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  1. Thanks for the kudos, but it was an idea I found myself on this board a while back. I printed up address labels with the geocaching.com logo, and added

    "use this bag to trash out. Then replace the bag, and place this container into another cache you visit,"

  2. quote:
    Originally posted by Blazer2:

    Just a note, everyone who sent me their snail mail addresses to trade......my signature items have been mailed out. Anyone else wanting to trade? Email me.


    I would be thrilled to trade sig items. email me at rubeeslpr@aol.com for my snail mail addy.

  3. Is there a way to mark topics in a thread already read, so when I come back to it, none of the little pages in the left margin are yellow? (I am assuming yellow pages mean there are things I have not read) Sometimes a topic is of no interest to me and I just skip it....and would like to mark it read without going to it.

  4. We are relatively new to this sport. However we have found several signature cards in caches. The two questions I have are....Is it OK to take a signature card in a trade, or is it meant to be left for the cache owner? And....if I want to leave a card in the cache is it OK to leave more than one, or should I leave only one?

    Thanks for helping this newbie.

  5. I beg to differ with you........but I AM a woman, and the last thing that would appeal to me is a "kitchen item like potholder and towel!" I think those days are far behind many of us. We have some interests beyond the kitchen, believe it or not.



  6. Thanks for the great idea of the film canisters with the "trash out" bag inside. I went to the local Walgreens Pharmacy today and asked if they had any to give away and they gave me a cardboard box full of film containers! I made some labels on my computer (used Word) and covered the labels on the film canisters with clear tape. Will put two in each cache we discover from now on.


    I used the wording from the ones I found here on this site. Thank you.



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