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  1. 13 hours ago, elrojo14 said:

    If you aren't willing to put down the money, then the risk of you messing with the caches is too great. All my caches are premium now and I am fine with non-premium members missing out. 


    Thank you everyone else for reminding me there is a huge world out there that has no USGS benchmarks. I live in an Americancentric world! 

    Wow, what a snob,  first one to go on my ignore list.

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  2. What is Benchmap? I assume it's an app to map benchmarks, what platform is it?


    It’s an app for android and shows the location of benchmarks from the NGS database on a map on your devise. It works very well, better than FindaControl.

  3. For the last week or so I have not been able to get marks to come up. I can see the map and aerial view but the marks are not displayed. I have tried the NGS server; the backup server; auto refresh and non auto refresh. But no marks are displayed.


    Is it just me?

  4. I removed the button in v2.0, currently you have to go into settings and change the map display there. (I removed the button in v2 because I wasn't aware that people used it, and I like having more map visible. :) )


    In the version I have those buttons are only visible for a few seconds then it fades out. But if you tap the screen they come back so it is not cluttering up the screen normally. I like it.

  5. The version I have (v1.2.7) has an on screen button you can tap to toggle between satellite and map. If it is not visible you can tap the screen to make it appear along with the button to center the screen on your location.

  6. It seems to me that the process of doing a leveling run is a two part process. Part one is the setting of the disks. The setting crew digs the hole, pours the concrete and sets the disk. In that process the crew also stamps the disc number.


    Part two is the leveling crew that surveys the disk’s height and records the data for submittal. They also stamp the date of the leveling run, as the date of setting and the date of leveling could be more than a year apart.


    With the designation A 197 this was the start of the leveling run and it may have been selected because ESSO had a highly accurate height for this disk giving the leveling crew a great starting point.


    In this case the setting crew stamped an existing disk.

  7. It is my thinking that the reason behind the minimizing of the benchmark hunting is the inability to update the benchmark database. My understanding is that the database was updated from a CD provided by the NGS. That is no longer available. So the thought was to make benchmark hunting more like Geocaching by allowing hunters to add their own, hence the Waymarking site. The problem with the Waymarking site is it was not pre-populated with benchmarks. So, here we

  8. Consider the idea of going through the facilities office. This would be the people that take care of the buildings and such. You could offer to supply them with a copy of what you found and any up dates you would report. They might be much more interested in letting you find the benchmarks and would help with getting you permission from the commanding officer.

  9. eephillipswsj


    If the mark you found is exactly in the middle of the intersection it is most likely a street monument. Street monuments are markers that define the streets. Monuments are located on the center line at intersections and the end of straight a ways and beginning of a curve. The ones near my house are under a cover often called a hand hole.

  10. Benchmark recovery and reporting has a steep leaning curve for those with little background in the field. Aside from this forum and its mostly ignored tutorials there is not much out there to help the amateur. That’s why I cringe when someone suggest a newbie report their recoveries to NGS.


    There are some very good amateurs that report and they are of course a big help to the professionals. The professionals can easily sort them out in most cases.


    I'm having a similar problem when trying to create a waymark. The coordinates I get from my phone app give me 4 digits after the decimal for seconds; the Waymarking website appears to allow 3 digits after the decimal when entering seconds, but will only allow me to enter 2 digits. I gave in and rounded it to 2 digits, but then when I go to save the changes, the website either says I made no changes or it changes the coordinates entirely, displaying an Asian location in the mapview (I'm in the US).


    I hope someone may be able to shed some light on these issues.



    Be sure you put a minus sign or a W in front of the longitude. Most systems assume a positive number which puts you east of the prime meridian. The western hemisphere requires a minus sign or a W.

  12. Whose disk is it? Is it marked National Geodetic Survey or USGS? I did a quick check of the National Geodetic Survey’s online database and did not find anything in the states you mentioned that fit your description.


    There are lots of survey marks that are not on the NGS database. USGS seems to have all their marks on paper, so no searching by computer.


    Some states have marks on their own database but they may not have older marks.



  13. DaveD is a lot closer than I am. It seems GeoCalc does not like comas in the distance numbers. I now get N 19 13.466, W 155 52.451 for the starting point. That’s a difference of 42 feet from DaveD's.


    Do they list any markers such as pipe driven into the ground to indicate the location of corners?

  14. How far off is it?

    Remember that the bearings (azimuth) are from south while Google maps and GPS Visualizer use north as the starting point for azimuth.

    I did a similar exercise plotting the right of way for a railroad on Oahu. The results were right on when displayed in Google Earth. The hard part was remembering to add or subtract 180 from all the azimuths.


    I used an old version of GeoCalc (version 0.9.50) for all the calculations. It looks like they are up to 4.20 now

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