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  1. You might try placing something that is a deterrent beneath the cache (like lava rock), but, really, any cacher should not be surprised at what surrounds a cache outdoors. We found this one recently: the cache was found amidst an amazing number of cocoons, obviously seasonal, wish we could have been around to see what emerged!
  2. Maybe glue a washer inside and a magnet onto one of those test strip containers (we have hundreds of them friends keep giving them to us)
  3. Our most memorable milestone cache has to be for #1000 we visited the famous "View Carre" in New Orleans placed by local favorite cacher, BAMBOOZLE! It was truly an adventure: After taking an elevator up in the high rise building, you were escorted into a service elevator, and into a maintenance room--and there was one of the largest and most well-stocked caches we had ever seen! Then, to top it off, we were escorted to the roof of the building, which included (if you cared to) a hike up on the helipad! The views of the city of new Orleans and the crescent in the Mississippi River were amazing. We had the opportunity to visit this cache several times, as for a time it was the location of an annual event. Sadly, when BAMBOOZLE retired the cache has been archived, but for a while it had received one of the highest total favorite points in the U.S. No one who visited it would forget it. 4heberts at the cache Heading to the roof The crescent in the river at New Orleans New Orleans skyline (including the Superdome)
  4. With the old list, I could see when a cache that we found was logged by another cacher, and I regularly scanned through our finds to see what comments were made on caches we had found. Can't do that now unless I click on each find individually, or place a watch on every find we make! Don't like the new list at all!!!!!!
  5. This is definitely a problem for our caches here in So. Louisiana. Rarely are caches placed on the ground in this area, usually they are hanging (flooding is way too common). We have found that a combination of Rite in the Rain paper (not in a zip bag) and a small hole drilled in the cache pretty much takes care of moisture inside the cache--the hole allows the contents to dry, so even if it is moist, usually after the next dry day the log and contents dry out.
  6. The last photo made me laugh out loud (yes we are fans of Audrey II)
  7. Our experience with TBs: If they stay in North America, they often get kept or lost. If they get to Europe, they remain active and travel a lot. We think that there is just a different mindset in Europe with more dedicated cachers. So disappointing with we created TBs with our granddaughter--they traveled to a few caches, then..... nothing. We just release them with high hopes and enjoy them while they last!
  8. I KNEW when I read "Lucutus" it wasn't right, but I couldn't come up with the correct spelling--Mr. 4h couldn't, either. We loved that whole Borg theme on Star Trek NG! So creepy: "I am Locutus of Borg..."
  9. Funny--the snake would have freaked us out, but our daughter-in-law would have run away from the spiders....
  10. We switched from film canisters to test strip containers some time ago. They are basically the same size, much sturdier than film canisters and have a great snap on lid. Some styles have a large lip on the top, easily sanded down. You can buy them online, but we have a friend who still uses test strips and saves them for us.
  11. Actually a good job of acting for both Mike Rowe and Barsky--when I was researching to find the cache they found, I saw that they participated together in a geocaching podcast last December!
  12. At the end of the new episode of "Dirty Jobs: Rowe'd Trip" last night, Mike Rowe and producer Dave Barsky went geocaching! Barsky is an avid geocacher, having found over 9,000 caches. He talked a little bit about geocaching and they found the cache, a large ammo can. This episode will be repeated on July 18 and 21.
  13. We try to leave items that appeal to men when we can: lanyards, golf tees or balls, high quality American flag stickers, among others.
  14. Just tried this link--message says "This list is private."
  15. We've had great luck twice: Along a nature trail, when the city cut down the tree where our cache was hidden, the cache was placed in an adjacent tree. A cache of ours was in a tree stump in a business parking lot; when the stump was removed, the cache was placed hanging in a nearby tree.
  16. We started in 2008. We purchased a GPSr for our son who was just starting to go fishing alone, and was looking for a way to learn the unit. (BTW, he never did get that unit to use!). We stumbled along, finding one cache at a time, til Mrs. 4h decided that on vacation we would attempt to find about 20 caches in one day. That's when we were really hooked--finding caches in places we never knew existed in an area we had vacationed in for years! We like finding unique caches, of course, but we regularly complete power trails and enjoy them, too. Even a LPC is welcome on one of those days when you have a couple of DNFs! Can't wait for Mr. 4h to retire so we can really cache like we want to!
  17. Follow up: Geocaching HQ Support was very helpful, removed the links from our archived pages, and is trying to figure out a way to remove that link from all accounts.
  18. How can I remove an undesirable link from my archived caches? Anyone viewing those caches could still use the link.
  19. We always check the logs prior to searching. Often a log of "It's not there" has been posted by someone with 2 finds--they don't yet have a clue as to the cache container possibilities! And all their newbie caching friends are with them, and they all post the same thing, so there are 4 DNFs that can easily be ignored.
  20. We usually just say we're playing a GPS game and trying to find an exact spot--we'll show them the GPSr but don't mention the cache. People aren't too interested in 2 middle aged folks walking around with a GPSr, but when you mention a physical cache, that's when it changes.
  21. We'd recommond #moonrising along I-10 in Mississippi: http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC3RQGN_moonrising?guid=e169d7f4-f967-4202-b243-25683a33ad60
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