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  1. I own land and deer hunt-i have marked my boundries and put the tracks on my home computer--i bought a vista HCX with topo 2008 on it and have never lost signals in the heaviest cover--you might consider one of these units
  2. YEP !--Lead based car polish--it'll do er every time
  3. Sigh...here we go again--Tell you what--I have a brand new Vista HCX i can give you but I have no vehicle to geocach with so i will trade you--I need a 1962 corvette--4 speed -41/4 horse it has to be black--please don't forget to throw in a shell gas card--I "MIGHT" trade you (maybe)
  4. we can only hope that he used a GOOD butter knive to spread the JB weld
  5. JEEEESE--what the heck is going on with people anymore!!--I just don't get it
  6. When i sell my "old" piece of junk Vista HCX,it will be good to know that you "MIGHT" be interested !!
  7. I have a garmin vista hcx and it changed ok
  8. When my brother and I were kids (9 or 10) we used to explore creeks-one time my brother found a spider web,the kind that make funnels into a hole under rocks on the bank-He starts saying how he could see something in it and started poking it with a stick--I told him he would be sorry and sure enough he started screaming and beating on his pants leg- he was jumping around(i believe he invented brake dancing now that i think back on it)-anyway,he is swatting.slapping and screaming murder--falls in the water and thrashing around-pulls off his pants-down goes his underware and finally lays there moaning--all the way home i tried to talk him into asking mom to check his weezer for spider bites-(he was younger than me)--that was 45 years ago and my eyes still water from laughter thinking about it--Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha
  9. First of all--a vista HCX is not "old" yet and a poor person does not look for a Rolls Royce to ride around in--start with a yellow etrex and work your way up--
  10. Get rid of "meters" and put in only feet and yards
  11. Use "hide a scratch"--you can find this at auto-zone or another auto parts store--works great as long as it isn't to deep
  12. You do not need maps to geocache--however,the vista has no memory card to load a lot of map segments on-it only has internal memory-the serial port is a little slower than a usb but not bad considering you have a limited amount of memory to use anyway--i loaded 7MB of 2008 topo onto a lengend (which only has 8MB of memory) and it only took a couple minutes wheras a vista hcx with a usb port and a lot of memory on a sd card only took me a few seconds to load(256 card and loading 225mb of maps--your vista is a great unit to start with,don't try to make it do more than it was designed for--when you're ready--upgrade
  13. No problem--just don't look at a color unit--(you will be spoiled)--ha ha
  14. I had a Vista and liked it very much-It was hard for me to see the screen so i up-graded to the vista HXC--color screen is so much easyer to see and minipulate,but the vista is a wonderful starter--have fun
  15. The Vista/Legend HCx does NOT collect trackpoints when off. If you have track logging left on when you shut it off, the next time you turn it on it will place trackpoints where it thinks it is (which may not be where it really is) even before it has a satellite lock on. This will result in one or two wildly off points at the beginning of the track log. You can do one of two things to stop it. 1) Turn on track logging only when you want to log a track. 2) Edit the log to remove the one or two stray points at the beginning of the log (or just ignore them). DITTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Drink lots of beer-they will get high off your sweat and fall off--works every time---(tell your wife i said it was ok)
  17. No compass eh?--how bout a sextant?-(much ado about nothing)-but its fun !!
  18. Use of a compass and a piece of paper equals no "bogus tracks--proplem solved
  19. If you go to the "tracks" menu, you will see "track log ON" and "track log OFF"--click the track log "off" and you won't have that problem--I started doing this because anytime i turned the unit on it would track--whenever i am ready to hike it is a simple matter to turn the track log back on-don't know any other way around it---
  20. well,I just up-graded my vista HCX-i have software 2.60 and sw 2.60--we shall see........
  21. Thats great news-i guess i should have called them because i have a legend as well as a vista hcx and am glad that i can load my 2008 topo on it--which i am going to do right now----thanks
  22. I'm not sure but i don't think the lengend(blue) will accept 2008 topo,at least Garmin does not have it listed as available for that unit-only the earlier topo map will work-better check first before you buy
  23. Mine did wash out at my cabin saturday morning when i first got there-I re-started it and it was fine from then on whenever i turned it on--Go figure ???
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