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  1. You might be able to attach webbing (using rivets or small bolts with big washers) along the sides of your sled so you can strap your gear down. You could also take some 1" PVC pipe to replicate the poles they use (just slide the pipe over the webbing.). Not sure how you will stop them from poking you in the back.
  2. What sections of the Natchez Trace pky / trail would you recommend hiking / caching? I am looking more for scenic hiking with easy to medium difficulty (we will have our 6mo old with us). I "think" my wife and I could handle up to 10 miles round trip. We are planning on going to MS in April.
  3. I would say a small percentage belong to a local club and actively participate. I don't think clubs do enough to advertise in the local community or state. Is it possible to get a break down of active geocachers (meaning they logged an attempt in the past year) by state? Clubs could then get an idea as to how many active registered users they have registered in the club vs. how many show up on gc.com. This data might give you a better answer.
  4. Bummer... SportTracks doesn't support the CO/OR series directly. But it does allow you to export directly to Google Earth. How did you get the maps to show up in the sporttrack software?
  5. Bummer... SportTracks doesn't support the CO/OR series directly.
  6. I have a pair of salomon snowshoes. I really like the bindings. Very easy to get in and out of. Unfortunately, I don't have anything to compare them to nor do I find myself hiking in fresh snow that is deeper than 2 feet. So I don't know how they would be in fresh mountain snow.
  7. I second the use of vinyl straps or webbing. Make sure they are heavy duty. If the webbing in sewn in a loop you can easily tie a couple knots giving you a variety of lengths. If your hammock is setup with rope you may want to learn how to tie knots just in case you forget your webbing.
  8. You could try one of my www.nohandsgps.com holder. If you don't mind adding velcro to your dash the holder could serve a dual purpose. I have not tried this yet. If you want to test it out for me I will send you one free. If you like it, keep it, if you don't like it I just ask that you send it back. Email me if interested.
  9. I just found that out this weekend. I guess I can learn to live with the lack up funtionality. I wonder if the garmin designers geocache? I think you can hide found caches, correct???
  10. I have to agree. I don't need topo most of the time, but I can think of a few times in the past month it would have made finding a couple caches much easier. I do have a tough time justifying the money, but when you think about how much time you may waste not having the detail it probably is worth having (assuming you will cache once in a while on hilly or worse terrain).
  11. Some people use google maps or earth to search for caches instead of a GPS. You can enter coords and google will show you where the cache is located (accuracy is questionable.)
  12. Until I bought a CO 300 all I had was my 60c and the name of cache. I never printed anything. Then again I did not search for anything, but traditionals. Usually the name was enough of a clue. I typically only search in state and local parks, whick probably made it easier. I will admit searching this way was frustrating at times. If you are going after a lot of caches in one trip you may want to take printouts or a PDA with you. You will log fewer DNF's.
  13. Using google earth to find caches can work. I think you will spend more time searching that way. Try it a few times. I know a local guy who found a couple hundred caches that way before buying a gps. Not sure why? I recommend a color unit over a B/W. I like my 60C, but I also recently bought a CO 300.
  14. You are going to find some who like the colorado and some who like the Oregon and vice versa. Your best bet is to try both. I wish one of the new garmins had a 3mg pixel camara included. I have to agree with getting the 60csx. It is tried and true technology. I liked my 60c a lot, but I couldn't resist the new technology any longer. I bought a CO 300. So far I like it. I will be abusing it this weekend on some long cachin' hikes. I will have my 60c with me just in case!
  15. I also started out with a b/w etrex legend. Then I bought a legend Cx. I used it for a couple months until I bought a used 60c. Now the 60 series is where I would have stopped had it not been for a 40% off coupon at best buy. 2 weeks ago I bought a colorado 300. I have used it a couple times for geocaching. It will be interesting to see how it compares to the 60c on the trail. I save my tracks and upload them to google earth. there is definately some great features on the colorado. On the 60c I liked the bottons being on the face instead of being located on the sides. It looks like wheel on the CO 300 will be just as good.
  16. This is great advice. If you can get an experienced cacher to take you out once you will be much more likely to have fun. Attend local events. Find the temp caches. They are usually easy and give you the jist of how people hide. If you get stuck you have plenty of help at the event.
  17. I vote coords for this forum. In the arborist forum I would be talking cords.
  18. A couple months ago I purchased an HCX refurbished for $110 on ebay. Great unit and I love having color. I started with an eTrex Legend.
  19. I usually use google maps from gc.com to load caches. This way I have a rough idea where I need to go. I don't have any mapping or top programs yet. I know having them would help get closer to the cache. The problem is I am usually by myself so a printed map has limited use while I am driving. I know I waste time going in circles around blocks. That is why I like caching in parks. Park, Hike, find a couple caches.
  20. If you are manually entering the coords into your gps I have to say double and triple check the coords, which I am sure you have already done. A 1/4 mile is a long way off.
  21. I use a small camera case to hold batteries and some other misc small items. You might be able to try the smaller plastic lure boxes by Plano (I would think they would make too much noise).
  22. I remember those first couple times out. Had I I stuck with it I would have been cachin' for over 4 years. Glad I came full circle. This time though I attended some training seminars. If you are with in 20-30ft of the hide don't rely on the gps anymore. Observe the area. Definately stick to traditionals on easy terrain. Good luck and keep tryin'!
  23. I was in scouts until 15. I don't remember what level I was at, but I do remember the great experiences and knowledge I learned from scouts. I look forward to introducing my kids to scouts.
  24. When I DNF I make sure I include a description of why I didn't find it. This way the cache owner knows I gave it some effort and might give me a hint. Thankfully now that i have more experience I rarely have need to log a DNF.
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