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  1. creating a pocket query for the area your interested in and copying that over is your best option link for your convience http://support.Groundspeak.com//index.php?...page&id=118
  2. what I have is an absolutely blank screen except for hash marks if I turn off my other maps (it doesn't even show the highways and water features and such that the basemap usually shows) and there is no longer a basemap under the list of my maps. I deleted it by accidentally going to the Oregon's directory, clicking Garmin, then deleting the file marked "gmapbmap"... i formatted the internal memory on mine thinking the basemaps would be hard coded into the device, learned the hard way, after that though i couldn't use any maps on mine, had both topo and city nav installed an neither of them would work without the basemap as a point of reference. strange yours is ok, seen a lot of other people report of a practically useless unit without the basemap.
  3. my only thought is to check your gpx settings on your geocaching account and check they are set for 1.01 not 1.00 as 1.01 is the format that contains all the relevant info you seem to be missing
  4. I know what you mean, I have an Oregon and I currently have routable maps and 3 different topo maps. I accidentally deleted the basemap but it didn't matter once I had "real" maps on my GPS. I managed to find a great deal on my microSD card. for $20 I got the card, a microSD to miniSD converter, a microSD to SD converter, and a microSD to USB converter. that was one good sale price! My only complaint about my GPS's card, microSDs are so small, they're hard to get into that little slot, but I'll probably get used to it! i highly doubt you wiped out your basemap, without the basemap the oregons dont have a point of reference for the other maps to line up to, i did wipe out the basemap once and even with the other maps installed all i got was a blank screen when i clicked maps. be thankful you havent lost them, its a pain to recover from.
  5. basic 12 channel gps with basemaps installed, nothing flash, will get you to co ords, might have some problems under cover and could take awhile to grab a good solid signal, cable from what i can tell is going to be old school serial. brief overview of features from https://buy.garmin.com/shop/store/assets/pd...s/emap_spec.pdf
  6. my understanding is wireless is only on the 300 models and above. https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=145...=14902#specsTab shows the 200 doesnt support wireless transfers
  7. all those things add to eating up battery and also reduce to overall durability of a unit, more components to fail. i expect a gpsr to do what a gpsr is meant to do and not much else, as long as it tells me where i am and where im headed the unit works
  8. after having cached with and without an electronic compass there is no way i would ever go out without using one again, not having to move to get a fix on the cache is fantastic. the only downside is they are voltage sensitive, hasnt really been a problem for me as soon as my baterys are down halfway i usually change them
  9. make sure you have your gps connected to the pc when you try to download imagery, thats the only time ive seen that message is when i didnt have the oregon connected
  10. i found simply using a car gps charger while driving makes the screen go into ultra bright mode on my 300 and there is no way i could possibly have trouble seeing it
  11. IMHO - I think this would be a very good unit for a newbie. Easy to operate and it has a section in it that has geocaching FAQs, lists the different types of caches, explains difficulty and terrain, and probably a few other things I can't remember off the top of my head. It is simple to operate yet accurate and supports paperless caching (you may very well want to become a premium member and enjoy the Pocket Queries to make full use of this feature). It doesn't have the bells and whistles other more expensive units have but is still a good quality device. Thanks for the reply! I have been researching so much because I really don't want to get the wrong device and ruin my geocaching experience. I need something that is easy to use, paperless, and accurate to get me right on top of the cache. I think I'm going to go with this one, I just hope I don't outgrow it too fast or become envious of other people's GPS devices when I'm out there! Though usually for me personally, the more tech involved with the device the less likely I am to spend the time trying to figure it out. In all honesty speaking from opinion not personal experience as ive never touched the unit. i can see a lot of things that are going to really start to annoy people with the GC, lack of routing and no electronic compass are a major weakness. Whilst im sure the GC is going to be a smashing unit for starters and children it seems a touch too pricey for what your getting in a unit, id say check out some of the lower end garmins like the 300 or the dakota 20
  12. alkalines are fine to use in a pinch but they just dont have the lasting power
  13. geocaches arent deleted automatically they just get marked as found therefore dont show up in the unfound ones, they might not show but they are still taking up room
  14. Have been working with two pair - one in my eTrex Summit HC, one in my Dakota 20. The NiZn cells don't start out any hotter than an off-the-shelf Energizer lithium cell. from what i have read the ni-zn will hold 1.8v when freshly charged, just a bit too hot for my likeing
  15. It is not directly related to your questions but have you seen Ni-Zn Rechargeables? Unlike NiMHs, these work quite well in freezing temperatures. Read my posts on that thread for more details. from what ive seen the ni-zn batterys are running over the rated voltage for a standard battery i wouldnt risk frying my gps for it
  16. from my brief play around with the new birdseye the maps are free to download but when you try to send them to the unit it checks if your unit has the subscription, so i would assume once you subs run out so is the ability to transfer maps
  17. first thing noticed, system option for gps is WAAS/EGNOS no longer just waas currently rebuilding gps almanac update wiped it all out
  18. thanks for the info, checked for an update for the 300 3.70 is available to download updating now.
  19. connect it to the pc and browse to :garmin\GPX\ delete the gpx files you no longer need from this directory
  20. depends on your location as to if waas should be be enable or not, my oregon came with it off be default, im in australia though so waas is of no benefit here and would just consume more power
  21. im not sure on the rules posting links so i wont, check out a torrent search for the garmin basemap with dem, should be about a 47mb download, i wiped out my internal memory thinking the basemap would be integrated into the unit, big mistake. anyways download that map and place it into your garmins internal memory and it should clear things up again
  22. im not sure on the dakota but with my orgeon i used city nave to get me close to the cache then i was triyng to use the compass, the compass was point in the oppostie direction to the cache, turns out i didnt realise the compass was pointing to the road that it was auto routing for, needed to recalculate off road then the compass pointed directly to the cache, maybe something similar going on with the dakota
  23. for paperless caching and ease of use i would defiantly recommend the oregons, 300 and over. oregon 200 is kind of a joke the amount of features its missing. i've only had my 300 a few weeks now and its made caching a completely different experience for me its dead simple to use and spot on when tracking you to a cache
  24. i have a oregon 300 (practically the same case) and the first thing i noticed on getting it out of the box was just how solid the construction was im certain it could survive many drops without issue, the screen is embedded to reduce the chance of something hitting it but as stated im sure if it was dropped onto the right shape rock it could break the screen, all honesty though its not a major concern of mine as the rest of the construction is so rock solid
  25. yea i found an insane deal on my 300 because the 450 was being rolled out, over 50% discount on the unit and in all honesty i would rather have that sort of saving then the trivial extras that the 450 have over the 300
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