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  1. Well, KA just wrote "I would not dream of moderating the website owner." But my point was just that since the OP was about the NPR analogy, talking about something else could be considered off-topic, therefore I cannot follow your suggestion regarding stepping away from the NPR analogy. If you want us to step away from the NPR analogy then let's get this thread closed. It wouldn't hurt anyway because the analogy has been discussed in depth already, there's not much else to discuss here, and I wouldn't enjoy reading a dozen more posts about chickens and rocks.
  2. I understood it very well and I agree with your point. I didn't want to imply that you were off-topic. Sorry if I sounded like that.
  3. That's a good idea. However, since the OP is about that analogy, if I stepped away from it, a moderator would immediately appear and order me to get back on topic. I might even get a warning for hijacking the thread. Of course, you can talk about anything else, like chickens and rocks but us mere mortals are pretty much limited to talking about the NPR analogy in this thread.
  4. Quotes from NPR's home page: "NPR receives no direct federal funding for general support." "A very small percentage - between 1-2 percent of NPR's annual budget - comes from competitive grants sought by NPR from federally funded organizations." "NPR member stations are autonomous entities and are not owned or operated by NPR, nor does NPR fund member stations." "The appropriation from Congress accounts for only about 14 percent of the cost of operating local public radio stations, and the remaining 86 percent must be raised from a variety of sources, most importantly contributions from listeners."
  5. As I see it, the unique thing about Buxley's maps is that they are not restricted to gc.com caches but he tries to include caches from other listing sites as well, thereby providing a unified, listing-site-independent map.
  6. Those benefits are not related to getting more or higher-quality radio programming. Usually they are discounts for concert tickets, etc. Nor does GC.com offer higher-quality caches if your a premium member. A benefit is a benefit in my book, regardless of quality. It provides extra and improved services closely related to geocaching, services that enhance the functionality of the web site. What gc.com provides when you are a subscriber is not a thank-you gift.
  7. Those benefits are not related to getting more or higher-quality radio programming. Usually they are discounts for concert tickets, etc. Essentially they are thank-you gifts, as opposed to improved or extra service.
  8. The YMCA homepage says: "No one is turned away for inability to pay." Of course if you are able to pay but you just don't want to, that's another matter.
  9. Well, not really. There are no restrictions to non-member NPR listeners while non-subscriber gc.com users are restricted and don't get full service. If we are looking for an analogy, I think the shareware analogy is better. You get some limited-functionality software for free and you get full functionality if you pay. Note that this is not the same as donationware where you get the same (full) functionality regardless of whether you pay or not.
  10. And in many other ways they are not. When discussing an analogy, I think it is adequate to point out the differences as well. The more differences the more flawed the analogy. I feel that the fact that NPR is a non-profit organization while Groundspeak is for-profit is a fundamental difference which makes this analogy flawed. But then again, every analogy is flawed in some way or another.
  11. NPR is a not-for-profit organization while Groundspeak is a for-profit business.
  12. But it does say it: "the title listed on our Web site for the eTrex Legend Bonus Pack was incorrect". Because it was "eTrex Legend C Bonus Pack".
  13. Patch antenna doesn't mean bad antenna. The eTrexes are an exception rather than the rule. I'm positive that the eXplorists have much better reception than the eTrexes.
  14. Printing the old page is totally unnecessary, they won't care. As the Terms and Conditions page on target.com says: "The information on this Web site may contain typographical errors or inaccuracies and may not be complete or current. We therefore reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update information at any time without prior notice (including after you have submitted your order). Please note that such errors, inaccuracies or omissions may relate to product description, pricing and availability. [...] If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase you may return it with the original packing receipt [...] within 90 days of the order date. Additional restrictions apply."
  15. Hey, Buxley's maps are not dead! It's just that the proportion of gc.com caches on the maps is decreasing while the proportion of navicache.com caches is increasing.
  16. as77

    Stat Link

    Try this URL: http://www.geocaching.com/stats/img.aspx?u...02-d6e13e618a3f
  17. The description has now changed. You guys are getting the B&W Legend. Cancel now if you don't want to return it later.
  18. There is also DirectRoute and BlueNav for Europe. No topo map, though, except for the UK and Norway.
  19. That would be great. Or just remove the link if the gallery is empty. It's frustrating to click the link and get a page saying "sorry, there are no images in the gallery".
  20. I have the same request. Please implement the "Travel Bugs (Mine)" feature. It would be natural and would make a lot of sense. The other ways of getting to one's travel bugs require a lot more clicks.
  21. And to everyone's great surprise, what happened was that people came, ate, drank, talked, then left. Seriously, what was the big mystery about "what would happen"?
  22. Pocket Queries cannot be downloaded, you get them in e-mail. When you download multiple waypoints directly from the website, that's always a .loc. GPX files can be downloaded from the individual cache pages but those gpx files only contain data for that single cache.
  23. OMG! That sure sounds serious!
  24. Yes, please mirror it and enter the link here because my site isn't going to be there forever. The best solution would be to insert the bookmarklet here in the forum as a link but unfortunately the forum engine mangles the code.
  25. I found that for night hiking, I need two types of light: 1. a directional flood, i.e. a light with significant sidespill that illuminates the immediate area and maybe about 15 feet ahead from where I'm walking so that I can see where I am and how the trail looks in front of me. 2. a very focused light for long distances so that I can explore more distant objects, e.g. to identify the source of strange noises from the forest, etc. This provides a great sense of safety. Also needed for night caches where there is a trail of reflective markers. After some tedious research, I realized that there is no single flashlight that performs well enough for both tasks, i.e. two flashlights are needed. Other requirements were: a. LED for long battery life (3-4 hours minimum), never needing replacement b. cheap, commonly available batteries (no 123As, please) c. no headlamps. I like to be able to direct the light with my hand as opposed to moving my head, and the light should be close to the ground I want to illuminate. Also, in fog headlamps are useless. d. regulation: I want constant brightness over the life of the battery e. don't wanna pay $100+ for some luxury light Based on this, my solution is: for purpose 1: Dorcy 2C 8-LED light ($30 from Target, sometimes discounted to $20). Provides great, constant brightness for about 6-7 hours. Review for purpose 2: Pelican 2020 Sabrelite LED (got it for $37 shipped on e-bay). Works with 3 C batteries, has Luxeon Star LED. Provides extremely bright, focused spot with constant brightness for about 3.5 hours. Review So now I'm using these two lights and they work quite well. Both work with C batteries, so there's only one type of battery to buy. Besides, I always carry a Dorcy 1AAA 1-LED light ($6 from Wal-Mart) in my pocket, which is absolutely the best buy in pocket/keychain sized, everyday-carry small flashlights. Provides about 4 hours of nearly constant brightness, not really enough for night hiking but great for close-up work (held in mouth), e.g. to examine the contents of a cache. Review
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