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  1. I tend to agree, high numbers does not per automatique constitute a 'good' cacher (whatever THAT is...). I have found caches where cachers with thousands of finds have DNFed. Does that make me a better cacher? Ehh... no... Does that make the 'experienced cacher a worse cacher than me? Ehh.... nooo..... It makes him a cacher with more finds than me and quite possible me a cacher with better luck. Numbers is just that; numbers. When you start caching for the numbers solely or to make sure you have more caches than ‘that guy down the road’ it’s time to find another hobby before you hurt yourself. All though in my humble opinion I'm probably one of the best cachers around. For sure.
  2. The one you couldn't find is a bison tube with a difficulty level of 2. This means it's a micro cache and they can be a bit difficult to find. If you don't know what a bison tube is....it's a small cylinder about 2 inches long and about as big around as your pinky finger. Sometime the are camofluaged which makes it even harder to find. You might want to move on to another cache and come back for this one after you've gotten a little more experience. El Diablo That small? How can anyone find something like that? Maybe my idea of geocaching is incorrect. But when I get coords I expect to be able to walk to those coords, look down, and see that cache underneath a rock or something. Ahh wouldn't it be nice if it worked that way. At least sometimes. Unfortunatly GPS in some terrain have an accuracy of about 20 feet, meaning that when the GPSs says you are 'standing on it' you may in fact be 20 feet away from it. This of course assuming that the coordinates recorded by the cache owner is dead on. If they are in fact off by some 5 feet you could be 25 feet aways from it. In any direction! That... is what makes Geocaching fun!
  3. Not all vacationers have the Internet strapped to their backside for handy access. Any time frame shorter than a leisurely vacation is nothing more than impatience on the part of an eager finder who does have Internet access at their beck and call. Wait, watch, give them a chance to catch up and keep the TB's history right. I don't think it’s really about whether I have Internet in my pocket or not, but about courtesy to the TB/GC owner. Too often I see ‘dead bugs’ in caches; I can point you to at least 5 caches in my little area alone that have bugs listed in them that have been absent for a long time. Most likely these trackables have been picked up by someone that either forgot to log them or just simply didn’t know what they were and kept them. In case of the latter there is not much I can do, but I sure do not want to risk forgetting about logging an item for a couple of weeks. I have found several coins and bugs in caches that have been sitting in the caches for weeks, waiting for a cache owner to finally find it in his back pocket, bottom of his cache bag or trunk of his car. I would suggest that if you are on a trip and know that you will not be able to log either cache or bug for several days or weeks, leave the bugs and coins in the cache. It’s not mandatory to pick them up.
  4. I agree; when I'm logging our finds I log the bugs to when I'm at it, being dropped in the cache or not. If I don't it's an accident waiting to happen; I might forget about it myself and end up with a GC/TB that go through two holders without being logged. I will however 'dip' it in the cache I retrieved it from for milage and to show the owner where it is and where it has been.
  5. I agree, a hint should be just that - a hint. Too much info in the hint spoil the experience in my opinion. I try to keep the hints for my caches a bit cryptical and yet informative. But a hint that will in detal tell exactly where the cache is located is something I can't see myself provide.
  6. You are spoiling us rotten, Raine! Hmm... WAP-Maps would be kewl too....... OK OK, I'll be patient!
  7. Welcome to the addiction! I took a peek and there seem to be a few around the same location. Go get 'em!
  8. I second that; the top map seems to do nothing but making my cursor spin IE7 on Vista SP1
  9. You can still do that Click the top link just under 'For online maps...' For online maps... Geocaching.com Google Map MyTopo Maps Google Maps MapQuest Microsoft MapPoint Yahoo Maps Rand McNally Terraserver Tiger Census Maps
  10. If you click the top link just under 'For online maps...' you will get a full screen map, big enough even for me! For online maps... Geocaching.com Google Map MyTopo Maps Google Maps MapQuest Microsoft MapPoint Yahoo Maps Rand McNally Terraserver Tiger Census Maps
  11. I'd say if you need gloves it should be a difficulty 5 cache.... at least.... Seriously, this cache is most likely a NM cache.
  12. You can still do that Click the top link just under 'For online maps...' For online maps... Geocaching.com Google Map MyTopo Maps Google Maps MapQuest Microsoft MapPoint Yahoo Maps Rand McNally Terraserver Tiger Census Maps Sorry...can't find any of those on my screen, either. Maybe someone could point them out? Here's the url: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...24-190eb8c9ea15 I can see it no problem with that link using IE7 and Vista.
  13. Here too. I liked being able to click open a map from a cache page, and have all the caches in the area appear. Being draggable was a bonus as well. It's going to be a real PITA to find caches in a given area now. You can still do that Click the top link just under 'For online maps...' For online maps... Geocaching.com Google Map MyTopo Maps Google Maps MapQuest Microsoft MapPoint Yahoo Maps Rand McNally Terraserver Tiger Census Maps
  14. Personally I think that the picture you have with the "Two Trunk Tree" is borderline approperiate. In my humble opinion...
  15. I got ride of the numbers. I you notice now, there are + and - icons on the top right of the map. Clicking those will now zoom in and out. Also there is an [i] on the right side of the map. That's got a cool feature too Nice! Me likes very much! Now, about that WAP-Map.......
  16. I can't find the WAP maps either, where are they supposed to be accessed from?
  17. I agree. Unless it is some sort of puzzle cache or otherwise special cache I fail to see why a photo should be required. I would just move on to the next cache. I requently post pictures of our cache hunts but when a 'regular' cache would require me to post a pictur it would mostly just irritate me.
  18. Welcome to the sport! Let us know about your first finds!!!
  19. GCVHGA - Straight Man is a micro in the woods. According to the description it might in fact be up in a tree or similar. Reading some of the previous logs also supprt this theory. Tricky one for a first cache! GC12EQH - Curly is a small container, typically in the size of a small tupperware. Note that there is a DNF just before your find on it, indicating there is a chance that the cache may be lost. Two DNF's in a row should trigger the cache owner to check on the cache. I would recommend a drive down the road to "GC17FKZ Miller Ridge Elementary Cache" for your first find. This appears to be a regular size cache, typically ammo box size. It is also located from what it looks like at the edeg of the wooded area, just some 100 yards of the N Breiel Blvd. Best entry to the cache may be of Miller Rd in an open spot just of the dirt road going south. (Use Mappoint on the cache listing page and you'll see what I mean!) From there it should be some 200 yards south to the cache. Also, make sure that your GPS is set to OFFROAD or WALKING before you try finding a cache with it. If it is set for "roadways" (or similar, not sure what it actually says on that model in the setup screen) the GPS will be optimized for finding tracks along roads and will work poorly out in the sticks! If you get seriously bitten by the sport, or even just slightly bruised, you might want to look into getting a handheld GPS since these work much better on trails. Good luck, let us know how it goes!
  20. How about posting the cache names, the "GC number" on here and we'll see if we can get you any pointers. What type of GPS are you guys using?
  21. Click Edit listing on your cache and make sure the HTML tag is check in the form where you enter the cache information.
  22. First of all you need to have the USB driver loaded on your PC for it to work. Do this by installing the Mapsource Manager that came with your Garmin GPSr. Next you will need the Garmin Communicator plugin loaded in your browser, you can download it from here http://www8.garmin.com/products/communicator/ From then on clicking Send to GPS from a cache page shold allow you to download the waypoint to your Garmin GPSr.
  23. Probably not. A cacher would have stuffed an ammo box up.... in there......
  24. Typically when you have a device such as a PDA, Blackberry, certain cellphones or even a Garmin Colorado that allows you to download not just waypoints to a cache but also info like cache description, previous logs and hints to it. Using such a device for caching would enable you to not having to bring a printout of the cache with you when you head out for the hunt.
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