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  1. quote:Originally posted by RedShoesGirl: There was another site that had a huge number of items, he wrote me and asked if he could use a picture of mine on his site. And of course I do not remember who or where. But it is outthere. :-) RedShoesGirl, how could you forget about me and my team's home page? (Oh, how sad it is to be forgotten by the desert people.) FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  2. I'm not sure, but you might be referring to El Diablo's Geocaching Hiking Sticks. Rhode Island Geocaching
  3. Moun10Bike's geocoins are probably one of the most sought after cache items in the geocaching community. It's not surprising that many of them don't travel that far, especially since Moun10Bike often provides the option to keep them. Rhode Island Geocaching
  4. Very nice!!!!! Rhode Island Geocaching
  5. For more examples of GeoTokens by Spidertracks, go here. Rhode Island Geocaching
  6. Awang, my 1st GPSr was a Magellan 315, and although it is easy to use, I recall that the manual could have been a bit clearer, especially for a novice. So I purchased a short video for that GPSr through Cabela's (see cabelas.com). The video may also be available where you purchased your 315. I found it helpful. Good luck. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  7. plepper, if you want more information on brdad's Maine Sights CD, go here. It is a very nice and unique signature item. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  8. quote:Originally posted by RobertM:Does it matter? Who's counting anyway? 1. Does it matter? Not really. But it is one of the many fun aspects of geocaching, at least for some. 2. Who's counting? A lot of people. But once again, it's just for fun. No need to get irked about it. There's plenty of room in the geocaching community for the cache-counters, the extreme cachers, the tech-freaks, the tech-geeks, the TNLN'ers, the puzzle-cachers, the geocoiners, the benchmarkers, the where's-george'ers, the travel-bug-fans, etc. Just enjoy yourself. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  9. You may want to send an email to TCoin, the geocacher who left the Tcoin. What's does the Tcoin look like? Could you post an image? Rhode Island Geocaching [This message was edited by FISUR on March 02, 2003 at 08:12 AM.]
  10. And look here. Rhode Island Geocaching
  11. USA! USA! We just received the USA geocoins! One will be going into a geocache in Rhode Island this weekend on the occasion of our 100th find (weather permitting). Rhode Island Geocaching
  12. Pardon the interruption, as I am not from the United Kingdom, but I thought the following might be helpful to Faye, Brad, and others: Based upon updated legal advise, Groundspeak will only provide permission for the use of its geocaching logo in its pristine condition. In other words, you can't make any changes to the logo. The soon to be issued USA Geocoin appears to have such a pristine logo. Logos by fellow geocachers which are available for modification can be found at brdad's Public Domain Geocaching Logo Site. You might find some ideas here. Customized poker chips and wooden nickels are a cost effective option to consider (see, e.g., Big Bad Trucker's GeoNickel). That being said, I would love to see a geocoin from the United Kingdom. Good luck. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  13. Grandmaster, When you're ready, send us an e-mail. We're willing to swap two for two. You can place one in a cache and keep one for yourself if you wish. We look forward to seeing your design. Team FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  14. See ClayJar's Geocaching Chat Room. Rhode Island Geocaching
  15. Northern-Lights, there are a number of different companies that you can turn to for personalized geocoins. Do an internet search for "challenge coin", "poker chip", or "wooden nickel". And if you conduct a Groundspeak forum search under the word "geocoins", you'll see several references to companies that have been used in the past. (We'll email you some specific company names.) If you are interested in bronze coins, be prepared to spend about $4 per coin for the first set since you'll have to pay for the production of the die. The next set of bronze coins will cost substantially less. On 10/06/02, Groundspeak indicated that it would make a die available for one side of the coin with a geocaching.com logo. This should make the initial expense much less, but we're not aware of that die being made available yet. You might want to check with Groundspeak. Plastic and wooden geocoins are a good, less expensive alternative. Don't veto plastic or wood before taking a good look at that option. There are some nice ones out there. Also, don't limit your imagination to geocoins. There a lot of other geo-creations to consider, such as keychains, pouches, calling cards, pins, magnets, patches, photo CDs, even desiccant packs and eggs. One final word, if you plan on using the geocaching.com trademark design on any side of the coin, be sure to check with Groundspeak. If you're looking for some ideas, check out the images of geocoins and other geo-creations on our home page. Good luck, Team FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  16. There are several relatively new geocoins out there in addition to the USA Geocoin, including those by Wanderingdragon and Big Bad Trucker. You can see images of these coins and others in the Geocoin Designs Section of our home page. We'd be very happy to find any one of the geocoins in a cache. Team FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  17. Our home page, Rhode Island Geocaching, has two new sections Geocoin Designs and Other Geo-Creations. Here you'll find some very interesting signature items from various parts of the world. We're always looking for additional images to add to these sections, so we'd appreciate any input from the geocaching community. Thanks. Team FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  18. Or you can try these fake rocks. I don't know anything about the company, but they seem to have quite a selection of rocks. Rhode Island Geocaching
  19. It was so cold today that instead of geocaching, we updated the Geo-Creations Section of our home page. Team FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  20. Our picks for the best and otherwise unique, so far, can be found here. Cache On, Team FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  21. I just checked out a few locked threads and discovered that the most memorable thread of 2002, at least in my memory, is closed: 'A logo for the rest of us?' which was started by The Leprechauns. So I guess it can be an honor to have a thread locked. Good job Leprechauns! FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  22. Magellan, although of Portuguese descent, sailed his ships under the Spanish flag. So I think your Magellan will be fine in Spain. The Magellan 315 is pretty easy to use. If you have any problems getting the hang of it before your trip, just come back here with questions and someone will quickly help you out. Good luck, FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  23. quote:Originally posted by FireCacher:. . . What gives, this is just as much our sport as it is Jeremy's and the geocaching.com site's sport. The site needs us to place, hunt, and log caches, we need the site to place, hunt and log caches. . . . FireCacher, you don't "need" geocaching.com to place caches. Here's what you can do: Open a personal home page entitled "FireCacher's Geocaches", post your caches there, and submit your site to the well known search engines and web rings. You won't get as many visitors to your caches, but you'll likely have a lot of fun with it. Home pages are surprisingly easy to put together, even for idiots like me. That being said, I have the impression that geocaching.com is reasonable in approving caches and dealing with the concerns of the geocaching community. Just my opinion. FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  24. I recently read a summary of the Geoscouting Program (High Tech Treasure Hunting) at the Yawgoog Scout Reservation. I've never been a boy scout, but I thought it was interesting. (I came across the program from a link at Don's (aka: Johnny_Cache's) Geocaching Site.) Happy New Year, FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
  25. Or you can decide not to get a GPSr at all, like WaldenRun from Massachusetts who has found over 500 caches without one. (As for me, I just got a SporTrak Map for Christmas. Looking forward to experiencing WAAS. ) FISUR Rhode Island Geocaching
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