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  1. Look, Mopar, Jeremy just confirmed that there WAS a ban for that word. Consequently, certainly a number of posts containing that word were deleted. So stop being cocky, OK? I don't know what you want to achieve here but your efforts are pointless.
  2. That's funny, I haven't seen such thing happen since you joined the site. Care to point us to all the examples? I should point you to the posts that were censored out? Very funny.
  3. I remember once that N-word occurred in one of my posts. When I submitted it, I received a message that my post contained a banned word and therefore it has to be reviewed by a moderator before it appears in the thread. I found it really ridiculous.
  4. I surprised to see the name of another listing site to appear here. Posts like this have usually been censored out immediately.
  5. Well, this thread has nothing to do with geocaching at all. Therefore, it belongs to the OT section. Or do we have a double standard here?
  6. BTW this thread is off-topic. Moderator, please self-moderate.
  7. I once found a tin candy box cache. It was not a pretty sight when I opened it. It started to rust inside and the rusty water damaged the contents. Ammo cans are OK, but I don't like them very much. Sometimes the lid comes off at the hinge and one has to fumble around replacing it. Also, when you close it it makes a loud bang, which might be heard by muggles nearby. Not to mention the fact that you can pinch your finger
  8. Of course legal but against the spirit of the geocaching.com guidelines.
  9. It seems to me that the highway shapes could be extracted from the TIGER/Line files (http://www.census.gov/geo/www/tiger/index.html), although it's kinda like looking for needles in haystacks. And there is no exit info...
  10. Around 400 is the best price nowadays. Plus tax, of course!
  11. A "GPS tracking device" is not just a GPS receiver. It's only a tracking device if it can transmit its location to somewhere else. Like a Garmin Rino
  12. It's a subscription. You can cancel it on Paypal any time.
  13. I think the idea is ridiculous. What happens when with time, all the servers will be upgraded and the bandwidth will be multiplied so everything will be fast for the basic members as well? Then Groundspeak will insert sleep instructions and empty loops into the scripts so that it remains slow for the basic members (otherwise the premium membership would not be as attractive)? Come on.
  14. What about taking a little risk, just for the fun of it? No way, hmmm? Bad for you. You are missing the adventure because you always want to be so terribly safe. I guess night caching is also ruled out for you? Out an hour before sundown at the latest, otherwise you may die! Or you only stay if you have eight different flashlights affixed to different parts of your body and of course a 20-pack of backup batteries and replacement lamps Just for the record, I enjoyed being lost a little, it was exciting, and I would do it again any time!
  15. No, there are only two. The patch and the quad helix. The Geko 201's antenna is not worse than that of the Etrexes. I think it's the same antenna. But the Geko is a newer unit and I read somewhere that because of the better software, it actually keeps the lock better than the Etrexes.
  16. I think that the argument that geocachers damage the environment by "disturbing the foliage" and "running roughshod off the trail" is invalid. First, the number of geocachers is not high enough to cause any measurable damage. Second, as anyone who is knowledgeable about forest management issues in the US will say, most forests in the US are overgrown and their structures are unhealthy: overcrowded, too much brush, too much undergrowth (the number one cause of uncontrollable forest fires)! In fact, the US Forest Service has active projects to thin the forests by cutting down or burning up the brush and the smaller trees. If anything, geocachers can only do good by breaking off a few small branches of bushes or small trees.
  17. This is like the January effect on the stock market. When it was discovered, it started to shift backwards. After some time the January effect occured in early October. Then disappeared. What we have here is this: people find that the website is overloaded during weekends. So everyone starts logging on Mondays. But then the server will be overloaded on Mondays, too, so people start logging on Tuesdays. In the end, the effect will disappear and the server will be overloaded all the time...
  18. Then what about a screen protector, you know, like the ones for PDAs? I guess that would help.
  19. As I see it, it was you who didn't make any distinctions. The title of the topic says: "ALWAYS carry a map & compass". What I'm saying is: let's make a distinction. You don't ALWAYS have to carry a map and compass. Carry when it's necessary. And it is definitely not always necessary. Don't be paranoid. I usually don't carry a map and a compass (compass sometimes, but almost never carry a map: the maps you can get in bookstores are just not detailed enough (trails are not shown) and I won't go to the bookstore before caching anyway). And yes, I did get lost a few times, GPS lost lock, it got dark and everything, but other than having to walk 2 miles more and getting muddy, nothing serious happened. That was in a park about 2x3 miles in size (featuring a few really deep ravines and very complex terrain, so you cannot just walk through it). There's no way you will die in that park because you get lost. The worst case is that you will spend a few hours more there before finding your way out.
  20. Can I ask a dumb question? Why do you guys need a case for the GPS at all? Isn't the GPS itself supposed to be a waterproof, weatherproof, rugged, etc. unit?
  21. as77

    Forum Searching

    The "Thank you, the search has been completed, please stand by, blah" page is completely unnecessary. When I do a search then in my mind there are two pages: the search page and the search results page. Having to trick the browser to get back to the search page because pressing the Back button once just regenerates the existing page instead of actually going back is really annoying. BTW I'm not looking for workarounds for the weaknesses of the current search engine. What I would like to see is a better search engine, with reasonable defaults and intuitive behavior.
  22. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think "hike" doesn't necessarily mean a multiple-day wilderness tour dozens of miles away from civilization. You just wrote "hiking", which may mean a light one-hour walk in the nearest city park. And why would you "accidentally lose your backpack", by the way? Does that happen to you often?
  23. Sure, use common sense, but for everyday caching, those extra items are unnecessary. I'm not talking about the occasions when you go to the middle of nowhere once a year for a few days. I just recalled the TV program that I watched the other day. Some woman explained that if you go hiking, even if it is just to the neighbourhood park for an hour or two, then make sure you take with yourself food and water for 3 days, flashlight, batteries, emergency blanket, flare gun, whistle, complete first-aid kit and whatnot, and of course cell phone, and tell someone where you are going and when you are coming back, etc. Yeah right... I'm just saying when you are going to your usual sunday afternoon caching trip to the city park then don't pretend that it's going to be a three-week survival tour in the jungle.
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