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  1. Oh, come on, guys. You are way too obsessed with safety and security. It's absolutely not necessary to carry a lot of extra batteries, three compasses, maps, and all that stuff. It's OK to rely on one GPS. Yes, if it dies, then you may get lost and that may be inconvenient. And then? So what? You're not going to die, you are just going to walk a bit more than otherwise. That's actually healthy and at least you have a little more adventure.
  2. Vito Navigator and GPS Tuner are worth trying as well.
  3. BTW don't you guys find that ammo cans are dangerous? I pinched my finger several times when closing them! That HURTS!
  4. Great... I entered a long log and when I clicked on the Submit button I just got a "Service unavailable" message... If the weekend conditions don't improve considerably, I'm gonna have to cancel my premium membership. I won't pay for crappy service.
  5. as77

    Forum Searching

    I agree that the search engine is really lame. In addition, the default settings just don't make sense, I always have to modify them and the stupid thing does not even remember the last settings. Another really stupid feature is that if you press the Back button on the search results page, in the hope to be able to modify your search, it just does the same search again and returns the same results. Actually, I have noticed that all the commonly used forum engines use a similarly idiotic search engine. The guy who programmed this obviously never tried to use it in real life. I just can't believe how lame it is. I hate it.
  6. The table is not needed. Use preformatted text (PRE tag) and separate the list into two parts (visited and unvisited states). This way you can replace that table (more than 4000 characters) by about 600 characters plain text.
  7. "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen." -- Albert Einstein
  8. Because if it's not zipped then your e-mail server or your e-mail program might mess up the gpx file.
  9. Did you get them in a zip file?
  10. So if a commercial service is bad in some regard, your natural response is to pay more for it?
  11. I'm not that happy with the name though... requires too much explanation. People never understand what "cache" means. Often they think and pronounce it as "geocatching", and then I have to explain that no, not catching, its with an sh, but not written as cashing, and it comes from the word cache, which means, etc. etc....
  12. Does GSAK open it? Also, to see what the problem exactly is, you can do this: rename the gpx file to something.xml and then open it in Internet Explorer. It will show you the contents of the file and it will show an error message at the point where it encounters the error (this will be at the bottom of the page because it doesn't display anything further).
  13. So have you found out what's wrong with the file?
  14. Oh. I didn't know it's done that way. What can I say. It's a kinda ugly hack. They should buy some real computing power instead.
  15. Marky, currently the systems uses a checkmark icon on the map to distinguish the found caches from the other ones, i.e. the calculation you are mentioning is already being done.
  16. Since there is "use tax" aka "internet sales tax" in your state, it might be better to buy it from a merchant in your state, so that you can pay the dadgum tax when you are buying, as opposed to facing the hassle next year when you do your tax returns...
  17. Whenever I find cool things I have nothing of equal value to trade for them I found a musical CD with music from one of my favorite composers. Left it there... In one cache, I found an electronic chess game and a baby monitor... Left them there... and chances are they are still there!
  18. Why would it be more processor intensive to omit the icons for the found caches instead of using checkboxes for them? That just doesn't make sense.
  19. No, I'm not. What I said is a basic fact of organic chemistry. Like I said, your experiment is irrelevant. You didn't use urushiol oil for your experiment. Nope. The article doesn't say anything about any "wrong kind" of alcohol. What's more, it also recommends using alcoholic beverages to wipe of the oil. As you know, those contain ethyl alcohol. That is self-evident. Anything that helps remove the oil is better than no action. The hand sanitizer definitely helps. Nobody suggested that you should smear around the hand sanitizer over your entire body. Pour it over the affected spot and wipe it off. This is of course no replacement for dedicated poison ivy oil removing cleansers such as Tecnu. But since many people carry hand sanitizer anyway, it may be the best agent from the stuff that you happen to have in your backpack.
  20. Thot, Your experiment is not necessarily relevant. It all depends on what type of alcohol is used in what concentration and what type of oil is in question. The website I linked is a medical web site and it specificially says that urushiol oil is soluble in rubbing (i.e. isopropyl) alcohol. In fact it says that washing the skin with rubbing alcohol is the best way to remove the oil. It also says: "If exposed, wipe the affected area as quickly as possible with alcohol or an alcohol-containing beverage. Some people even carry a container of rubbing alcohol with them to wipe off their skin whenever they run the risk of exposure to the plants. As above, washing with soap and cold water as soon as possible can be helpful." I just looked at a bottle of hand sanitizer. Its active ingredient is 62% ethyl alcohol. It also contains a number of other ingredients, including glycerin, isopropyl myristate, propylene glycol and aminomethyl propanol (the latter two are alcohols). Chances are that this mixture dissolves urushiol oil or at least forces it into a dispersion it which is then easy to wipe off. Certainly not the best solution but probably better than nothing.
  21. This article specifically speaks about rubbing alcohol and vegetable oil (used for cooking). The statement is generally not true. In fact, the opposite is true: alcohols generally dissolve fats and oils. Specifically, rubbing alcohol DOES dissolve urushiol oil and removing the urushiol oil with alcohol is often recommended, see e.g. at http://jaxmed.com/articles/Diseases/poison..._dermatitis.htm I don't know how effective the hand sanitizer is for this purpose, but I'm positive that if you apply generous amounts of alcohol-containing hand-sanitizer and you wipe it off immediately (instead of letting it to dry) then you will certainly remove a lot more than if you just don't do anything. And since the hand sanitizer is a gel, you will not spread around the oil too much even if you can't remove it completely.
  22. In USAPhotoMaps the coordinates are dead on for me. I can even tell if the coordinates of a cache are off a bit.
  23. Once I found a plundered cache. The container (with a "this is a geocache, etc." sign on it) was on the ground, empty. I rehid it (the hiding place was obvious to me) and put a note in it with my log. Then I logged a find on the web site. Owner said it was fine and even thanked me for partially restoring the cache. So even if the logbook is missing, if the container is there and you can put a note in it, logging a find is OK in my opinion.
  24. That hand sanitizer contains alcohol. Alcohol dissolves fats and oils, i.e. it also dissolves the urushiol oil. It can probably be effective in removing that oil, provided that you wipe it off with a tissue. If you don't wipe it off but let it dry, the oil will stay there, spread around on your skin.
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