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  1. It might actually work. Cheating? Heck no!
  2. No not really. In my opinion all caches should be 'Premium'. The cost for maintaining this 'free' website is far from 'free' and someone have to cough up the dough to pay for it. I see the 'problem' you describe more to be an oppertunity to become a Premium Member.
  3. You don't have to load maps into the GPSr for it to know where you are, it'll figure that out anyways. The best way to figure out what caches are the closest to you would be to create a Pocket Query for each location and load them to the GPSr, either as GPX file or using POI loader.
  4. You don't have to load maps into the GPSr for it to know where you are, it'll figure that out anyways. The best way to figure out what caches are the closest to you would be to create a Pocket Query for each location and load them to the GPSr, either as GPX file or using POI loader.
  5. You can send them as a LOC file from the listings screen, look for a button at the bottom of a listings search page.
  6. You can always look on either Mappoint or Google maps to get an idea about the area. Or even print out a map over an area, we do that all the time and it works great.
  7. Actually clicking it once will do the job, even if it does not immediatly become 'greyed out'. It really seems a little weird though.
  8. It would be a lot easier if you handle this with Pocket Queries and GSAK. Technically the website would have to either place a cookie for every cache you download or maintaina separate database for each users downloaded caches. Probably not going to happen.
  9. You could also just copy the URL on the address bar into an email. It would work about the same way.
  10. It should be able to get you to the cache. Have fun and good luck!
  11. We, Mrs. R and I, was out on a spree and the next cache up was a micro down by a dam. Since we had very good signal on both GPSs we narrowed down the search area pretty good and still couldn’t find the cache. Then… we saw it and just had to sneak off a picture. Needles to say we hid the cache a tad better than we found it…
  12. Here’s my two cents on this topic; First cent: If I KNEW that someone logged a find on my cache without actually going there I would delete the log. Do I hunt for those? Nope. But as I said, if I knew I would. That’s the beauty with owning a couple of caches; you get to be the boss! Second cent: My daughter is quite the opposite; she signs the cache logs but do not log much of anything online, except for trackables. That’s the way she chooses to play the game. Personally it irritates me a little bit (oh don’t even start!) but it’s her call and she is a tad on the stubborn and persistant side. No clue where she got that from…
  13. You can create a cache like that yourself by filing a Multi but also include the coords for the final stage as a waypoint in the listing. There are a couple of those around over here.
  14. A three-year old general discussion of geocaching in a park system means very little in the context of your particular cache. See post #30. Your cache is in an Off Limits location due to its proximity to the school and the fact that the School District owns the property (although you say it's managed by the parks department, which is fine but not dispositive). At this point you ought to do one of two things. Either obtain clear written permission for THIS specific cache location, from the School District, or write to Groundspeak and appeal the archival of your cache. It would be good form to delete out the personal information from the link you provided, by the way. That seems to be a recurring issue with this discussion. Exhale, I didn't think Dublin cared about cache placement. What permssion info do you need????!!! Unless I missed something...I think Keystone answered your question before you asked it...even though Parks/Rec may maintain the location you have in mind...it sounds it is school property...permission must be obtained from the owners...not the caretakers... I personally sent dublin city schools an email and they said Thats what I was told. Good grief, is this thread still alive??? Then forward whatever info you got from the school district to your reviewer and see what he says. If he still don't like it, find another location for the cache. Can we move on now....?
  15. lrosell

    nano size

    What are you talking about, Nanos can hold swag. Tiny swag, but still.
  16. 1. Not really that easy to do. Try cluing bark to a PVC pipe instead. I've seen these hides and they can be very effective. 2. A CNC lathe would be nice... 3. A router 4. Router or chain saw 5. Yup, a band saw would be best. 6. Dremels are nice. Any type of wood shop equipment or machining tools. None of the tools suggested are harmless to use. Especially under #5. Be sure to know what you are doing before you attempt to run tools you are not familiar with. Good luck
  17. I would say this is what you need... http://www8.garmin.com/cartography/mapSource/topogb.jsp
  18. Kiddo, cut Keystone (and us) some slack, will 'ya? You really just need to follow the directions given by Groundspeak and your reviewer. You don't have to like it but if there are rules they are there to be followed. Sometimes life is just that easy. Trust me, you'll see.
  19. Hard to tell without seeing the page. Share the GC number...?
  20. Maybe that's a way to get more rednecks like me around here out Geocaching - hide a case of beer in the woods...
  21. I've been caching since end of 2007 and I'm still a n00b. And I'll always will be. Went to cache that seemed to be out in a the middle of a field. There was about a foot of snow on the ground, I followed the GPS to GZ and declared 'I should be standing on it'. Looked around, couldn't see any good hiding spot so I stuck my hiking stick into the ground to drop some equipment to be able to conduct a proper. 'Clonk' I was standing on it...
  22. I've heard of a cache like this, or similar. What's the GC number for it? It's OK per se to put out a cache like this, it should however havea terrain 5 rating. PS Don't tell Vinnie about this one, it might give him ideas...
  23. You can always check in what country the user have the most finds. Chances are that's the home country. Fast man kan aldrig veta....
  24. It is very true a single PQ is limited to 500 (except for My Finds which has no limit), but I think the question was how many can I stuff in my nuvi. Since the caches are stored as POI's, your limited by the size of the card. With a 2Gb card you probably can store more caches than you can do in a couple years. Jim Not quite. My Nuvi 650 cuts off at 500 caches.
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