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  1. Sure do.Charlies bunion is a great day hike. not too long and a killer view at the end.If you can hike 12 round trip you should try Leconte Lodge via alum cave bluff trail.I am not in the greatest shape and i can manage it.Read up on both of them.Also be prepared for rain as it's a possibility anywhere in the smokies.
  2. That and if you were to get the AN/PVS-7 single tube goggles i hear that they have issues with depth perception due to only having 1 lens.The older AN/PVS-5's i have do not have that problem but you do have limited FOV compared to your natural vision.I think that would be a handicap if your out beatin the bushes looking for a cache,although you can drive a vehicle with them. The cop that pulled me over thought they were "cool" and let me go after checking them out for a few minutes.
  3. This might be helpful.I used this before i got my PN-40 although i am unsure of the quality but i think the info you need may be here: http://www.cs.utk.edu/~dunigan/gsmnp/ This may or may not help as i don't know if it just has a waypoint for each place listed of if it has a group of waypoints to make a trail.
  4. With night vision equipment you get what you pay for. $500 is for a crappy russian pair.Lok to pay at least $1000 and up for a good U.S pair. I think it may be overkill to use for geocaching and i can guarantee if the cops see you skulking around in the dark they will Definetly want to know what your doing.If you just want them then there is an extreme coolness factor associated with them though.
  5. I am going back the 1st week in june. The wife broke her ankle 3 weeks ago so i don't think we will get much hiking in.I guess it depends on how her ankle is doing.I think she might manage a short hike without any severe terrain.I will have to do some research.
  6. I think probably the best two hikes in my opinion are Charlies Bunion and The hike to Leconte Lodge.Charlies Bunion has the virtue of good parking and you get to see a good mix of what the GSM are famous for ( AT trail shelter ,possible bear activity and the reward of a fantastic view ).Leconte parking ( at the Alum Cave Bluffs trailhead ) is ok if you start before 8:00 A.M. or earlier and there are fantastic views to be had along with towering heights. Leconte is the longer hike but can be done in a day .I am overweight somewhat but i can manage either hike without too much difficulty.Going to the GSM this weekend.
  7. The compass on your GPS is not a real compass.It can only show which direction you are going while you are moving.When you stop moving it will start acting in an erratic manor.Sorry i have a legend also,just the nature of the beast i suppose.Mine also jumps around with basically the same symptons.The only way i can think of to help you out is a little advice that i have heard bouncing around on this forum.The GPS can only get you so close,so start with some easy caches ,look at the clues and look for an obvious place that the cache could be in the general area that the GPS led you to.You can spend a lot of money on a new reciever that will alleviate a good majority of the problems you are having but as one newbie to another that's how i found my 1st cache.
  8. The blue line problem is quite common in the legend.You merely need to go to garmins website and download the latest firmware update for your unit.I just hope you have the serial cable and a PC that still has a serial port.After you do the update check to see if the joystick works correctly.After i updated mine the joystick now only works in 2 directions.
  9. zorakk

    Oregon vs PN-40

    I myself took the plunge and ordered a PN-40 today.I went to a local retailer and almost bought one on the spot after playing around with it however i had a $100 gift card i could use online at walmart. One interesting thing though. Online at their website it listed under accessories " map library annual subscription ".I don't know if that means that a 1 year subscription is included or not .My decision to purchase a Delorme product was motivated by their apparrently genuine desire to make a high quality and innovative product and to back that product up with personal customer service. In my opinion Brand G and brand M better lookout as i see their market share shrinking .
  10. Hi all.I was having the same problem,1 black vertical line on my legend's screen.Did the update as everyone suggested and viola,no more problems.Funny thing my legend was doing this at random but this last weekend totally quit working.,just like all of the others in this forum.Lucky i stumbled across this forum.I was about to rip it apart to see what was inside.
  11. I know you say that you were looking to relocate to Memphis and this is kinda off topic ,but if you have any choice then middle or east TN. would be the place to be.I have lived here my entire life.I have only been a few other places but i think one would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful place to call home.The winters here are just long enough to make you long for springtime.I agree with the general opinion about Memphis being rough.I have a lot of friends and coworkers and even my wife who came from up north and none of them want to go back.You would just have to get used to us rednecks.
  12. Ahh yes,Chiggers.Man o man,talk about something that will make you want to pull your hair out.We always used clear nail polish to help with the discomfort although i have had some sucess using windex to temporarly relieve the itch.I wanted to know,are chiggers just a southern U.S.problem or are they found elsewhere?
  13. I think that anything with 100% DEET was taken off the market.Probably causes cancer in lab rats or something like that.I have had the same bottle for quite some time.As far as how good it works,after my massive tick infestation i went to walmart and bought some.The very next day i had to go back to the same spot .I didn't have a single tick on me.
  14. DEET works really good to repel ticks.The main downside is that it can attack plastics.Even if you wipe your hands off it can melt fingerprints into certain plastics such as cell phones ,gps units ,car interiors ,etc.Of course i was using 100 % DEET which i think was probably overkill but upon finding 27 ticks on myself after a trip thru the woods i guess it seemed like a good idea at the time.
  15. As far as night vision goggles go ,you pretty much get what you pay for.I paid some serious coin for a set U.S. military NVG.These things have fantastic preformance,with 2 different front objective lenses ( which preserves your depth perception) and will focus from infinity to about 8 inches without any focus adjustment.To see anything closer just turn the lenses 1/4 of a turn and you can read a newspaper at night if you wanted to.Walking around and picking up something on the ground is very easy.On the other hand some of the russian stuff can e useful but the resolution is not as good with a huge amount of distortion in the image.
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