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  1. No. the VistaCx does not have any option to upload caching results, you will need a Colorado, Oregon, a GPS that can handle Trimble's Geocache Navigator or a PDA based GPS for that.
  2. Wow, this is useful. Completely out of order....
  3. For starters, any p[icture you upload to a cachle log will go in your gallery. There is no easy way to upload a picture to your gallery only, without poting it to a log.
  4. I'm not sure if I understand what you want that button to do? Please elaboarate.
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAaaaa...... ROTFLMAO This is FUNNY! What a GREAT idea! Next time I can't find a cache I'll just drop one where I think it goes and... there I go! Good Lord may I never become that pathetic....
  6. Not sure if this one is one of either interesting, coolest, weirdest, dumbest or ect. It sure was different, and a lot of fun, at least to me. Etcetera...
  7. Well this one was pretty bad GCT66Z No it's not spiders, rather some type of crickets. BIG crickets. And like 4000 of them all at one place (final stage). Here's a tip: if you poke one of them in the direction of a nice cluster of them intresting things happen.... BTW, Does anyone know what kind of crickets these are?
  8. OK, I had a really funny comment too, then I caved in and looked the user profile up... Not sure which of the caches you are talking about, both look pretty ok and straight forward to me. Nope, the cache is not behind the Avatar either... (Sorry, couldn't resist...)
  9. It 'sleeps in a hole'. Sleeps as in rest, and hole as in crevice. I would guess a hole either in the ground or in a tree. But who knows, it could be trickier than that.
  10. You have to sign the cache log or it's no find. Logging on gc.com is just gravy. A friend of mine have a cache that you have to be 8 feet tall to reach, someone posted a Found IT but also said that they could not sign the log because they were not tall enough. My friend replied nicely that signing the log is required and deleted the log. I too have a cache that may be hard to actually get to, depending on how agile you are. If I were to find that someone signed online but not in the cache log the online log would be deleted. It's really a nobrainer.
  11. The container: Hiding a micro only means you didn't try very hard to create something memorable. Yay me, I figuerd out the combination! It's _ _ _ ...
  12. I agree regarding the Found/Hidden count. And why did you put Trackable inventory at the bottom(?) of the page??? Overall a nice look though.
  13. Overall a nice look but why in friths name would you move the Trackable Inventory to the bottom of the page???
  14. Check to see that the listing is set to Active. Check for any note from your reviewer.
  15. lrosell


    I would say get Mapsource Topo from Garmin.
  16. lrosell

    Ignoring a USER?

    Well in that case you can always build a filter i GSAK and filter out a user.
  17. Good point, but there is also the opposite situation. I went for one cache that seemed like an easy find. Looked EVERYWHERE except in the spot where the GPS led me; a flat rock level with the ground. Finally I turned the darn rock over and below it was a nice wood lined box holding a good olde pretzel jar. The CO had dug a hole and lined it very nicely to hold the cache. I simply never looked there because it was such a (to me) obvious no-no location.
  18. . To me it's really easy; if I start looking for a cache, i.e., pushes 'goto' or similar on my GPS, I go look for it and do not find it, it's a DNF. If I go back and look for it again I guess I could circumvent my own rule by not pushing 'goto'... No, just kidding. We currently have 2 caches with 'active DNS's' on, caches that we did not find but others did. When we go back to look for them, and we will, and if we don't find them, that will be another two DNF's and we'll keep doing that until we either find the cache, learn that it's gone or give up. We never did give up on any caches yet but there's a first for everything.
  19. lrosell

    Ignoring a USER?

    Ignore a user how? Like ignore a specific users caches? No good way to do that, that I know of.
  20. You could of course attach the pathtag to a TB badge and send it out. But you would really be tracking the badge and not the pathtag in that case. I have seen a pathtag travel bug that had 10 or 15 pathtags on it with the note 'Take one and pass the bug along'. Sort of an intresting idea.
  21. You don't seriously think that Ads pay all the bills for running GC.COM, do you...? Well, that is the concept...and reason for advertisements on websites; they pay for the website. If they don't pay the bills, why have them; out of the goodness of Groundpseak's heart? I hardly think so. Back on topic: In addition, if the OP wants to view the status of their trackable that's in a MO cache, how about...this is a radical idea, I know...they view that status on the trackable's own page? Isn't that what it's for? Oh no, you're not getting of that easy. I said ALL of the cost. Naturally ads do pay for part of the cost but paying members is vital for the existence of this site. It’s beyond me how people can demand more gravy on the free lunch they are already receiving. Like it was said previously: unless you register to vote and vote, you have no right to complain about the state of the union.
  22. You don't seriously think that Ads pay all the bills for running GC.COM, do you...?
  23. Everyone DOES get to play. Premium members just get to play a little more. You should try it!!!
  24. No not really. In my opinion all caches should be 'Premium'. The cost for maintaining this 'free' website is far from 'free' and someone have to cough up the dough to pay for it. I see the 'problem' you describe more to be an oppertunity to become a Premium Member. Using that theory, then perhaps Groundspeak should pay us to place caches (Product) for them. My my, did you miss the point... A question: if people using GC.COM do not pay for this service, who should? Taxpayers? Just curious...
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