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  1. Hello everyone! First post but thought I would pitch my $0.02 into the ring. While I will whole-heartedly agree that your plain yellow Etrex will get you to any cache you want to find, I've got to agree with Mr. Snat. The legend has mapping, a better display, more waypoints, more tracklog points, 20 times as many routes, and it comes with a cable. The bad news here is it looks like the $50 rebate offer was only for Summits, Legends, and Vista's purchased 4/6/2003 - 6/6/2003 so I don't know if a new one can be found for that great price any longer. In any case, I love mapping and having a PC and no data cable, in my humble opinion, would be a crime. Moving along... For a home cooked (and well done I might add) alternative to cables for your Garmin GPS, give the following web site a look: http://pfranc.com I'm using one of their power cables in the car and on the ATV. Works like a charm plus the coiled cable is a nice twist. *duck*
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