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  1. Travel bug 68-Eldo Jr. has been in the hands of Cacheprowler for almost a year. Two emails have not been answered. Cacheprowler has been active. I notice he has several travel bugs that have not been moved either. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. What goes around comes around. Congrats on getting your travelers back in action.
  3. I've thought of that but I don't want to resort to that tactic just yet. I looked to see if Geochaching.com had any kind of arbitrators but did not find that. I'm just looking for ideas before I do something like post in the local Washington geochaching forum. Maybe I can get his buddies to pressure him. I don’t want to create any animosities right off the bat.
  4. Travel bug stalled. My travel bug 68-Eldo Jr. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=85219 has been in the hands of Cacheprowler for nearly a year now. I emailed him once several months ago and again today. I didn't get a reply to my earlier email. His logs show he was active up to Nov 27th. Question: What would you do? 68-eldo
  5. I know this area. Roosevelt Road has been a public road since the base was closed. Just a block away is a baseball diamond that is open to the public. Last time I was on this little side road there was no "No Trespassing" signs or other restrictions. I drove around in the tulies there and encountered HPD (Honolulu Police Department) looking at a stolen and stripped car. He ask what I was doing out there and I explained I was looking for the remnants of the Mooring Mast benchmark. He was satisfied (after I explained about geochaching and benchmarks) and left. Point 1: If this is a restricted area why did I not see any barriers or signs? Point 2: If this is Federal property why was HPD there? Point 3: Why didn’t HPD tell me to leave if it was restricted? I can go take another look, but I don’t think anything has changed.
  6. I used my GPS on several flights within the US and had no problems as far as the Flight crew. On one flight the Stewardess was concerned and took my GPS up to the cockpit. The F/O said it was not marked as complying with FCC limits for class B digital devices. I then provided the owner's manual that did say it was in compliance. The F/O then said it was OK and I could use it above 10,000 ft. So my advice is make sure your unit is marked or you can provide the owners manual that list it as Class B compliant. If they still say no then don't fight it. 68-ELDO
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