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  1. quote:Originally posted by Woodbutcher68:Just has the best looking picture! Maps?!? I don't need no stinking maps! I got coordinates! There's a fine line between Geocaching and mental illness, I just not sure which side of the line I'm on! I agree with you there! Using Opera 7.1
  2. quote:Originally posted by tirediron:As Prime mentioned, the Legend screen problem is a known issue, and judging by the posts here, affects at least 50% of Legends by the 12-18 month mark. In almost all cases, it is caused by the ribbon cable working loose, and having poor/no connection with one or more of the connectors for the actual display. Garmin will fix this, and even if the unit is no longer under warranty, it's still cheaper to have them do it then to buy a new one. There was a thread in here a few months ago where someone described how to repair this ribbon cable yourself; I couldn't find it, but it sounds a little dodgy to me anyway! I have a hard time believing that the ribbon cables are just "working themselves loose". Are you sure it isn't being caused from abuse, like dropping the unit a couple of times? I can see how that would dislodge the cable, but just using the unit gently shouldn't cause the problem. Using Opera 7.1
  3. Is GiGi like the only girl on this board?? Using Opera 7.1
  4. Cool! Looks like a fun GPS. Have fun Using Opera 7.1
  5. *Gulp* I just bought a Legend too.... I wonder if I made the wrong decision now. I'm hearing a lot about the screen problems on this board now. Using Opera 7.1
  6. My dad has a Garmin GPS III+, and on the satellite page, it has the regular E.P.E reading, but also a D.O.P or Dilusion of Precision reading too. I guess it measures the satellite geometry quality. I always thought this was a pretty cool feature, and for some reason, none of the new Garmin units have it anymore... Why did Garmin stop including it?? Using Opera 7.1
  7. quote:Originally posted by DavidL:Guys/Gals: Why multiple of the same unit? For you and your spouse? And why not sell the units? Lot's of reasons. When I take friends along geocaching who don't have GPS's, they can borrow my extra gps. Also, I can use the second GPS as a "slave" if you will. I can use it normally without the worry of it getting scratched or beaten. Using Opera 7.1
  8. Cool thanks! My previous Etrex Venture couldn't get waas, but then again, I didn't wait very long for it. Hopefully my legend will. Using Opera 7.1
  9. Try finding caches on the side of mountains and in heavy foliage where the GPS hardly even works. Sure some geocache finds are easy, but some are downright hard! Using Opera 7.1
  10. The basic etrex is an amazing unit. It's incredibly well made for the price and its got plenty of features to keep you busy for a long time. I have two of them too! I just think of them as disposible units (not literally of course) that I can use without worrying about scratches and stuff. Excellent all-around gps's though! Using Opera 7.1
  11. Depending on what version mapsource software you have, there is an option on the "open from GPS" menu to download tracks. Click on the icon up top with the arrow pointing away from the GPS. In the dialog box that pops up, there will be a checkbox next to "tracks". Make sure its checked. Click "Open" at the bottom of the dialog box and it should transfer to your computer. Using Opera 7.1 [This message was edited by volks_ev71 on July 27, 2003 at 02:30 PM.] [This message was edited by volks_ev71 on July 27, 2003 at 02:31 PM.]
  12. hahaha. I thought I was crazy having three GPS's but I guess you are the craziest lol I have: 2 Garmin Etrex Yellows 1 Garmin Legend Using Opera 7.1
  13. At what angle above the horizon is the pacific coast WAAS satellite when using GPS in California? Any idea? Using Opera 7.1
  14. I read another thread about the Etrex legend having a problem with the internals moving around a little when the side buttons were pressed This one. Well, I had the same thing happen on my Venture before I returned it. Is it actually a problem?? I know some people don't have it, and some people do. It's rather annoying (which is why I returned it), but is it normal?? thx Using Opera 7.1 [This message was edited by volks_ev71 on July 26, 2003 at 08:36 PM.]
  15. I had the exact same problem with my Etrex Venture! The internal circuit board would move around if I pushed the side buttons. It started to annoy me after about a day, so I returned it, hassle free. Waiting for my Legend right now. Hopefully it doesn't have the same problem! Using Opera 7.1
  16. I had a venture before my Legend (which is still on its way) and I liked it up until I found a problem with it. Most likely just a problem on my particular GPS unit, but the internal circuit board was loose and I could feel it every time I pushed a button on the side of the unit. So anyway, I returned it, hassle-free (thank you amazon.com) and got a Legend for only $30 more. The added americas highway basemap and increased memory is well worth the extra money. Spend a little bit more and get the Legend if you can. Using Opera 7.1
  17. Elevation on my Etrex yellow is pretty accurate. Depending on the EPE, I'll get readings +/- 20 feet of real elevation. That is plenty accurate for most use. Unless you are making benchmarks, 40 feet off isn't that big of a deal. Using Opera 7.1
  18. Which are you home to, and explain why in your reply. Using Opera 7.1
  19. Perfect! Wow, some extra information too. Thanks a lot! Using Opera 7.1
  20. A friend of mine had a Garmin GPS III+ which had the diagnostic program built in to the unit, accessed by holding down "enter/mark" button and then pressing power button. Is there a key combination like this to access this function on the etrex??? Also, what is the master reset key combination? T.I.A. Using Opera 7.1
  21. Amazon.com has some seriously good prices! The etrex yellow is $99. The etrex legend is $169.00. The etrex venture is $129.00, and shipping is free on all GPS units. The only one I found overpriced is the Etrex Vista. It's $300, but amazon can change their price if you find a lower price somewhere else. Pretty cool. The customer service is awesome, returns are easy and reliable, and shipping is dependable. Using Opera 7.1
  22. Thanks for all of the info! I was so stuck on whether or not I should just fork out the extra $100 for the vista, but $100 is just too much money considering that I could buy a compass at the store for $5. And the satellite calculated altitude on any Garmin GPS i've had has been very accurate so... Anyway, the legend is on its way, I can't wait to start using it. Using Opera 7.1
  23. Tahoe Skier5000

    Gecko GPS

    I think I may know whats causing the distance errors. I know when I go geocaching with my etrex yellow, and I lose satellite signals, once it regains a lock, it trys to find my position again. While it tries to find my position, it guesses where you are in a certain area, making the track log jump around until the gps settles on a fixed position. If you lose signals often, or for a long period of time, the GPS may not know exactly where you are right away once it re-acquires. Just a guess, but I notice that when I lose signals often on a cache hike, the distances are further and further in error. If I maintain signals all of the time, like when Im driving, the distance is extremely accurate, more so than my car odometer! Using Opera 7.1
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