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  1. I'm curious now as to how I remove caches from my Oregon.


    I went to delete waypoints (it said I was using 3%) of waypoints, but nothing happened. I'm wondering if that just deleted the caches I had found last night? (changing them to boxes made them a waypoint?)

  2. Alright...the night is over.


    I was out for a few hours and grabbed about thirty caches. At first I was mainly getting used to how the Oregon worked and how it navigated. I found my Oregon did lock on the smaller satellites, and did show accuracy averaging 20 feet most of the time, but going into the teens a lot. Actually, even when I was in some coverage and the accuracy was at 22 feet, I was still zero'd out on the cache...and that was for multiple seconds standing over the cache location. Every cache we went too (except for a few that I know the owner purposely offsets caches) were right on the money. I didn't notice any detour or difference in that and my 60CSx model.

    Overall, after getting used to it, and setting up screens right, this is a really easy to navigate tool.


    As of right now I only have one problem with it. I can't figure out if I can, or if so, how to get this screen that the Colorado provides:




    I really would like to see the name, size, and D/T WHILE using the Compass or arrow, but all I can do is use the map feature OR the arrow feature, which looks like this:




    If anyone knows a way to get to that setting on the Oregon...let me know.


    I didn't notice a problem with the screen's display out in the sun. It was dim, and less clear than the clear screens of the Colorado and 60 series, but that was already know.

  3. This accuracy issue has completely stalled my interest in the OR for now. Thanks for all the reviews so far!

    Please be aware that we were discussing accuracy problems with the Colorado. g-o-cashers has yet to report in depth about accuracy with the Oregon. (I keep going to type Oregano).


    I am going out tonight with two other people. We will be using the 60CSx, the Colorado, and the Oregon and I am going to see how they all do, who finds the most, and what the accuracy seems to be like.

  4. So far...I absolutely love this GPS. I know that the accuracy may prove a problem (I'll find out when I cache tonight), but typically when I get within 20 feet I stop using GPS and just look with my eyes anyway.


    Until an OR user hides a cache, and the finder searches with an OR...the error can quickly get out of hand. Anybody ever tried to find a cache in a rockpile in a 40' radius? Yikes. :D


    This accuracy issue has completely stalled my interest in the OR for now. Thanks for all the reviews so far!




    Well, I know that I won't be hiding caches with this accuracy. I won't hide a cache unless the accuracy gets to 6-12 feet. I am talking more along the lines of FINDING with it. I don't know how many times I've had a GPS zero on a cache....maybe 7%?

  5. So far...I absolutely love this GPS. I know that the accuracy may prove a problem (I'll find out when I cache tonight), but typically when I get within 20 feet I stop using GPS and just look with my eyes anyway.

  6. So i have paid in advance for my new Oregon.........Did i make a mistake ????......


    I already ordered one and it should be here tomorrow. I'm nervous and anxious at the same time!

  7. I'm anxious to find a release date...as I'd like to get a new GPS soon and it is either this or the Colorado, depending on Oregon's release.

  8. I'd say a 9 or 10. I'm 22, and have a full time job plus go to school full time (I actually just graduated). I average 10 a day, stats say 50-70 a week, however I have hit a milestone (increments of 100) for the past 4 weeks. (I'm 44 away from another milestone with the whole weekend ahead). My next milestone is 1500, and I started Dec. 27th 2007. It's been 6 months today, so my average is about 500 every two months (first 500 in 2 months, second 500 in two weeks over 2 months, and the latest 500 will be 2 months if July 13th, any sooner will be less than 2 months). I have almost 60 FTFs. I just dedicate a lot of time to this sport.

  9. I guess I have become what you might call addicted.


    I work at a civil engineering company with a buddy named Brian. We were out on the job site near the Miami River, and he was talking about geocaching. What? I decided to let him show me. He took me to my first 4 caches and I was hooked. I ordered a Garmin 60CSX that day. Since then (in 6 months) I am 40 caches away from 1500, grabbing about 500 every 2 months, and have hit milestones the past 4 weekends (if I get 44 this weekend that would make 5).

  10. Hey all. I am going to Brazil in 2 weeks, to both Sao Paulo and Rio. I've only seen a few caches around, but don't know which I'll actually be able to get too. I don't know where the big Jesus statue is, but I know the group I'm going with was going to see it, is there any around there?

  11. I'm looking for the EARTHCACHE logo coin! anyone have one to sell to me?


    If you're looking for the Earthcache Masters (bronze), it's actually a pin, not a coin. To receive one you need to visit and log three (3) or more Earthcaches in two (2) or more states/countries.


    For more info go here:


    Earthcache Masters


    I've already done that, but on cointracking it shoes up as there is an earthcache coin as well.

  12. The reason I had it different than a multi is that the person could short cut through the woods, or drive to the other side of the park...they'd actually have to go on the trail. Maybe not necessarily even giving clues. Maybe something like in the beginning saying....the theme of this cache is birdnests. And so...as they go, they would look for rather odd birdnests (aka, the cache). So cords wouldn't even be given for the locations...it would be a follow the trail and see what comes about sort of thing.

  13. So...it goes through a trail of your favorite woods or something, picking up on caches along the way that you hide, and people must submit to you their file of the trail so you can see it wasn't beating around - they actual did the trail. I don't know, it was on my mind...

  14. I can offer 3 pieces of advise:


    1. RUN AWAY now before your bank account is depleted! :D

    2. Check the Groundspeak list of AUTHORIZED vendors BEFORE going crazy on Ebay. :o

    3. Check the trade thread pinned at the top of the forum. If you have a list of coins you are after, you can probably list it there and have it filled (kinda like a pharmacy). :P


    Good Luck in your quest!



    Yeah, one with everything except for a cure for the addiction, lol!


    Naomi :P


    Well, I know I'll spend a lot....but I dont think it will get too crazy. I kind of just want a few of them that characterize my fiancee, some for me, and some for us....and make a little frame for them on our wall...of how the two of us come into one. I also found a site with the "100 caches found" "500 caches found" etc. I liked that, figured I'd give myself some sort of "trophy" for my finds. I've found a few of the ones I'm after, but I'll go ahead and post in that list....thanks for the advice!

  15. the question would be why would you pick the satin over the polished?


    The strings are why I am going with the satin nickel, because that would look the most like real guitar strings, I think.


    Will someone sell me one of theirs when they get them? I only want one...

  16. So...my fiancee and I are getting into caching and coining, and my idea for right now is to get a handful that resemble me, some that resemble her, and then some for us.


    She's from Ohio so I got an Ohio one. I am from Kentucky, so I'm looking for the gold Ky one. I just won a when pigs can fly one (we are both living in cincinnati, and the town symbol is the flying pig).


    I've been to ireland, so I think I'm going to sign up for the geocoin club and get the blarney coin when it comes out. She's been to london, so I'm watching for one of these 5d69_2.JPG


    I also just ordered a 100 finds coin, figured I'd start keeping "trophies" when I get to the marks.


    So...I'm still looking for some! The gold ky one 4b8a_2.JPG, the london one, the glow in the dark virtual logo, something having to do with harry potter, or guitar, or coffee, or chicago. ANYTHING really. If you've got something for sale, please send me a picture. I'm looking for new things!

  17. if you can get WIFI in an area with your EEE........then I dont know if its really worth caching :unsure:, that seems quite Urban


    almost seems like your girl friend hiding toilet paper in the community laundry and then seeking it out for a cache


    no offense, but whats next..........a dog that fetches the caches for you? or recharge stations in the woods every 1/8 mile for the electronics?


    yay lets bring everythinggggggggg that we have in the house, to the woods......that way we can get board of the woods tooo!!!!!


    I am using the comp for, oh say if I'm on a road trip or something and out of the state, or in an area I wasn't planning on driving too. How would anyone get waypoints on their GPS without it? How do you expect to find a cache if you don't have the waypoint? Sort of a silly comment to make if you ask me.


    Besides, I'll probably bet there are just as many urban caches as there are deep in the woods, away from connection caches....but the point still is, you gotta have a way to get the points to the GPS.

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