13. Given that this dates back to 2007, has there been any developments that I've missed. I get the custom icons on my Oregon 550 but not in Basecamp. Has there been any progress in this area?
  14. Thanks, I've got firmware version 3.6, so my guess it's not it.
  15. Check! Not that easy I'm afraid but good thinking nevertheless
  16. Thanks. I tried the 30+ time (left my GPS on for the whole time), then turned it off and turned it on again. No luck. I am currently using software version 3.60, GPS SW Version 3.00. I'd hate to resort to loosing my waypoints but may have to do that.. Thanks anyhow. If you get any othere brainwaves, do send them along. Cheers,
  17. When I last cached, I was able to pick up satellites. Today, I can't pick up any. What might be the cause.
  18. The waypoints always transfer correctly. What is happening is your selecting a waypoint, then scroll over and hit map. Once in the map mode you inadvertently hit the enter button. You are now in the the waypoint edit mode. If you touch the rocker the waypoint will move. When you hit enter to exit you now save the moved waypoint back and it appears the waypoint transferred incorrectly. If you want to look at the map and display the cache use the PAGE button to get to the page. If you do the FIND>WAYPOINT>ENTER>MAP sequence you will always end up in the waypoint edit mode and will no doubt move your waypoint. Jim Hi Jim, Well, it's repeatable using this method. I'm going to make a conscious effort to see if this is my practice at times. I can see that the word 'move' comes up and if I happen to move the cursor, particularly if I'm walking, then it could happen. Looks promising though. Thanks Jim.
  19. Thanks Maringray. I'll try that website. Good suggestion. Thanks. I'll keep you posted
  20. OK, I've just run a test and the cache that had been off recently just loaded OK this time. Can't figure that one out - hence 'intermitent problem'. The plot thickens.
  21. OK, I've just run a test and the cache that had been off recently just loaded OK this time. Can't figure that one out - hence 'intermitent problem'. The plot thickens.
  22. I've been off by as much as 50 metres. I can't say if I try to reload the same one again, whether it happens on the same cache consistently. I guess I had not done this analysis. Good idea though. In the meantime, I'm really hoping that there is a solution by someone who ran into the same problem.
  23. I occasionally get invalid coordinates transferred to my Garmin 60CsX when I transfer them from GSAK. I have analyzed the situation and find that it has nothing to do with changed coordinates from the cache owner not does it have to do with the type and age of the cache. It truly is random. In checking with my colleages in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, I find that my firmware version differs from a user who does not experience the problem. I wonder if the latest version of the the firmware version casuses the problem. Here are some specific details: my problatic garmin's software version is 3.6 and the GSP SW Version is 3.00. My colleague who does not have this problem has Software version 3.3 and his GPS SW Version is 2.9. Has anyone found a solution?
  24. Titanic Geocoin I'm looking to purchase a Titanic Geocoin. Have you one for sale or know where I might buy one? Would rather buy in Canada to save shipping if possible.
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