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  1. Maybe it's just me, but the idea of logging my own caches seems a tad silly to me. My wife and I 'hunt' and log as a team, there are caches I have hid and caches she has hid that either she or I have 'found' afterwards. But from there to log them...? I don't know, it just feels... silly, to me. But hey, there is no rule against and there shouldn't be. To me the only reason the number of finds are there is to keep a little track on on our caching in general. There are no medals given out for 500 or 1000 caches. At least not by Groundspeak. At this moment we have found 281 caches. Does this comparatively small number reflect our caching experience or even reflect on the experience we have had finding many of these caches? Of course not! It’s about the quality of the caches and the hunt in itself, not about the numbers. The numbers are just that, numbers; meaningless in itself. What DOES count is the many hours I have got to spend with my wife, TRUE QUALITY TIME, hunting caches, meeting other cachers and just simply having a good time and tons of laughs!
  2. OK, I’m gonna weigh in on this one again… - Do I know anyone playing the game differently from me? Yes, most people I know that are caching and people I’m caching with. For example, myself, farmall243 and toddluke went for a FTF once, initiated by me i.e. I called them and said “Hey, there’s a new cache posted, wanna go after work?" To make a long story short; I was the only one with a GPS! Farmall243 brought himself and toddluke brought an umbrella. I think that qualifies for playing the game differently… -Is it possible that someone could know about unpublished caches before they are published? Yes. At least it was, on wap.geocaching.com, until they fixed the bug. -Is it possible that someone still can find out about unpublished caches before they are published? Absolutely. www.geocaching.com is a website like any other and most sites can be compromised one way or another. - Do I really care if someone beats us to a FTF by “cheating”? I guess that depends on how serious you take the “sacred hunt for the FTF”. Personally I think it’s fun with an FTF every now and then, but I only get upset if toddluke beats me to it. But that’s just because he is my boss and I'm the one that got him started on Geocaching…
  3. Try this link: http://www.geocaching.com/adopt/ Not sure how it works, please let us know how it turned out!
  4. The Garmin Colorado has the ability to show logs, hints and description on the GPS screen, but it is basically the only Garmin device to do so. In spite of that we still keep a binder with cache printouts in the car. And just to be on the safe side ( ) I also load the caches on a PDA (that doubles as a TomTom roadway GPS)
  5. I'm running MapSource on Vista quite OK. Could be a video driver problem. Make sure you have the correct video driver for your system and also latest DirectX driver.
  6. We, my wife and I, log as a team. We have been thinking about doing it separately but then we realized it would be twice the work. Can't have that. Really, it's up to you. I don't think there's a right or wrong in this.
  7. Wouldn't the ultimate size ammo-can be an old used ICBM silo? Just imagine the amount of Dollar General swag it could hold.
  8. I'd hit it too. But in a nice way. Maybe lure it out with a hamster. Or turn it in to a hamster cache.....
  9. BTW, as someone with a PhD in the sciences, his "you don't quite understand because I am a man of science" routine did nothing for me. I have an idea; we should all list our degrees, education and professions and try to impress the heck out of ourselves. In fact, unless you have at least a bachelor in something you shouldn't be allowed to buy a GPSr! Or at least only be allowed do do 1/1 micros in city parks. Maybe...
  10. Welcome to the sport and congratulations on your first find! Just a friendly recommendation; in general it is a bad idea to move a placed cache ever so little, it should be placed back exactly the way it was found. Unless of course it is safe to assume that it was placed incorrectly by a previous finder. Cache Logs June 8 by 2demacks (1 found) This one was well hidden, and gaurded by a lizard. We saw the box, but there was a lizard on the log on top of it. We finally got the lizard to move. Everything in the box was wet. Took a Ninja Turtle (will drop it off in Florida), left a pelican. We moved the box about 10 feet from the log, away from the lizard. Now easier to see.
  11. It is very ok to ask questions here! However, if you do have a specific question and topic I would recommend you start it out as a new topic.
  12. Did you get a note from the reviewer on it? Go look and see if there are some issues or concern posted by your reviewer. How long is forever? 2 days, 4 days, a week, a month...? In general, a "straight-forward" cache is usually published withinin a day or two, at least where I live. (Thanks Keystone!)
  13. I'd go for the coffee, sit down an re-evaluate my life hopefully coming to the conclution that I need to try and take myself a tad less serious...
  14. I was wondering when this topic was going to come up... Yes, there is a way to cheat or 'cheat', depending on your take on it. One of the loopholes have been fixed; there was an exploit on the wap.geocaching.com site that allowed a user to view unpublished caches. This loophole has been plugged in the latest site fix. I suspect that there may still be another exploit on the main site, but only time will tell... Personally I do not care about FTFs, to me it is just another cache. There are however several users who live by FTFs and collect them as if they were precious stamps or something. It still irritates me though that some users still find time and ways to cheat, and in geocaching of all sports. Get a life for pete's sake!
  15. I guess I just don't understand the obsession people have with other cachers logs. I realize I'm 'not the norm', but I can't even remember the last time I went to someone's profile with the express purpose of doing anything OTHER THAN sending email. And even then, I prefer to use the 'PM' feature through the forums if I can. I have so many better things to do with my time than read caching logs... even those written by people I find entertaining. Again, it's not so much that it's a 'privacy infringement' issue, it's that a person posts a public log and other cachers feel free to use that information maliciously. I would like to be able to post a log and opt out of the maliciousness, please. michelle Well you could certainly opt out of the maliciousness by choosing to collate your logs for others to see. The general idea however would be to provide a means for close friends, cachers or no cachers, to keep up to date with a users logs. It would obviously have to be the cachers choice whether to share the logs this way or not. In short, if you want to share the logs this way, check the box. If you do not, don’t check it and everything is fine and dandy. Although, should the temptation be too strong, you could also look up a user with collated logs and suck ‘em all in… Free choice, gotta love it….
  16. I think really all I'm saying is that it's a shame that there is not an easier way read a users logs other than per cache basis. I user should (Ithink) be able to choose wether he or she want to give permissons to other to have acces to a complete log summary for said user. In my mind it is impossible for privace infringement to be an issue since we all have agreed to share logs we post in the first place. And as I said, if a user do not want his/hers logs collectively posted, well then... don't check the box.
  17. I found your previous thread and I agree that there could be some privacy issues. Maybe. But, if the feature was being enabled the same way for example "Show my email address" and "Allow friend requests" that issue would go out the window. That way a user would have full control over how his/her logs are being viewed or logged.
  18. I'll be darned, so it has. So Groundspeak, when can we have this feature implemented?
  19. Or if it would be in redirectable HTML form even be directly linkable from a blog!
  20. OK here’s my idea. Or question. Or suggestion. Or all of the above. I write pretty nifty logs, at least sometimes. OK, so I’m guilty to one or two TFTSLTNLN sometimes. But there’s always a reason for that. Usually. What I would like to see or be able to do is to collect all my brilliant logs into one page, for easy and enjoyable readings on cold snowy winter nights. If logs could be collected or queried per username it would also be possible to read one users all logs without having to go through reading them one by one, along with cache descriptions and other users logs. I know, for my own logs I can accomplish this in GSAK but there are, believe it or not, other Geocachers out there other than me that writes interesting and funny logs. Wouldn’t it be great to have some kind of conduit where we could easily find such logs and share with the community for all our reading pleasure? It could be in the shape of some functionality added to Pocket Queries or maybe a completely new feature set. Best of course would be a cool link to click on in the users profile page, something like ‘View all logs by this user’ or similar. Or is this already possible in some way that have completely eluded me?
  21. I enjoy reading the posts and would and will try to help anyone who needs assistance. Unfortunately, as with any discussion forum, there are so many out there that use it to argue and be negative. True, there are negative things that need attention, but as we are all in a common hobby, and hopefully everyone enjoys it as much as we do, I hope to keep finding more positive things here. Sounds really corny, but there are enough problems in life without ruining a wonderful sport and hobby.
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