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  1. Is there any place where we have a list of How many new virtuals per country?
  2. No there will be no relics to move. The thing is to create a letterbox underwater under a mussel artificial structure in north of spain. There is a huge chain attaching the structure to the floor of the sea and a wreck. The place is nice with a lot of starfish, swarm of fish and octopus.
  3. The problem with a multi with the final coordenate in land is that here people like the easy way so in a few days the land coordenate will be divulgated and everyone will go only to the final point. And since it is logged there i can't refuse the log online. In terms of number of people visiting the geocache it is not a problem i am used to it already and i prefer that way my idea was to find something like https://www.google.pt/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwj8w5DIocfcAhXJx4UKHUnOD4UQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.laceramicaantica.org%2Fanfore-eta-romana%2F&psig=AOvVaw3GVSXuW-u_1BAO_qEzFjB0&ust=1533055127330204 And attach it to a place under with waterprof logbook or something like a shell to log you nick name with a pencil. What do you both think?
  4. It will be done to be logged underwater, since it will be 16 meters under. The container will be obvious, and i will have to think about living something there or not.
  5. Hi you all, i have a doubt about scuba diving geocaches. I got my Open Water Certification so i will start doing some scuba dives. So i was wondering if there were many caches of this type. I have seen quite a few already. But then i though that in the few dives i already performed i have found some pretty interesting places, so why not identificate one or two with a geocache? But then it came to my mind that i don't want to contribute to the deterioration of the ocean/sea. So no plastic containers will be used, and then i though maybe a ceramic container will be fine for the job. But i am not an expert in ocean life so i don't know if it will harm the sea or not. Anyone can help me with that? Is there any type of container that can be left in the ocean without any problem? What is your thoughs about this topic. Cheers, K!nder aka André
  6. I am not trying to pass over my reviewer. Because i think the reviewers in my country are great. It was just to accelerate things and to give less trouble to everyone in the process. The faster the better for everyone. No matter what the answer would be i always would comunicate that to my reviewer. But i saw that the appeal involves stating the reviewer name, and i don't want to do it because i dont know if it wont get him problems. So i will stay and wait
  7. After the first contact of the reviewer with the owner, where the reviewer express his/her concerns, and say that will try to see with GS what to do. Should the owner wait (it takes a lot of time) and probably it will be denied, because the owner has more info than the reviewer, or should the owner submit an appeal with the info first?
  8. Who submited the appeal? You or the Reviewer?
  9. Do you still have that discussion link. It seem prety interesting
  10. Yes i can made-up a story. Basically the last geocaches i have created are with a made up story, to connect the experience and the arounds with the story i invented. One of my stories was so good that suddenly pass to a book about tales from Portugal, and was said that was a tale from that village for a long time. The cache was only placed on 2011 -.-' So the authour of the book didn't made a good research about it. And even hasn't change the story she just did a copy paste of my story and placed it in her book without permission So be creative, innovative and let your mind be free. And if it will be a letterbox just tell and for sure i will put it in my watchlist.
  11. It was not me who have done it. It was made by a geocacher in Portugal that knows everything about statistics. And the value was 39,xxx% i just said 40% to be more easy. He is always doing all kind of statistics about everything.
  12. Interesting would be to know how many PTs in 2017 placed / caches in 2017 placed
  13. With time maybe i will try that around some places in Europe. Tomorrow i have work to do
  14. Are you going to do it? If so show us the results after, i am extremelly curious
  15. I am not complaining just asking for your opinion. I don't complain because i still do the type and kind of geocaches i like, the others i just pass-by if it doesn't attract me. Thats why i am doing so few geocaches right now by year I was just asking to see if it just me that see the proliferation of the PTs or is happening a little bit around the world. Another thing that i see is the creation of intensive PTs to promote the coming of geocachers to an expected Mega Event.
  16. Yes, i know there is still amazing caches being published. It is not through that point that i was asking but i was focusing more on the developing of the type of geocaching. I am still finding amazing caches but now i spent more time to filtrate them all
  17. I started in 2007 when there was only a bunch of geocaches in Portugal and not that many in the world. Now after 10 years i look to the map and see long and extensive powertrails. So i am thinking if this is the way geocaching will evolve. If this is the vision GS has for the new geocaching. For example in Portugal he have, till now, almost 40% of the caches published this year are in a PowerTrail. I have to admit that i am somehow afraid with this panorama and this evolution, because i prefer to do less geocaches but with high quality. I am not a fan of film caches along a route and stoping every 161 meters.
  18. I initiate this topic to try and discover what kind of owner are you. When i entered the game in 2007, i was teached that in general terms, geocaching was a treasure hunt where the main goal was to show a place, its history, view or particular characteristic about it. So for me in the beggining geocaching was about the place. When i start developing myself as a owner and start publishing my first geocaches i had that in mind and always tried to find that place with a WOW factor. Along the path i did at this hobby i start to get more excited when i was looking for a geocache with a physical and/or phisicological barrier. So i start looking for T5. And a while after i was more attracted to the ones i was with during the hunt and the feelings i was feeling. So as i like those kind of concepts i start to develop my new geocaches in that path. So i am not an owner focus on the place but instead i focus on the geocacher. I don't create a geocache to show a place with a great view. I prefer to show a place with something interesting but then focus on people feelings. When i am thinking about a new geocache i try to pursue one that will make geocachers experience some of the most powerful feelings. Make them fear, make them hate me, cast a spell upon me, make the angry, or with wrath. And believe they usually pass around those feelings. But at the end when they finish the geocache and look behind they will see they had surpassed some of their fears, they had gone far beyond they were expecting and then the feeling of conquer will fill them. Usually i try to finish making people feel that they acchieved something. How to? Giving geocachers a great story behind the physical space. Giving a physical and physicological challenge to them. Use something that they are not expecting, never seen in other geocache. Tools: Urban and abandone structures/Caves - Mines Using two of the most powerful geocache types we have: Wherigo and Letters - with them we can be really creative and innovate. (We should have more topics about the potential of letterboxing) What about you? What kind of owner are you? What do you think about my way of hiding?
  19. And how long does it take for you to recieve an appeal answer?
  20. I had the permission of the owner for that factory. Usually i always try to get the permission before putting something and till now i was lucky i guess. Although for this geocache there was a problem because the first permission i had it was with the wrong owner and only after that i discovered the real owner. There were more things being done there, like: paintball and photoshos
  21. This for example is an Urbex Geocache i made some years ago with a spooky story in it. Basically it was about a little young girl that felt from one of those chimneys and got burnt and her ghost is still there and you need to look for her clues. So you have to got inside mines with water, holes, under a truck scale and in the end after you visit her grave you have to pay a tribute to her taking one rose to the heaven (75 meters high chimney). Enjoy the movie a geocacher made when they went there: I love to visit this kind of geocaches so whenever i go to a diferent country i would make my goal these kind of geocaches.
  22. Howdy, i am a complete fanatic for urbex caches and adventurous geocaches so i always try to create some of my geocaches in Urbex areas with some radical part and specially with a ghost or something that scary. I can say i am somehow like a ghost hunter Do you have any experience concerning geocaches with that theme?
  23. Thank you for the help, i think i don't have any of those problems cause i don't use zones everything is in the player hidden and only with a code it turns visible. I am trying something if i can't solve i can put here the source i don't mind with that.
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