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  1. Even better - put it on the watchlist: http://www.geocaching.com/my/watchlist.aspx?w=198365
  2. It works: page to log: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?ID=198365 log: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...77-0abb4fd228c9
  3. I'd even go so far and don't call the "follow the light exercise" a geocache. I think "GPS Stash hunt" should have something to do with a GPSr. Anyway: The basic idea of a _real_ nightcache is that you have to go to certain coords and from there you have to search for a reflector. At the reflector you'll get some new coords and so on. btw. until now the largest distance between the coords and the belonging reflector I know is 800 m (~ 0.5 miles).
  4. There are at least 100 in Germany: http://nightcaching.org/v_cachelist.htm That's a good point but I don't think it's real problem. If you try to find a cache "Recommended at night" and you DNF it you shouldn't wonder about it.
  5. Ist Deutsch? Ich spriechen sie kiene Deutsch. >> something like "civil service objector"
  6. Got a Multi with a lot more than 5 waypoints, only possible at night and it takes at least 6 hours to find it - normally 8. Do whatever you like. Your concept sounds perfect except that I'd leave all the items in the final as well.
  7. Ok - du you really think the US invest billions of $ in a system which can be seriously disturbed by any earthquake? GPS is a military system and it's a little bit too expensive to break that simple. There're several bases around the world to ensure the system works properly
  8. º


    Problem solved have a look what elias said
  9. You'll get 5 stars for the terrain if you need special equipment: climbing gear, scuba diving, .... easy one. 5 stars for difficulty is a little bit harder >> hide the cache in a way that it is almost impossible to find, include a riddle or do something else where the cacher has to use his brain ...
  10. Ich kann nicht mehr ... schniefundunterdemTischlieg
  11. º


    Let's hope these are not the first symptoms of a serious problem
  12. º


    This is what I get if I open http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.asp...teamguzbach.org The two caches on top should have a mark, shouldn't they? And the first one should be found ...
  13. That's perfect German ... if anyone want's to know
  14. copy that - same problem here
  15. Don't forget that almost half of the people on the other side of the pond don't agree to this strange behaviour their government has ... there is hope.
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    Friends Only

    Can anybody post a link to the cache? Too lazy to search for myself
  17. Does it have the WOW-factor? Maybe Is it impossible to place a cache nearby? No >> Thumbs Down btw.: This one is the only virtual I found which accords with the guidelines
  18. º

    Friends Only

    Though I'm not an approver I know it has been discussed in the admin-forum: Caches where you just have to ask the owner for the koordinates/a key/important information are not allowed. A SBA should do the trick with the cache.
  19. Here are some you'll get the idea ...
  20. Why do you wanna do that? If you want to do a skiing tour a pair of special tour-ski is much better ... btw.: I use MSR snow shoes too.
  21. source By the way: The Krauts use PMR2 ... dunno why
  22. As already stated: That's perfect German - dunno if I'm right but it seems to me like Hogarth isn't a native-speaker. Anyway ... @tobsas: I said "almost". Yes there're some German geocachers who don't understand any English at all but it's hard to find them.
  23. Almost every German speaks English >> no need for translation.
  24. This can be found in some of my descriptions and it states what happens: The log will be deleted without any warning >> I always explain to the fellow geocacher why I did it and invite him to repost again. Until now only two of them tried to argue that it's only a little spoiler - but all the other had no problem with reposting. Most of them weren't aware that they did post a spoiler.
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