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  1. Make it a real geocache >> something where you have to use your GPSr and not just follow a row of reflectors.
  2. Unless you want to spend 500 bucks or more for night vision goggles it's quite useless - I got a normal NVD and it's ok but as long as the cache hasn't any active lights it not very useful.
  3. 5./261 Fallschirmjäger '97-'98 (means German Paratrooper)
  4. yep - and in southern Germany we call them "Terrorcachers"
  5. My favourite Ftec's X-1 Maglite 3D with new batteries: XENON SCARY-Monster: That's what I call light.
  6. I used to cross-post my caches on navicache but I deleted them all since I only got double notificactions of a found it note and I have a local back-up of my caches anyway (in case gc.com has one day a major problem with data recovery). Before I think about posting them again on NC.com (or Opencaching.com or whatever) the site needs to have a very good feature which I can't find on Geocaching.com but until then I couldn't care less about them.
  7. German nightcaches can be found here nightcaching.org - unfortunately the site is only in German but if someone want's to help me with the english version and a list of all nightcaches in th UK I'd be thankfull for every help.
  8. to whom it may concern: I did submit my Eartcache 4 days ago and I still got nothing - no response, no confirmation, nothing ...
  9. Nope - until now he's the guy in charge. That's why all the earthcaches can be found via his profile. ... and still waiting for mine to be approved.
  10. Yep - the Krauts got an idea: earthcache.org
  11. º


    I wouldn't mind if one of my TBs travels by UPS
  12. º

    New Cache Type!!!

    Earthcache Central ... wer lesen kann ist klar im Vorteil.
  13. Short Answer: Yes. Long Answer: You can change everything except the cache-type (traditional, multi, ...). You can move your cache up to 160 meters ... at once ... but it's possible to do this several times so that you move the cache as far as you want without involving an approver. Anyway: That's a good advice.
  14. I think I made it quite clear that this has been discussed before with a more or less acceptable solution. If you insist on this topic than we tell that it's not worth to talk about it anymore.
  15. Well a lot of people had this idea. To make it short: All the geocachers out there have so different opinions on what is a good cache that this idea is useless. Jeremy states something like that one day you can make a list of your top10 caches and on the cachepage it is shown how many cachers have this cache on their top10.
  16. º

    Cache Attributes

    As statet above on the webpage: It's a non-official testversion. Anyway if you want to complain there is a mail-address given. (No it's not my page)
  17. Errrr - it's not my Travelbug? I think you did get something wrong. I did send one to the owner of the TB and got one back. That's it.
  18. Have you seen "Bowling for Columbine"? I know it's a very polemic movie but one thing in it was interesting: The people killed in the US by firearms per 1000 citizens is much higher (sometimes factor 100!) compared to other countries with a comparable liberal weapons-law. The movie never explained why this is but obviously there must be something different in the US. My guess: People in the states are paranoid about everything and everybody which/who might hurt them with the slightest possibility ... and then blow it up/shoot him. It's an atmosphere of suspicion, paranoia and fear which causes this. Btw. I think beside all the rebels the same aggressive behaviour is causing a serious problem for all the US troops in Iraq. Why is the part of this country where the british forces are so calm compared to the rest?!? But that's another discussion ...
  19. º

    Cache Attributes

    I like the idea very much. In fact I use a German version of The Selector. Anyhow I miss a few cache attributes Special Equipment: binocular: compass: Nightvision Device (yes there are some in Germany): flashlight: Conditions: Cave: oneway-trip or round-trip (for Multi-caches)
  20. Here are my 0.02 EUR (that's more than 0.02 US$ ): No - you get the honor of finding a cache which took a little bit longer. That's it Here in Germany some nightcaches take you more than 2 nights and you only get one "find". If you don't like it go out there and do some powercaching (finding as much caches as you can regardless if they are interesting in any way)
  21. If you can help the TB getting closer to it's goal it's ok
  22. I don't think so - there are more caches in the USA yes but there are a lot more people in Europe who can get suspicious: USA ~ 290 million EU ~ 379 million EU+candidate countries ~ 483 million. Anyway as mentioned - we live with terrorist for a very long time and thus behave a little bit different. Every country used to have it's own scourge: UK >> IRA, Germany >> RAF, France >> Action Directe and others, Spain >> Eta, ....
  23. It wasn't a joke - the basic idea of geocaching and searching cistes is the same: Finding some kind of tupperware with logbook out there in the nature. You have to admit that French are always a little bit peculiar especially if they have to deal with the British/American culture. A lot of Germans don't speak English or very little as well but the German geocaching community created an own portal (geocaching.de) where you don't need to know any English. Anyway - we're getting Off Topic. And we have a different satellite over here: EGNOS instead of WAAS but it doesn't work
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