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  1. It doesn't... you must tell the GPS that you want to detour. The menu on the route page has an option for "detour". Hit that and it asks you how long of a detour you want... I hit "2 miles" and it planned a new route that ended up about 2 miles up from where I detoured from on the same road! It was soo cool! ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V [This message was edited by volks_ev71 on August 15, 2003 at 12:28 PM.]
  2. You have made a wise decision dzavetsky! You will absolutely love the V. I just got mine two days ago and keep finding all these cool things it can do. By the way, did you get the deluxe package, or just the regular V?? ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V
  3. I had to go to the market today so I decided to bring the G5 with me. On the way back, I decided to take the back way to my house when I came upon road construction on the street... I had never used the detour function on the G5 before so I thought this would be good practice. Before I even got close to the work site, it had planned another route for me that was completely accurate! The distances were all precise and the route made sense. This is one smart little gps. ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V
  4. Yes it is. I sent you an email. ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V
  5. quote:Originally posted by TahoeJoe:I also live in South Shore and I have a Magellan Map 330. I normally only get WASS when I’m up on a mountain top or ridge with an unobstructed view of the west or east. Lake Tahoe Geocacher Cool! Where abouts on the South Shore? I'm out in christmas valley. ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V
  6. quote:Originally posted by Dave_W6DPS:Well, I was in the South Lake Tahoe area last week and did not manage to get any WAAS satellite reception. Down here in Southern California I usually have very little problem getting WAAS info. I don't know if it is the mountains, the altitude, or the latitude, but it was a big difference. (I did still manage to find 4 out of 4 caches I had time to look for... ) Dave_W6DPS _My two cents worth, refunds available on request._ (US funds only) Did you visit #623 by chance?? ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V
  7. hahahahaha, thats too funny. ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V
  8. quote:Originally posted by dzavetsky:I, too, am debating what to do.... I just bought a Legend, but it is going back for one of the following: Vista, V or a 76s... From what I can tell, the 76s is almost identical to the Vista on many things: same memory (24mb), very similar size, same waterproff rating, diaplay size is almost the same (the 76s has a .5 inch wider screen, so SLIGHTLY larger).... The big diff seems to be the type of antennae... Then there is the V....that autorouting and onscreen direction stuff is cool.... The big question for me is pay $150 more for 6mb less memory but autorouting or buy the Vista with 24mb and no autorouting....or pay $60 more and get the 76s, with the different antennae.... Hmmmmmmmm. Trust me and many others on this board... GET THE GPS V! You won't believe how nice it is. The autorouting is the essential piece! Without it, you might as well keep your Legend. I'm telling you, you will not regret your purchase of a Garmin V. They are simply perfect IMO. GPSDiscount is a great company to buy from too. I got my V deluxe for $407 with a free t-shirt. ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V
  9. Here is one with a 60 mile journey. Looks absolutely insane and awesome at the same time! I would love to do it someday. Toothy Travel Bug Cache ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V
  10. n/a [This message was edited by volks_ev71 on August 14, 2003 at 11:21 PM.]
  11. quote:Originally posted by Bluehook:Made me realize 2 things: 1) how many losers out there really needed to get a hobby. 2) how many losers in here really need to get a life. I sense profound intelligence from this one. ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V
  12. quote:Originally posted by dzavetsky:Does this mean that I can upload the route it plots on Metroguide and it will use those waypoints on my Legend (I know it wont give directions ,but will it keep all that info??) If not, can I print out the route info so that I can take that with me?? I cant seem to figure out how to print that info..... What I am looking to do is save that list of "left turn, roght turn" someohow to accompany my Legend....print would be fine, although it would be nice to have that accessible on the Legend as well.... Anyone?? I believe Metroguide does support auto-routing. ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V
  13. I'd recommend the III+. It's built a lot better than the etrex's! You won't regret it once you get it. ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V [This message was edited by volks_ev71 on August 14, 2003 at 05:50 PM.]
  14. Auto-routing is incredible, and Garmin really did a nice job with the GPS V in this aspect! I love how it can plan a detour and recalculate if you take a wrong turn. This feature is totally worth the money in my opinion! I mean, what good is a road GPS if it can't give you turn-by-turn directions?! ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V
  15. I am selling this only because I upgraded to another GPS and don't need this one anymore. It has been used for less than 30 minutes at the most and it's in brand new shape (just bought it three weeks ago!). No scratches; comes with lanyard, quickstart guide, owners manual, and even 2 batteries to get you started. I am willing to sell for $70. If you are interested, please let me know! ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V
  16. I've been pretty surprised with how easy the unlock and registration process is. Lots of codes, but they made it pretty straightforward. This is a seriously nice GPS though! ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V
  17. haha, I was actually going to say that in my post, but yeah it does smell very good! I just took it for a drive and it is SO awesome! I love the recalculation feature, and the fact that you can fully customize just about everything. Such a perfect unit... ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V (soon to come) [This message was edited by volks_ev71 on August 13, 2003 at 10:18 PM.] [This message was edited by volks_ev71 on August 13, 2003 at 10:19 PM.]
  18. I am soooooo happy I got this gps!! It's amazing how much stuff comes with the deluxe package. GPSdiscount is also a great company for any of you who wish to buy a gps in the future. I got the unit in less than 2 days with 3 day shipping and even got a free t-shirt with the order! Anyway, for all of you who talked me into being patient and to save up for the V, I thank you. Now to get started using it... ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V
  19. If you have the money, get a Volkswagen Touareg. Absolutely top of the line plushness inside with impeccable build quality. Not to mention they come with a turbo diesel engine option that gets very good gas mileage. ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V (soon to come)
  20. made me appreciate tax money ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V (soon to come)
  21. The difference is huge when you're talking about quad helix to patch, i.e. etrex to GPS III+. I have never lost satellite lock on my III+ and use it through the dense forest's of lake tahoe most of the time. I used to lose signal whenever I got under a tree with the etrex. They just don't have a powerful enough antenna for foliage conditions. ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V (soon to come)
  22. Quad helix is light years ahead of patch antennas when it comes to reception. I use a III+ now and have never lost satellite lock in the forest (and I live in lake tahoe!). My other etrex's could only dream of this. Get a GPS with a quad helix if you plan on doing a lot of forest caches. ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V (soon to come)
  23. quote:Originally posted by wickedsprint:Do you always turn on your gps to see where you woke up..haha...just send thay thing to lowrance, sure they will fix it, since I am guessing neither of us are qualified. You mean you don't sleep with your gps everynight?? ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V (soon to come)
  24. Is it a stick-on version? In other words, does it use the adhesive pads to stick on your dashboard? or are they the suction cup types? Lastly, is their any worry about UV damage after awhile from sitting in direct sunlight? ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V (soon to come)
  25. Human traffic essentially... You are disturbing the animals and their habitat and destroying nature by just walking around. () I know its a lame rule, but whats even worse is when some other treehugger putz removes your cache without telling you and throws it away! It's happened to me before. ----------------------------------------------------------- N38 49.027 W120 01.064 Garmin V (soon to come)
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