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  1. Quad helix antennas are said to be more sensitive (though I have no personal experience with them). But only the more expensive Garmins have quad antennas. Maybe new Magellan eXplorists have them (like all other Magellans).
  2. Nope, it cannot produce a .dll, only an .exe. Forward Pass is a scripting host with a number of pre-programmed controls (and it can use ActiveX controls as well).
  3. On the other hand, you can set up a folder to auto-sync with your PPC. If you always save your pocket query output to this folder, it will always be synchronized with your PPC whenever you cradle it.
  4. I'm not sure it would not violate this part of the geocaching.com Terms of Use agreement: "You agree that you will not use any robot, spider, scraper or other automated means to access the Site for any purpose without our express written permission." Actually there is already software out there that can do this: GeoToad. I'm not sure it doesn't violate the above agreement.
  5. GEO, that's a great idea. However, I don't think I could collaborate on that. You are probably using eVC++ and I don't know how to develop with that and am too lazy to learn. Same goes for eVB, I have never used it. I'm using another development tool called Forward Pass and that's the only system I know. I like it for its simplicity. I wrote PMN Cacher with it. I am not even sure it can do everything I want to do, but so far it looks like it can.
  6. I once had a similar problem with my CF GPS device. After not using it for about two weeks, I couldn't get a fix, even after fifteen minutes and under perfect conditions. What I did is that I initiated a "cold start" using the utility that came with the device. After that, I got a perfect lock within two minutes.
  7. This may help: http://www.btinternet.com/~zturner/ Do-it-yourself CD scratch removal procedure.
  8. That's where the Magellans' compasses are clearly better. You can use those while moving, in any orientation of the unit.
  9. GPS-based navigation and paperless caching in one app.
  10. Sounds like a major design flaw in the 60cs.
  11. I am developing something but it's still in its early stages. If I release it some time, it will be free.
  12. Early July. What I want to know is: do they have a quadrifilar helix antenna? Probably yes, like all Magellan units. If yes, they are more sensitive than the Etrexes or the Gekos. Also if the eXplorist 300 has a 3-axis electronic compass, that's better than any of the electronic compasses in Garmins. (Garmins must be held level, Magellans don't have to.) I was considering buying a Geko 301, but if the eXplorist 300 has a quad antenna and 3-axis compass then I'll go for the eXplorist, even if the size is a bit bigger (battery life is longer, too.) Price is about the same.
  13. Only those are expensive that allow you to use the PDA while in the box. The others are cheap.
  14. You can put the PDA with the CF GPS connected in an Otterbox. Of course, a handheld GPSr is more practical out in the field. Smaller, lighter, easier to carry.
  15. yes, see here: http://www.semsons.com/forclipdualm.html
  16. PCMCIA: none. Don't buy a PCMCIA GPSr for a Pocket PC. It's too big and you need a bulky expansion pack to connect it. Pocket PCs don't have PCMCIA slots. CF: all of them are good and quite sensitive, see e.g. the selection at http://www.semsons.com/comflasgpsre.html If you want extreme sensitivity then choose one with the Xtrac feature. However, Xtrac uses complex calculations that cause a significant delay (lagging behind the actual position). You may want to try a unit with Xtrac v2 where this delay has been largely eliminated. Or buy a dual-mode unit.
  17. Buy a pocketpc that has a CF slot. There is a wide selection of CF GPS units available.
  18. There are several other road navigation programs besides Mapopolis. E.g. Routis, Pocketmap Navigator, Destinator, Tomtom Navigator, etc. These are all about equally good, it's mostly a matter of personal preference which one one likes most. Cache locations can be imported into Pocketmap Navigator with my program, PMN Cacher. So Mapopolis is not the only choice here.
  19. Yes, there is, with the PC application GPXToMaplet, download from here: http://www.mdgps.org/pocketcaching/gpxtomaplet.zip
  20. There is a number of "mouse GPS" units, to be used with PDAs and PCs. Look at http://www.semsons.com/mousgpsrec.html for example. All of them use the NMEA protocol.
  21. BTW WGS84 is a datum, it refers to the ellipsoid model of the Earth that is being used. What you want is probably the conversion from latitude and longitude to UTM. Both Lat-long and UTM can be WGS84 or something else as far as the datum is concerned.
  22. I can provide it in C, Javascript or Python. Not PHP
  23. Yes, but for mapping and street navigation, there are other solutions (Pocket PC or Palm with appropriate software). You don't have to use the same single unit for everything.
  24. Well... I'm afraid I don't have any better advice now... but as I remember I also had some older ROM version, maybe A02, when I still had the 2002, although it's an X5 Advance. But I still think this is probably a bug with that particular version of the OS, however, since I cannot reproduce the problem and no one else reported it yet, this is still a guess. You could still use the Windows desktop version, even though it's not as comfortable to use.
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