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  1. i like leaving fitness finders that i have from teaching physical education they can be put on your shoe lace or on a key ring they come in a bunch of different things from food to feet so i always have them on my shoe strings and i know the kids at school love them when they earn them.
  2. Well i did it after loading about 200 caches to my new pn-40 of small to large caches leaving out all the micros for now i headed out. Now did i wait a little to late into the day to get started probably i waited till about 5:00pm and by that time the wind was picking up again( i was letting the wind die down it never really did) and the sun was thinking about going down!! But never fear I was on a mission!!! And after a 20 min drive to the town we were eating dinner in i told my driver to pull in to a parking lot. I had my gps in hand and routing to the cache, i looked into a PVC pipe first it wasn't there so i kept walking and since i was at the back of a shopping center i told my driver (my boyfriend is really gonna hate me for calling him my driver) i motioned for him to point the headlights in my direction!! I knew I was getting close, TaDa!! There it was hidden in a corner covered with some mesh material. I took something and left something and signed the log!!! I was now determined that I would find another!! I routed to the next closest cache it was in the same parking lot area. But it was behind some bushes and the sun was going down quick!!! I wasn't so sure it would have been a great idea for me to head out into the woods with the sun going down, so I turned around and headed back to the car!! But lucky me my driver said that I could try again next weekend when we come to the area!!! And now that i have found 1 with my gps and seen how much more fun it is than my other method of studying Google maps and then heading out I am hooked!!! Y'all said i would be and you were right, now i have to get my back pack ready for next weekend!!!! Until then happy caching and I'll see you out there!!!
  3. i have just picked some caches to go looking for this weekend and i'm loading my maps on to my new pn-40 now i am going to try and keep to bigger size caches to start off i hope this helps me out some
  4. THANKS EVERYONE I have a backpack as I just graduated from college last may!! And here I was sure I was done with my backpack days!! I will try and start with the easier ones as I have tried to find a few without a gps and most have been unsuccessful, ok all but like 7!! I will use this as a great excuse to get outside and see new places as well as using it for exercise!! I am hoping that I can go on a geocaching orientated camping trip as soon as the weather warms up a bit here in NC. Until then I guess I'll be the bundled up girl walking in the woods looking for caches! I have been getting the weekly email about caches hidden near me so I am very excited to get started on some of the ones I have been watching for a while!! I WILL HAVE FUN!!! I WILL HAVE FUN!!! Again thanks everyone I am glad to be a part of this game
  5. So I received my new toy in the mail today i got a new pn-40!! i have been trying to get myself to buy a gps for about a year and a half and finally broke down the other day and did it. i have had a car gps but that only gets you so close to cache. this weekend should be a ton of fun as long as the weather behaves. i am hoping that now since i have a gps that i can find caches with i will be out and about finding new places and new caches. if you have any getting started tips like what i should bring to put in the cache and any other hints at getting started that would be great!! i have found a few caches but only by luck!! there is a whole new world awaiting me and my gps!!!!
  6. Hello all, I am going with my family to Orlando for the holidays and was wondering what you just have to do when you are there, which caches are a must do and since it is the first time we have been we will hopefully make it to Disney if we do is there anything there that is a must do??? thanks ahead to time i am hoping to get a new gps for Christmas so i will be ready to find some caches!!!!
  7. well 1st i hope you feel better soon all i would really be using it for is geocaching and hiking and maybe biking every once in a while. i don't need anything for the car cause i got a garmin auto gps last year for christmas hoping i could get close enough to a cache that i could find it and well that didn't work out so great i found a few but not as many as i hoped for but it gets me around and i don't get lost so maybe i'll just pick up the 20 but i think i'll look around and see what others say about the signal lock first thanks
  8. sorry i hit the post button twice to many times
  9. sorry i hit the post button twice to many times
  10. OK so bpcooper14 since you got the 40 which is better??? I have been looking at both and trying to decided if i should just spend the extra and get the 40 or just get the 20 even though it is slower(from what I have heard) what should i do??
  11. i might could do it depending on where it is at pm me or email me and let me know the details
  12. school work and not thinking it a very good idea for a young lady to be in some places by herself!!!
  13. I have just started my geocaching adventures and wondered how everyone else got started. I was just goofing around on the internet one day and happened to end up reading an article about geocaching, and from there I was hooked! My sister and I have found a few easy caches just using the Google maps because we are both college students we don't have the extra money but we feel like we are looking for hidden treasure like pirates!!! My boyfriend I think that he thinks I'm crazy but oh well!! I think that this is a great game and can't wait till school is out and I have more time to hike and search for geocaches!! I'm not very good at all this yet I seem to never be looking in the right spot but it is still fun either way. So I know some of you are probably the original founders but I really do wonder how everyone got started did you just happen upon it like I did on the internet, did you happen upon an ammo box or Tupperware in the woods, or did a close friend or family member get you hooked???
  14. Why wouldn't the price go up for geocoins the price of everything else is going up and the geocoins would feel left out if their price didn't go up!!
  15. so 6.99 / mo. but is there an extra fee for using the gps or is it included and is it better to do that or would it be better to break down and buy a gps
  16. So I'm getting ready to get an new cell phone and have still yet to get a GPS to use for caching is there a cell phone that I can use just like a gps but it be both a cell phone and a gps??? If you know or have any ideas for me that would be great
  17. I hope this is the place to post this. Well I was trying to find a GPS on a student budget and now I'm thinking I'll wait and see if the new stuff will make the prices go down on some of the "older" stuff But in the mean it I was wondering is there anything better than google maps to go geocaching without a GPS I have done the google maps thing a few time and found a few but not found some that seemed like they would have been easy to find with or with out a GPS. any tips or ideas on what i can do!? Thanks, Leah
  18. I'm wanting to do both kinds of caching I'm really intersted in the ones i have to hike too due to the fact that my family has a cabin in the mountains of NC. So that said is the basic etrex gonna do what i need or should i try and get some extra money for the newer Garmins with the "CHx" in the title???
  19. Well I got a Mio Digi Walker C230 as a gift and I'm taking it back tomorrow it works ok in the car it doesn't really take the fastest route to where i want to go but i might have needed to play with the settings some more to fix that. as far a geocaching with it well it just won't work even with the walking setting on and the snap to road off you won't find what you are looking for. I thought it would be good for the price but it's just not unless you are only going to use it in the car and you need it be easy to use, kinda....
  20. So I'm new to the game I got a Mio C230 for christmas as a gift thinking it might work i tried and well it didn't so now I have decided that I can't get one for my car and one for geocaching all in the same unit and expect to be happy with it. So i need some help deciding on what to get. I'm thinking a Garmin but color or black and white, CHx or not?? I have no idea and since all the new things are getting ready to come out soon should i wait or so i go ahead??? thanks for all your help ahead of time!!!!! lostinthesparks4 And if someone has a good offer for me on one I'm willing to buy it. I have about $120 to spend!!!
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