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  1. Hello up there. My wife and I have screwed up, we picked up a travel bug about four months ago with the hopes of moving it along and we havent been able to go anywhere do to unforseen events. The problem is that this TB is in a race with two other TB's and because of us it has gone nowhere. I would like to make it up to the owner and send this sucker to Alaska or as far away as possible so it can have alot of miles on it. I was hoping to find someone I could mail it to so they could drop it in a cache and get it going again. I don't know if anyone has done this or if it can be done. It would be coming from Missouri. If anyone can help, please let me know...thank you.
  2. I am completelet lost here. I have the premium membership and I don't know how to use the pocket queirry. I don't understand what to do with it. Can it better my life or just confuse it more? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I checked and it does not have WGS85 only WGS84 and that is where it is at. The other position format options that are close to what you stated are hddd.ddddd hddd mm.mmm' hddd mm'ss.s" Right now its on hddd.ddddd
  4. I need help...bad. I am trying to learn all this new hi tech stuff and I'm afraid I might have done something wrong. The thing is I recently purchased a new vista C and its not behaving like my previous "venture". I have read all the info that came with unit and when I first turned it on I went outside and locked in my home, everythings good so far. I punched in coords for a new local cache and went hunting, I never could find it. I come home and purchase the premium membership so I can download cache points. I downloaded all local points that we havent found and successfully got them onto the vista C. I also put in a couple of favorites by hand. The first thing I noticed when we went out was that the cache I put in by hand was way off from where it should be, about 15 miles off. So we tried the cache that I downloaded and it took us there fine. The first multi-cache we hit was a downloaded point, when we manually put in second set of coords on sight it put us another 20 miles away. We went home empty handed and now I'm afraid to commit to anymore hunts because I don't care for wild goose. What have I done wrong? Also I noticed with the base map that come with unit the map is off. The house I was building on the lake was aparently out in the lake. Also when I try to use the feature that tells you what road and when to turn, it doesn't use any secondary roads, just major hiways that take me way out of the way. Im wanting to purchase the software that has all the US roads but if this thing stays like it is I'll be waisting @$100. Can anyone help me?
  5. I have tried to find other murder mystery caches to see how they were set up, but have found it was difficult to locate specific such caches. So if anyone who would like to help me out and share your own such cache pages or ones that you have visited or both, I would greatly appriciate the help. Thanks to all fellow cachers for the help, and happy caching.
  6. Well we went to Ohio, dropped off Big Wheel in Eaton at the Happy Holiday Hide. Als o stooped at the Illiana Welcome Center Travel bug rest stop and dropped off Steel Ball. Was hoping to here from IndyTycoon before we left but no such luck, oh well. Thanks for the tips, wish we have had time for more but with too little ones on a long ride not much in the mood to do anything other than get home and get out of the car .
  7. Hello Indy Tycoon, sorry for the delay...been geocaching!!! We're still comin that way just don't know exactly when. Hopefully around the first to middle August. Any ideas on caches to visit along the way?
  8. Checked out the web page left by *gln. Was hoping to find out if we could hide a cahce at Toronto Springs. It is a Missouri Consrevation location near our home. But have gotten no responce from Missouri Conservation people yet. Is there any other ways to get in contact with the Conservation folk? Thanks for any help you could give.
  9. Well I figure since this post is still posted tat I can still put in my two cents. I am a mother and wiffe, we have only been on two caches and we have had alot of fun, have wanted to start doing things like a family and this is definetly a great family outing. But was totally my husbands doings. He read about it in Rural Missouri paper, then borrowed his dad's gps. We are still looking into getting our own. And for so that I am included if anyone checks this after me, I am a blonde and althouogh naturally that way, I color my roots to make myself feel better. Hope to meet some women and make some online, geocahier friends. casntroy@yahoo.com
  10. We are newe to the geocahing as well, we have alot of fun, well we have only been to two so far. But they have been a fun two, the first one was only a log book but the park was nice we seen a peacock in the park which was very cool ecspecially to the kids. The second one was cool, we picked up a (big wheel) travel bug and are planning to drop it off on our way to Ohio. We are in Missouri so we plan to check out a few caches in IL.,IN.as well as in OH. SO far our we have found caches alright but the poision ivy at the last one was a little discouraging. Anyhow I am not up to date with all these fancy tools you all are talking about, we have topo maps software but not real sure on how to use it or how it could be helpful so any tips would be welcomed. Also noticed there were some Indiana folk with posts on here any recommendations for a good spot along I-70 to stop at on our way through? Loving geocahing, and open to any comments or help that can be offered.
  11. I am going to be visiting Eaton, Ohio within the month and was wanting some info on a good cache on the way there or located near there. We are coming from Missouri and are planning to travel through IL. and IN. on I-70, also we have two children who are still fairly young so we can't do anything with heavy terrain. If you all could tell me if there are any cool caches near Eaton or located on I-70. I thought after looking at your post that it looked like there were some people in here that would know where to go in Ohio to find a super fun cache.Thank you to any and all help.
  12. Well since we are posting our opinions, my opinion is that it is midwestern in prospective of all of North America, not necessarly just in relation to United States. At least that is what makes it make sence to me. So there is my opinion and whatever it is worth.
  13. My first post here!! The Mrs. and I are taking the Big Wheel bug with us to Ohio,(Eaton to be exact) and we're wanting to place it at an awesome cache site that our children can enjoy too. We're coming from middle MO on I-44, planning on taking I-70 after St.Louis and going through Indianapolis. Any ideas or any bugs needin to get back south?
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