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  1. Just a personal note - when I am using my Blackberry to geocache it is very very hard to read text if the page has a busy picture background. We recently cached in Puerto Rico and were totally frustrated by a couple of caches we wanted to find, but could not because the text was not readable over the top of a busy picture.

  2. We will be traveling to Russia at the end of April. In searching for infomation on caches we might find there, we found some information that posessing a GPSr in Russia (if not a Russian citizen) is illegal and can result in confiscation and being jailed. Does anyone out there have any information on this?


    Have any of you geocached in Russia? Our route is from Moscow to St. Petersburg (via river cruise)


    Thanks in advance for any information you can give us.


    Please email to


    rubeeslpr at aol dot com

  3. Our sig item is a die cut Ruby Slipper magnet. We leave a sig card at every cache we visit, and our magnet at many. We have collected lots of interesting signature items, and many sig cards. Other than these things, we rarely take anything from caches. Our reward is the hunt!

  4. A few months ago a fellow cacher gave me the name of a person who can make the metal geocoins.........and I corresponded with the maker. He sends the coins overseas to be "minted" Due to some computer problems I have lost the name of the person to contact to get the coins made. Can anyone out there help?


    An email would be appreciated if you have any information.


    Thanks in advance.



  5. We have been making our own sig cards, and laminating them. We put them in each cache we visit. We also have sig stickers that we put in log books when we sign. Just our way of having a little fun.


    When we find a sig card (that we do not have) in a cache we take it as a trade. Actually sig items are just about all we take these days. However we always try to pump up the swag and add goodies. We leave the other treasures for other cachers.


    "It's the journey.......not the destination!"

  6. As we were unpacking from our Thanksgiving weekend trip, I happened to take a break and log on to the geocaching website, only to find out that a new cache had been placed in our community....the first new cache in a long time. It was dark, and cold, but we bundled up, and took Whizzer the geo dog and went on the hunt! We found it with the help of two flashlights. What a fun time we had. Perhaps we will do some more at night.....

  7. Rather than TNLN when the caches it looking a bit bare, I just leava a few nice things and take nothing. That way at least the next finder will at least have an option.


    Originally posted by Natty Dread:


    . I have also decided to TNLN or leave something when it is looking a little bare.


    Also why not try ww.orientaltradingcompany.com. Great ideas for a good price.

  8. Signature items are not easily found, here in Wisconsin, either. The one thing we have been able to find is Two Hot Dogs off Trail's items - two tiny plastic hot dogs. Other than that all we have found have been sig cards. (and not many of those either) However we keep looking

  9. I have a couple of additional "sig item" questions.


    1. Does anyone out there have several signature items, or should it be kept to just one? How about a sig item AND a sig card?


    2. Should a person leave just one sig item in a cache, or a couple of them?

  10. Yes, email me your address. Sorry I got confused, but I will get mine out to you right away!!!!!



    Rubeeslpr, you still owe me your sig item. I'll e-mail you.


    Till a voice, as bad as Conscience, rang interminable changes

    On one everlasting Whisper day and night repeated -- so:

    "Something hidden. Go and find it. Go and look behind the Ranges --

    "Something lost behind the Ranges. Lost and waiting for you. Go!"


    Rudyard Kipling , The Explorer 1898

  11. Thanks to all the traders who have sent sig items to our team in the mail!!! I was out of town, and do not know which ones our team has sent out to you. If we "owe you" sig items, please email and I will get them right in the mail.


    I would just like to say there are a lot of creative cachers out there. I am so impressed with what you have created as your sig items.


    Team Rubeeslpr

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