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  1. NEVER buy what the flight attendants tell you about GPS! It is completely B.S. First of all, the GPS doesn't SEND any signals! It is a satellite "RECEIVER"! It doesn't SEND anything, so it can't possibly interfere with the planes avionics. The next time a flight attendant tells you to turn it off, tell them how the GPS works. If they don't believe you, or tell you that they have escort you off the plane or something, then.... turn it off hehe I hate that the FAA actually enforces that rule. Considering that they are the creators of the WAAS program essentially, they should know how a GPS works... Using Opera 7.1
  2. I decided against getting the Garmin Vista (because of price ), so I decided to get the next best thing... The legend. Any comments on it? I found a pretty cheap price on Amazon.com ($169 with free shipping), so I thought I might as well. Are there any disadvantages to the legend? Using Opera 7.1
  3. I live on the South shore and I can't get any WAAS corrections. Not a single one. Has anyone else has luck with getting them up here?? Thanks Using Opera 7.1
  4. Maybe that is why I couldn't collect any WAAS satellites a couple weeks ago. Using Opera 7.1
  5. Etrex Venture, Etrex yellow, and soon to come, Etrex Vista. Using Opera 7.1
  6. Hey, I'm selling a Garmin eMap with 8mb and Mapsource Roads and Recreation CD included. You will also get a Garmin Leather carrying case, Garmin Windshield suction mount, and 4 AA batteries. Everything that came from the factory to me is being sold to you also, including original box, instruction manual, quickstart guide, pc cable, and lanyard. The item is for sale on ebay right now for $115. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3036768856&category=34289&rd=1
  7. I have a regular Garmin Etrex, and a Garmin Etrex Venture, and both are pretty lousy when it comes to tree cover in forests. Just make sure your unit is in "normal" mode and not battery saver when in the forest, otherwise, your problem is being compounded.
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