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    Rate the caches

    *deleted double posting*
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    Rate the caches

    I think I'd pass on a rating system as well. What is a crappy cache to some cachers could be the next ones 5-Star. Geocaching is a lot of different things to a lot of very different people. As such a compiled rating on a cache might be missleading at best, depending on the various viewpoints and caching perspectives of those who have rated the cache.
  3. Why not just filter out the Micros in a PQ, and keep Small, Regular, Large and the dreaded Unknown cache sizes?
  4. I'd say that depends on the size of the film canister. A Panavision reel film canister could hold quite a lot whereas a 35mm not so much. Possibly not much more than a hamster tail.
  5. This would my humble contribution, when out doing the FTF hound thing and quickly grab a micro. Not soo much... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...31-c2ede58bb7d7
  6. on a handheld unit you typically mark a waypoint and then CHANGE the coords on that waypoint. on a car GPS you usually have a section under the DRive To menu where you can input coords directly.
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    yup, it worked...
  8. There's no shame in DNF's; they still got me out of the house! Any thing, mostly caches, that I don't find, is a DNF. Sometimes things like parking space, right-foot socks and free lunches may also be DNF's...
  9. It looks like several people found your caches? some caches get found a lot, some don't. Who knows?
  10. Ow man, honest to Pete... I was getting on here to rant about poor cache logs, in my case a bunch of nothing but smileys, and there's already a rant on here. Crud... I liked the idea about just putting a color or similar, only thing is that on the wap site and on GPSr's such as Colorado and Oregon the actual code would show up. And that would be WAAAAY to long. Confusing and funny but way to long....
  11. Oh, almost forgot; Dude, your 'login to the forum' is what it is because that is the name you logged into Groundspeak with. I'm still smelling a troll...
  12. I still don't have the first clue why this needs to be linked to Geaocaching??? Geocaching is about finding stuff with a GPS. I'm sure your event is very nice and all but seriously... it has nothing to do with Geocaching.
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    Come again...?
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    That is not entirely accurate. Allthough it is a browser feature it is also possible to create text entry field that does not support autocomplete.
  15. I would like to see the ability to gather all my logs in a 'blog' form, i.e. so I, and other, could read all my logs in sequential order. It could be added as a link on the profile page and the feature could be enabled or disabled in my personal setting, similar to how we enable/disable the ability to accept friend requests. The feature already exists for fourm entries in the profile page, having the logs this way would enable friends and families to read about old and new caching adventures and hopefully also encourage people to write a little longer and sometimes more intrsting logs.
  16. Heck yes, I like it!!! Can we have it tomorrow? I was about to generate a couple of GPX files, but I can hold off a little while. But we're leaving around 9am EST tomorrow....
  17. Maybe the geocache_visits.txt file is corrupt. Did you open it to check that it's ok?
  18. Most likely the link come from a browser plugin/adware that you have on your computer.
  19. So after reading the replies on this subject one can draw the conclusion that may all is not lost. Maybe if we keep preaching the value of DNF’s or better yet; if Groundspeak would help us by lightening up the definition of a DNF. Maybe then many of the cachers that now neglect to file that pesky DNF will come around. Maybe someone should post a new topic after a while “What is your best DNF?”
  20. There you have it - "I", "I" and I. Not really worrying about giving the next cacher or CO an idea about something going on with a missing cache. Nice...
  21. I didn't say it wasn't good suggestion. Then again, I didn't say it was either... The point is that ‘supposedly’ everyone has read the FAQ before. I have. But somehow that do not seem to help does it? Really, it’s all in attitude. From answers in this thread and in other threads on the same or similar topic one can conclude that even many long-time experienced cachers do not adhere too much to that guideline. One would think that cachers with thousands of finds and tons of ‘experience’ would lead by example but that is not always the case. As for posting suggestions to how to ‘solve’ the problem sure, I can do that. But that is probably another thread and possibly in the Site Forum.
  22. Some common sense would be nice. Exhibit some. Lobby for a sensible guideline and get the community to accept it. That might help. lol. did you even read my post...? That will happen, see above...
  23. My question is quite simple; how do we change people’s attitude towards filing a DNF? In or are (Western PA) filing a DNF is quite unpopular. I know, similar discussions are going around quite frequently here on the forums but after this weekend I feel I need to bring it up again. Let me first start by explaining our personal take on DNFs. We file a DNF if we pushed the ‘Goto’ button and started to search for the cache. An exception could be if we pushed ‘Goto’ in order to research a certain location that we knew in advance we would not attempt that day. Like for example a cache way up in a tree or similar. But in general, if we don’t find it, it’s a DNF. If we go back and searched a second time and don’t find it, it’s another DNF. Quite simple really. But this is not the way it works, around here and in many other places. Cachers seem to think that DNF signals incompetence on their behalf when really the DNF is a great help to the CO and other cachers. We have in total filed 28 DNF’s. About 25% we went back to find again, 25% got archived days after our DNF, another 25% are currently unavailable and the remaining quarter are active yet to be found by us. These are all interesting numbers, I think. Especially the 25% that had NO FINDS for months before we looked for them and got archived because they were indeed missing the day after. This weekend we filed 4 DNF’s, along with 28 finds. 3 of these DNF’s had no finds for 2 to 4 months prior to our DNF, and they are all in a dense caching area where nearby caches have finds every day. I take this as a good indication of DNFobia. The sad thing is that the CO has no way of knowing and fixing a missing cache, all because some cachers see it as a personal defeat to file a DNF. And I think it goes deeper than that. There is really no good way to list your own DNF’s other than that one place on the site by clicking ‘Didn’t Find’. But there are no DNF stats available, GPX export and GSAK does not (to my knowledge) support DNF stats. It’s like the entire community have DNFobia in one stage or another. Some got it really bad. Sooo… how do we, as a community, encourage existing and new cachers to file a DNF when it’s a DNF and make them understand that there are indeed no shame in a DNF. Because, how cool is it, after filing a really annoying DNF, to go back and finally pull out that container? Some of my sweetest finds have been just like that!
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