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  1. Yes, there is a collection of images, but not by GC.com. And some of the geocoins are not travel bugs. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  2. Speaking of patches, check out the GeoCache Badge by Thredworks. They did a great job. You can download the design for free. (I came across the patch when I was checking out brdad's Public Domain Geocaching Logo site. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching [This message was edited by FISUR on June 14, 2003 at 05:05 AM.]
  3. Here in Rhode Island, there is The Vin Gormley Trail Multicache System with 5 caches over an 8 mile loop. It makes for a very nice adventure. (Off topic comment: agentjack, that's a great avatar!) FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  4. And don't forget WaldenRun. He always goes without a GPS, and I believe he has the most finds in Massachusetts. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  5. Traveling Jones, take a look at the Geocaching.com Logo Usage Guidelines. Also check out Big Bad Trucker's Geonickel Site which has some suggestions concerning wooden geonickels. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching.
  6. FISUR


    The first geocoins were created by Moun10Bike. Some geocoins are made to be tracked if you wish (e.g., Moun10Bike, USA, Texas, Oregon, Canada, Wanderingdragon), some are not intended to be tracked (e.g, Team FISUR, Crusso), some can be purchased (e.g., Green Man, Joy of Geocaching, USA, Texas, Canada), some are homemade (e.g., MountainMudBug, MJK, HeadLlama), some are wooden (e.g., GeoVamp, Big Bad Trucker, Bazzle), and some may be better described as geotokens (e.g., SpiderTracks). Some are tracked directly through geocaching.com (e.g., Moun10Bike, USA). For more information and more examples, see the Geocoin Designs section of our home page. Team FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  7. Re Stickers: In addition to the geocaching.com stickers, check out the stickers by skydiver. Rhode Island Geocaching
  8. Khlash, I don't believe that there is a normal or average lifespan. Some caches have been in existence for years. Others have only lasted a few days. The lifespan depends on a variety of factors (e.g., cache location, how well it is hidden, cache maintenance, natural disasters, etc.). FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  9. Man, this is not working for me today.
  10. Aardvark's collection is quite impressive. For additional examples of signature items, check out the Geo-Creations and Geocoin Designs sections of our home page. Team FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  11. See below [This message was edited by FISUR on May 16, 2003 at 03:41 PM.]
  12. What's in your geocaching library? Here a few books which I have read due to my interest in geocaching: (1) Be Expert with Map & Compass by Bjorn Kjellstrom, (2) SAMS Teach Yourself HTML and XHTML in 24 Hours by Dick Oliver, and (3) Walks and Rambles in Rhode Island by Ken Weber. I would appreciate any recommendations for my next geo-book. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  13. Neither rain nor mud will keep a Rhode Island geocacher from his/her appointed CITO event. Rhode Island Geocaching
  14. The Corner Corner for state boundary points. Lots of good coordinates. Rhode Island Geocaching
  15. quote:Originally posted by Captain Chaoss:In our area, there are a lot of cachers with a signature item they leave. I'm currently trying to come up with one of my own, but was just wondering what others found interesting, worth collecting, or annoying. Check out the geocoins and other geo-creations sections of our home page for some ideas. One of the latest additions to the list is Little Boy Geo. Rhode Island Geocaching
  16. Oops. I thought this was a "Took Nothing" Geocaching thread. Rhode Island Geocaching
  17. Oops! [This message was edited by FISUR on April 16, 2003 at 06:10 PM.]
  18. Here's a link to our list of Rhode Island's Best and Unique Geocaches. Rhode Island Geocaching
  19. rag-a-muffin: Very Nice! Please drop a couple of picks off a bit further north (like New England). FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  20. quote:Originally posted by Mopar:I think the RI deal involved something they were trying to sell. The Team FISUR/Rhode Island Geocoins have never been for sale. We received approval from Groundspeak for the coins with the modified logo (with the RI anchor). After Groundspeak received updated legal advice concerning the the geocaching.com logo, they notified us that we were not authorized to make more of the same coins. So the for-sale vs. not-for-sale distinction appears to be misplaced. Please learn from my misfortune. Good luck on your logo design. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  21. Or look here to see links to a variety of different geocaching items. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  22. We'd also be interested in trading a couple of Team FISUR/Rhode Island Geocoins for a couple or Texas geocoins and/or for a couple of soon-to-be-issued Oregon geocoins. (One geocoin to keep and one to place in a cache.) If anyone (including Nurse Dave) is interested, please e-mail us as well. Thanks. Team FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  23. If you can't find your GPSr and still want to combine the outdoors and a couple of drinks, check out your local Hash House Harriers, a drinking club with a running problem. Rhode Island Geocaching
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