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  1. Can you put nailpolish in a cache as SWAG? And if you can't can you protect it with a plastic bag or something else? Thanks in advance, ChibiTree
  2. Are there some good handmade swag ideas ?
  3. Some caches contain goodies, right? And if you take one, you have to put one back inside that is worth more than the one you took... Does anybody have good ideas for goodies? Thnx, ChibiTree
  4. How long can you keep a travel bug you found in a cache? If you have no time to go geocaching for a few days/weeks/months, can you just take the travel bug, wait for a few days/weeks/months, and put it in another cache? Or is there a time limit? Thx, ChibiTree
  5. If you want to visit a cache you've already visited, is that allowed? And do you have to sign the logbook again if you do visit it again ? Thx, ChibiTree
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