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  1. Hi! Finallly found your emails last night and paid for my coin right then! (Nov 14th) Sorry for the mix-up with the email addresses! Thanks! Jenny/TheGeoGoes
  2. Ditto! I too would love to see the background size changed back to it's previous size! Otherwise I really like all of the new changes! I especially like the book marks and the "ignore" features! Awesome!
  3. Hi! I apologize if this has already been requested. I did a search and waded through a ton of topics but I didn't find anything that specifically answered this question....but I'm sure it's in here somewhere. (And if it is; please just do the Markwell thing and I will close this topic.) Thanks! The request/question: Would it be possible to add a directional filter to the pocket queries? Such as: I am planning a caching trip south of me and would love to only run a pq for caches that are south of me. (therefore ,of course, weeding out any caches that are North, East & West of me) I do know that programs such as GSAK have this type of filter; but IMO it would really be a nice feature to the PQ's! It would certainly cut out a step or two and would be a nice and speedy function. I know I'd sure appreciate a feature like that! Thank you very much! Jenny/TheGeoGoes
  4. Hi! Please disregard the above plea for "help"! After trying more combinations of things I finally got it! Yipeee! It turns out that I did have to use the symbols and letters ( n & w) even though the instrustions said it was optional. Thanks anyway! Jenny
  5. It would help if you showed us what you have been typing in. The latest version allows you to type coords in these formats: hddd.ddddd hddd mm.mmm hddd mm ss.s Punctuation (ie: N, W, degree symbol) is ignored and therefore optional. GeoBC HI Geobc! I thought I had correctely converted the coords..........but I guess I must've messed up somewhere. [] I've tried everything.......including converting them to each of the different formats figuring somewhere along the way I'd get 'er done. No joy though. Here are the coordinates I'd like to use: N 31 30.466 W 097 12.466 If someone could type them out exactely how I should enter them into the zire 31 I'd sure appreciate the help. [] Thanks tons! Jenny [8D]
  6. Hi! We recentely purchased a zire 31 to use for caching and love it! We use both GSAK and Cachemate. I need a little help though. There is an option in cache mate to search for caches in the "nearest order". You have to input the coordinates of your starting point for this to work. So far I have tried everything and keep getting the message, "INVALID COORDINATES: Missing or invalid coordinates". Can anyone walk me this and tell me exactely how to do this? Thanks so much! Jenny/TheGeoGoes
  7. We approached this one a lot differentely. We parked at the M.C.C. (McLennan Community College) Marina. (After all the cache name is "M.C.C. Riverview") If you wanted more of a challenge you could definitely take Pnew's route.........but I don't think that was the cache placer's intention. So, if you take the route from the M.C.C. Marina there is no reason to enter Cameron Park or deal with any cliffs, etc. The route we took was very easy terrain wise. It was mostly a nice walk on a dedicated hike and bike trail and far from any perils. The last 100 feet we did have to walk up a fairly steep dirt embankment............but there was a fence line you could follow and hold onto or you could trod right up the hill like I did with no problems. I guess on the way down if you weren't careful you could end up doing a butt slide or maybe twist an ankle but that's really about it. There were no cliffs or anything else dangerous on our route. If this is the cache "in question" then I would guess that unfortunately the cacher was more than a bit off in his approach. And, that could certainly happen to anybody.....especially if you weren't from the area and/or weren't familiar with the area the cache was named for and placed in. Jenny/TheGeoGoes
  8. HI firemaneffs! I noticed your logs from the Waco caches last week. It sounded like you had a lot of fun and we're sure glad that you did! I also noticed this thread you started and have to admit I'm a bit puzzled about which cache you are referring to. I have been trying and trying to think of a cache in Waco , Texas like the one you described but can't come up with one that fits the description of one that would , " need a harness and a professional rock climber. " We have been to every cache in the Waco area; we either placed them or found them all. Not one cache did we require even a rope to tie ourselves off; and certainly have not placed or found any that required a harness or being a professional rock climber. (We aren't professional rock climbers; nor do we own any specialized equipment like that.) I think it would be fine if there were one in the area; but we would probably have to skip that one too. The reason I bring all this up is I am wondering if you might have gotten the location wrong somehow. It just doesn't seem to fit any cache in Waco that I can think of. I too personally know all the cache placers in the area and we are a very tight knit group that meet often and talk via email, our forum, phones, etc all the time. I can tell you for a fact that our cachers are extremely safety conscious and we all take it upon ourselves to help promote safety in this sport/game and we feel it's our responsibility to protect our fellow geocachers (both local and out of towners) from harm. I know that I usually go "above and beyond" on our cache descriptions to make sure that people know exactely what they are getting into before they even decide if they want to make the trip out to a cache of ours that is difficult. (terrain wise) I want them properly warned and then some! If it's a cache a mine that you are referencing...........then go ahead and post it's link , etc. If I've overlooked something ; I sure want to know about it. Also , I wanted to comment that I agree that you did the right thing in leaving the cache in question. If you don't feel safe about a cache for any reason then it's smart to walk away. Not every cache out there is made for every cacher! It's up to us to know our individual limitations and to make our own choices as to what caches are for us. Take care ! Jenny/TheGeoGeos
  9. Looks like you've been waiting long enough! How's this for starters. I used the TX state bird (mockingbird), the TX state flower (blue bonnet), and the colors of the TX state flag for the outline of the state. I used the generic GeoCaching logo for the double "G". Let me know if you like it and I can send you he full size for other uses. CapnJackSparrow Edit: Ok, for some reason the image wont show up so I will have to try again later as I am late for work ... sry Edit²: Got it! Had to leave work early to get back to this because it was bugging me that it wasn't working. Hi CapnJack! Thanks so much for all of your hard work! I really liked the avatar that you designed; I think it looks great. But, I was wondering if you could tweek on it just a little bit. My husband really liked it too......but I think he'd probably prefer it to be a little more "rug-ged". Heck, he'd probably like to see camo on it or something. LOL (I still think it's a beautiful avatar though!..... you did a great job and it's very creative!) Thank you !!!!!! Jenny/TheGeoGoes
  10. Hi everyone! Wow.....you guys are all so creative! I just stumbled across this thread and really enjoyed looking at all the avatars that you guys have designed. It's very impressive! I would love to be added to "the list" of requests whenever you get time. Right now I have a little pug puppy for an avatar for no reason what so ever.....other than I already had it on my computer when I first joined this website. lol We are a husband and wife caching team from Texas. Our name was also made up on the spot . It came from The = the Geo = Geocaching Goe= Goe is the first 3 letters of our last name s = because there are two of us! lol So, since I don't have any concrete ideas for an avatar/logo I would be greatful for a really slick design that I could use both as avatar and for personal signature items. I'd love it to have some type of a Texas theme to go with the caching theme. Maybe the State of Texas ? Maybe a Double G for GeoGoes? I originally thought about an armadillo......but then i thought that they have probably already been used a lot!? I guess something totally original would probably be the best. Anyway, I know i've not been much help here. But I sure appreciate any ideas that you all might have. Thanking you in advance for all of your time and help! Jenny/TheGeoGoes
  11. Hi Roy and Susie! Thanks so much for the nice welcome! Glad to meet some fellow Texans on here too! I put the GeoPuppy on my profile and as my avatar last night. I must've done it 5 or 6 times. Each time it said it worked.....but I would log out and then back on and still no GeoPuppy Avatar! It did appear on my profile right away. I finally gave up. I sure glad to see that GeoPup somehow did appear on here today....I don't know how that happened though as I haven't been on here since last night! I have the GeoPup on my desk top ...he's animated...he wiggles and his tongue wags....too cute! In what area are you located? We're in the Central Texas area. Also, how long have you been geocaching? Any helpful tips for a couple of rookies? (I prefer "rookies" to "newbies" LOL!) Thanks again for making us feel at home here! Jenny & Randy
  12. Hi Payroll! My Hubby and I are also new to Geocaching! We bought a GPS last night and logged our first two caches today in 100 heat! : 0 We had a blast! Sorry that we're not in your area; but I did want to reply to you about the Sportrak Map. We love it! After a massive amount of research on all the units; (via this website,on countless other sites, and at our local stores), we finally decided on the Sportrak Map. We had been really going back and forth between it and the Garmin Legend. I think the Legend would be great too...just kind of depends on your preferences and the amount of $ you can spend. We liked some of the features alittle better (esp. having the buttons on the front) on the Sportrak Map and Best Buy had them for $189.00 with a $30.00 mail in rebate. We had it up and running in minutes with NO prior GPS experience. We're still learning; but we find it very user friendly and a great little GPS for the $ ! Best of luck to you and happy caching! Jenny & Randy
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