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  1. The Pick Me Up Geocoins are now here! All the pre-sale orders have been sent. Some Extra coins still available at PolarDesign.se
  2. This week we did get sweet surprise in the mail box Some trade Turtles and a Mystery coin :o wow that was BIG surprise FUN Thanks for al
  3. I did get these fabulous coins in the mail thanks for the trade
  4. I did find more Birka I had forgotten about..
  5. Yesterday I got a lovely dragon spinner from Netherlands, I was surprised how fast it got to Sweden and I can´t ceep my eyes from the dragon. Beautiful coin. Thanks for the trade.
  6. I would love to trade for: -Dragon spinner -Spirit of Geocaching -Bad mojo 2007 -Future Geocoin -Pure. Geocoins by Sepp and Berta -And turtles in any shape and style ( We got real ones at home so they need company ) (I have now traded for earth turtle blue/silver 2008 and Artist Edition Honu turtle and the Satin Nickel Artist's Edition I´m still looking for more turtles different colors/shapes) *love* I got some Birka, Swedish moose and bewitched coins to trade with. Thanks
  7. Aw they are gorgeous good work!
  8. Fun competition here is my glowing ghost who is doomed to give good luck and good karma to the ones who needs it best.
  9. My true hearts desire is "The Spirit Of Caching" info@silverkonst.se (Designer of the Birka coin)
  10. Here you go a bunch from Sweden. (I want to stand outside of this cointest because I am the wife of MCB , but I share the photos anyway ) A big visit outside around the corner.. I wish I did have a better camera with me insted of a mobile camera It looks like he say boo! and scares the other one to jump. Can he see me? He looked and gave me that expression ..like.. na na na -you can not catch me..
  11. .. I can´t hardly wait, its a pain.. I want em now .. they say it will be in the end of May ... probably... 30 May.
  12. Oh my I don´t use to win anything wow Thank you so much :D This will be a tresure to hold tight a coin from Keewee :) Long way to travel here fairyhoney: Thanks, I will try my best to practise english And no not yet, the snow is still here
  13. Nenne_

    I GOT IT!

    Congratulations Naomi :D
  14. Good design, tastefully design - catch my attention. ...but I also like ( B ). .. I don´t mind re-minted..IF something is different.. Like different color... thats like being a new one, and could be in a set.
  15. Hi Im René from Sweden, new on this but hooked My husband started this in the family I din´t know what he was doing, the kids did know I was a "muggler" at first so well I could not be the only one in the family not knowing whats going on here.... So I did go for a treasure trip.. I did think, -Oh well what the heck! Let's try this out and see what this is all about.. My first traditional Cache was December 26, 2007 What a rush! Loved it! I go with my husband MotoCyckleBoi. I'm not so good at it yet but I am a getting there I love to compete with my husband and kids to see who will find the treasure first I have only found three chaces.. but I promise it will be more But it's a start -right? Traditional Caches [3] Geocoins 3 I am making my own design of a coin to... I admit I'm totally sold out in coins...well I am a Jewelery designer and a graphics's, web, AD etc.. so it falls pretty natural for me to be totally lost in things who is beautifully designed I'm like a bird called in Sweden "Korp" or Raven? .. who LOVES all things who got a shine and glitter to it so.. I will go hunting for those treasures here around, its hard up here in the north to find many with all the snow thow... its not fun. I can´t wait for the summer to come. I am also werry shy and English is not my first lingua so It's hard to write good.. Hope you can understand some of my scribbles... se ya Nenne_
  16. Nice ones lovely design
  17. Great work Nenne_! Thanks
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