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    Missouri Geocoin

    Are you talking about this one? If so, we had the same question a couple of months ago. We located the creator who indicated that this geocoin, although numbered, is not trackable. He said ''just collect or trade''. So it's up to you. Hope this helps. Team FISUR
  2. Rhode Island Geocaching by Team FISUR. Featuring the following pages for geocachers from all parts of the world: Geocoin Designs (a Geocoin Database), and Geo-Creations (a Signature Item Database) Team FISUR
  3. In Rhode Island: 1. Heritage Park Cache: The Battle of Rhode Island took place in the area on August 29, 1778. Among those receiving commendations was the First Rhode Island Regiment which at the time was a nearly all-black unit. 2. Fort Barton Geocache: A plaque near the park entrance indicates that in 1777 the site was fortified by the colonial army to defend against British troops then occupying Aquidneck Island, and from here was launched an ill-fated invasion in 1778, which came to be known as the Battle of Rhode Island. 3. Stillhouse Cove: This virtual is near the site of the burning of the HMS Gaspee, a British ship, on June 9, 1772. Happy Independence Day, FISUR
  4. FISUR


    shootah: There are two geocoins which are trackable on geocaching.com as travel bugs (i.e., Moun10Bike and USA geocoins). There are a number of other geocoins which are trackable on other sites (e.g., Texas, California, Canada, Alabama, Oregon, Conejo Cachers, CrimsonWrath, GeoNap, etc.). Many other geocoins or geotokens are signature items that are not intended to be tracked (e.g, Crusso, FISUR, Oreo Cookies, MountainMudBug, etc.) For more information, check out the Geocoin Designs section of our home page. Hope this helps. Team FISUR
  5. Our favorites: 1. Geocoin Designs (By Team FISUR, et al.). 2. Geo-Creations (a Signature Item Database by Team FISUR). 3. Rhode Island Geocaching (By Team FISUR) We know the guys who created those web sites, and we think they're great. Respectfully submitted, Team FISUR
  6. FISUR


    Team Solo: The most recent ones for sale appear to be from the Alabama Geocachers Association. There's only a few left in stock. In addition to the the USA geocoins, check out the Canada and Texas geocoins. Don't forget the Green Man and Joy of Geocaching geocoins. And also check out the wooden ones at Traveler Tags. Links to these geocoins can be found in the Geocoin Designs section of our home page. Hope this helps. FISUR
  7. habercacher: Extremely nice!
  8. In addition to the travel bug option, check out Traveler Tags. It looks like you can get tag numbers for your geocoins and track them through that site. FISUR
  9. E-mail address sent. Thanks!
  10. Great patches! Who is the geocacher who places them?
  11. Some Geocaching Awards for your viewing pleasure.
  12. We've been patiently waiting to see a good quality image of the Missouri (or is it Kansas City?) geocoin so we can add it to the Geocoins Designs section of our home page. (We found one image, but it was a bit out of focus.) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Team FISUR
  13. FISUR


    Central: The 1st known geocoin was released on 30-September-2001 by Moun10Bike. Since then, there have been a lot of other Geocoin Designs and Tokens out there. Some can be purchased, some are home made, some are trackable (on GC.com or other sites), and some are nothing more than signature items. FISUR
  14. Maybe I'm missing something, but I think these awards are a great way to recognize the good work of fellow geocachers. It also gives area geocachers some recommendations on how to spend a nice day. That's why we have a section in our home page called Rhode Island's Best and Unique Geocaches. FISUR
  15. (1) poppagoth's Question: ''So is it unusable because of the anchor instead of the flag, or/and because it is round?'' Answer: Both. Groundspeak no longer authorizes any changes whatsoever to its logo. (2) JeepCachr's Question: ''So whats the cost involved in having coins made? This is a really cool signature item. I would love to trade these.'' We used militarychallengecoins.com (aka: wemakecoins.com) for the Team FISUR Geocoins. The 1st 100 cost a little over $4.00 per coin which included payment for the die. Once you have the die, the next set will cost less. If you get the coins individually numbered or want special edging, that'll cost you more. Check out Moun10Bike's home page for some information as to where he had his geocoins made. (3) Barefoot: If you are looking for barefoot ideas, check out the Trudger Foot from Ohio: Team FISUR
  16. This is the Team FISUR geocoin: We have one left which we may release as a travel bug. We're working on a design for a new geocoin since we can't use the die for the colored side again. This is because Groundspeak no longer authorizes alterations to its logo. The reason has to do with trademark law issues. If you want to see more signature items, check out the Geo-Creations section of our home page. Team FISUR
  17. I geocache with the kids all the time. Our general rule is that each child has the opportunity to take something and then leave one or more items. My main exception is when there are numerous identical signature items in a cache (such as finders buttons). In such cases, we usually only take one of those signature items, ensuring that there will be others available for the next cachers. FISUR
  18. As Planet suggested, send us an image of your girlfriend's signature item for placement in the Geo-Creations section of our home page. And post an image here. Also check out the latest additions to our Geocoin Designs section. We've been extremely impressed with the latest geocoins out there. Evidentally, some people already are ''upping the ante''.
  19. Nice stamp, nice design, nice graphics. Three thumbs up!
  20. If you're looking for pre-made geocoins, check out the wooden nickels from Traveler Tags. If you're interested in designing a wooden geocoin and then having them made by a company, check out the advice from Big Bad Trucker. Moun10Bike also provides information about his wooden geocoins. In addition, take a look at the laser engraved geotokens by Mr. Snazz. Other wooden geocoins appear to be handmade based upon supplies from craft stores. For examples, see the geotokens by Beatnik and Myarch. Some time ago, Myarch provided instructions on how to create them with applique film. Hope this helps. FISUR
  21. One of my favorite geo-creations is a travel bug called Little Boy Geo by Ruprex (Clothes by Joani). That kid cracks me up. FISUR
  22. In regard to geocaching trading cards, check out (1) Fredric's Cache Cards, and (2) Creekbed Trading Cards. There are also finder pins that are unique to a cache such as the Chargoggagoggmanchauggauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg finders pin. For some other nice signature items, go here or here. Hope this helps. FISUR
  23. FISUR

    Geo Coins

    Shop99er: Geocoins are basically any geocaching related coins or tokens. Some geocoins can be purchased (e.g., Texas, Canada, Green Man), some are homemade (e.g., MountainMudBug) , some are trackable on geocaching.com (e.g., USA, Moun10Bike) or other internet sites (e.g., California, Conejo Cachers), and some are just meant to be collected (e.g., Team FISUR). Many are signature items (e.g., Team Oreo Cookies). For examples, see the section of our home page entitled Geocoin Designs. Hope you find one. FISUR
  24. Do a google/yahoo search for challenge coins and/or custom poker chips. Team FISUR: Made at Quality Challenge Coins (www.wemakecoins.com) Moun10Bike and Wanderingdragon: Made at D & R Military Specialties (www.militaryspecialties.com) USA, Oregon, and California geocoins: Made at Pressed Metal Products (www.pressedmetal.net). If you want to use the approved geocaching.com logo, this place might be cost effective since they already have die for one side of the coin. GeoNap: Possibly made at MTM Coins (www.honorcoins.com) Vacman: Made at KVCoins (www.kvcoins.com) Crusso: Made at www.pokerchips.com MountainMudbug: Directions for Polymer Clay Geocoins (www.geocities.com/graphixoutpost/geocoins.html) Big Bad Trucker: Made at Old Time Wooden Nickel Company (www.wooden-nickel.com). Also see Big Bad Trucker's pointers in regard to wooden nickels (http://members.fortunecity.com/geonickel) Myarch: Find instructions for Myarch's wooden geotokens at www.geocities.com/team_fisur/geocoins/page17/make/make.html FISUR
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