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  1. <3 <3 <3 <3 Exactly what I was looking for.. too bad it took me years of caching before I found this.. But at least I managed to snag a bunch of FTFs in the process!! Thanks for the help!!!
  2. Very curious - I always hear of people being out-and-about when a new cache just 'pops up', or hear of others that are sitting at home and jump up when a new cache is published... Is there a way to be immediately notified (either via e-mail or text or whatnot) when a new cache in a particular area or region is published? The only way I know of is to manually check as often as possible from a computer/smartphone, or to wait until the Weekly Groundspeak e-mail is sent out (and this obviously takes much longer! I'd never be FTF using that method..). Please help! I would love to be able to know immediately when a new cache is published in my town or nearby, if there is any way this is possible I would love to hear advice. Of course if you live in my area you probably wouldn't want to help, less competition for a FTF... THANKS!!
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