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  1. Noticed the same thing, especially when getting close to a cache. Zero in on a cache then suddenly send me 50 feet in another direction. Did not happen until last update.
  2. Krankher

    # of waypoints

    Where are you loading them from?
  3. As you can probably tell, a Triton 300. Perhaps I am lucky, but I seem to not have so many of the problems others are having. Got my first find today and was quite happy with the unit. Biggest complaint is inaccurate odometer which is going to be corrected in next firmware update.
  4. US Army 1982-1985 2/1 Cav 2nd AD Ft Hood, Tx 503 Trans Heidelberg, Germany
  5. If I remember correctly, on the product page with all of the Tritons, there is a listing for each model that has multiple tabs on it. One of these tabs is support and at the bottom of the page is update status. My 300 is showing no updates available.
  6. I also have the Triton 300 and would agree with all the items that was brought up. I posted a bug report on the tritonforum.com about the odometer issue which was my biggest concern and was told that it would be fixed in a firmware upgrade that should release any time now. Have to wait and see. I did load an NG demo map of Yosemite National Park and did like the way it looked. Good to know the solution to the lockup problem after disconnecting.
  7. I am also a lurker. I wanted to learn all I could before buying my GPS. Learned a long time ago to listen more and talk less when trying to learn. Just opened my new Triton 300 this morning. Hope to have something of interest to say after I figure the dang thing out.
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