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  1. Thanks for posting this, I needed a good laugh. The "Checkout page" and subsequent pages are though, which is when any sensitive information might be entered.
  2. I don't think you can even buy a "brand new" Vista C any more though, can you?
  3. Did you tell Garmin that it had solved your problem? That, at least, should get them to acknowledge that there is indeed a problem and get something moving.
  4. I managed to get a complete uninterrupted track on a 2 hour ferry crossing last weekend using my Vista HCx. It was one of those fast-ferry catamaran type of ships and I was sitting in the middle of it, not near any windows really, so I'm assuming what signal it managed to receive was actually coming through the metal roof above me. . It did take some time to get the initial fix, but once it had it, it hung on to it for dear life. Very impressive!
  5. Which is nonsense seeing as track logs retrieve from the unit after the fact show the same phenomenon as well, and these are unaffected by the presence or absence of maps, custom or otherwise, on the unit.
  6. AlunS

    WAAS or Normal

    Same thing !!!!! Having a more accurate estimate of the error doesn't necessarily mean that it will be lower, it might be higher, and it logically follows that if the estimate of the error goes up then the observed error may increase within those revised estimates.
  7. AlunS

    WAAS or Normal

    That all depends on your definition of "better". What it is effectively doing is ensuring that the reported position together with the EPE is a more "accurate" representation of the truth. In most instances this will mean a reduction in the reported EPE, but some instances it might mean that the reported EPE is larger, but this does not mean that your fix is "worse" if you get what I mean. Anyway, for me in Ireland at about 53 degrees north, it's a bit of a waste of time. The EGNOS satellites at this latitude are relatively low on the horizon, which means that in any kind of valley or where there's any kind of obstruction on the horizon I can't pick them up reliably. On open ground in the hills the addition of WAAS/EGNOS only usually makes about 1m of difference in the reported EPE which for my purposes is irrelevant, so I just leave it off.
  8. ... or if you're like me and can never remember which is 'zoom in' and which is 'zoom out', just hit the quit/page key. Does the same thing.
  9. The only things that go into the track log are position, elevation and a timestamp. Anything else that may be displayed by the many and various pieces of software that process track logs, such as speed, bearing etc. is derived from this basic information.
  10. What software are you actually running? It is currently at 2.60 http://www8.garmin.com/support/collection....ct=010-00630-00 Not only that, but a lot of the problems were due to the GPS chipset firmware which needs updating too. You have to do this via Webupdater, there is no separately available downloadable executable for this update. The current versions for both the unit firmware and the GPS chipset firmware are 2.60.
  11. I've got a map scale indicator on my nuvi 760, although I can't say I've ever noticed it before until I read this thread, so that goes to show how useful I've found it so far I've also never found any reason to know what compass direction I'm travelling in when driving either to be honest. When I'm out hiking though it's a whole different ballgame. Horses for courses and all that.
  12. What does the real-time altimeter display show in this case?
  13. AlunS

    GO TO on a Vista Hcx

    Wrong. It's part of the "additional updates" that WebUpdater asks you if you want to install after it updates the main system s/w.
  14. My wife was having this problem with her Venture HC, and it seemed to be cured by disabling WAAS, but it was hardly a scientifically valid experiment. She was only having the problem in areas of relatively bad coverage, such as on forest tracks, where WAAS would have been as much use as a chocolate teapot anyway. Interestingly though, my own Vista HCx seems not to have been affected at all by this problem.
  15. That's pretty much it, yes. The extra accuracy probably wouldn't be of any advantage to you in this particular instance though unless you have a very, very small car
  16. Just make sure you have a fix, select the CAR waypoint from the waypoint list, click the menu button and choose "Reposition Here" (right down at the very bottom of the menu under "View Hunt and Fish").
  17. AlunS

    Micro SD detection

    You can put it into "USB Mass Storage" mode via Setup -> Interface when it's connected and you'll be able to access the memory card as a USB mass storage device, i.e. it'll appear as an additional drive on your PC.
  18. Well, regarding the problem with my wife's Venture HC that I mentioned above, we went back to the same area where we were having problems on Saturday, but this time disabled WAAS, and got no problems at all. Not sure whether this is relevant or not, but it seemed to solve the problem, which is strange seeing as in the places where we were having problems (fairly thick tree cover) there's not a bat in hells' chance we were picking up a WAAS (or in our case EGNOS) satellite anyway. Strange.
  19. AlunS

    Time zone change

    That's actually a lot more difficult than it sounds. Time zone boundaries, especially outside of the US, are often far from straight which would make any kind of simple look up table to decide which side of a time zone you were useless. Take Spain and Portugal for example which are in different time zones and have a very "wiggly" border. Also if you were walking close to a time zone boundary you'd get pretty fed up of it prompting you all the time as you criss-crossed in and out of one and into another.
  20. Well, if the track it's recording isn't an accurate representation of the track on the ground, then it's clear that the backtrack feature won't work as expected, since it merely follows the recorded track in reverse. That's not anything to do with the backtrack feature per se, but merely a result of an incorrect track being recorded, and not the "nature of the animal" at all. Maybe you could try downgrading to 2.50 from here ... http://www.gpsinformation.org/perry/etrex/...ntureHC_250.exe and see if it cures the problem. If so, then at least you have something to go back to Garmin with if you want to.
  21. My wife has had some problems with her Venture HC, not with the trackback as such, since she's never used it, but when downloaded and overlaid on a map, the tracks do some odd things like they're the same general 'shape' and do all the right bends and curves, but are offset by a certain distance. See http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...t&p=3341800 Is this what you're experiencing? There's also someone claiming to have the same problem with a Vista HCx with the latest updates.
  22. You can find all the old versions archived here http://www.gpsinformation.org/perry/etrex/venture/
  23. No, I haven't. I generally avoid tech support (for anything, not only Garmin) like the plague, and only contact them as an utter last resort .. I'd only end up getting frustrated at the stock replies and their total inability to actually read what I've written.
  24. Glad to have been of some use, but it doesn't solve your, or my problem unfortunately. There doesn't seem to be any way of redoing the update of the GPS chipset firmware or downgrading, since the files aren't available as separate .exe files like the main firmware updates are, but only via webupdater. There was a funny thing that happened with the 2.50 firmware that when you did the GPS chipset update it hung on the update screen and needed a manual reboot to get it out of it. They fixed this with the 2.60 main firmware update .. to quote the release notes "Fix reboot issue of GPS firmware update." Whether that had anything to do with it, I don't know.
  25. Not with my Vista HCx, but my wife is having some odd problems with her Venture HC which uses the same chipset. See my post here ... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...t&p=3341800
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